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lauracullen66 posted on Aug 27, 2009 at 01:29PM
just start at one and see if you can get 1000

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1年以上前 ncisfan001 said…
congrats to everyone who helped get it this far! I tried to read all of them but I just don't have the time so sorry if this has been said:

2186: Countless HP fans (me included) at one time liked twilight. Now, they hang their head in shame for ever liking that sorry excuse for literature. Nobody is ashamed to say they love the Harry Potter series.
1年以上前 LoveforSeverus said…
I now love Mr. Grint.
1年以上前 souflizzle317 said…
haha LoveforSeverus, what in particular has inspired "I now love Mr. Grint" ?

2187. The Burrow vs. the Cullens' house, which doesn't even have a name. First of all, like I just said, the Cullens' house doesn't even have a name so the Burrow is great just like that. Then, maybe the Cullens' house is perfect, expensive, clean, and a model house you see in magazines, but the Burrow has a homey feeling that wins over money any day. The Burrow is crowded, but in the way that makes it really cozy and it allows the members of the Weasley family to be really close. And when guests come, like Harry and Hermione, they're all around each other all the time in such an interesting house, which makes it feel like home to Harry the way Molly and Arthur come to feel like surrogate parents.
1年以上前 ncisfan001 said…
This doesn't really count but I got two of my friends who loved twilight to realize all the things wrong with it. They still love Harry Potter. Twilight not so much...

btw thanks for whoever was talking about Wrock earlier in this forum. I decided to listen to it and discovered that it's awesome!
1年以上前 TeamSiriusBlack said…
@venvargie: True, my sister said that we should try out for a part on Breaking Dawn. I told her that we couldn't because we would put KStewart out of business. XD
1年以上前 LongbottomLover said…
2188. Forks, WA is approximately 141 miles away from Seattle, WA; 162 miles away from Tacoma, WA; and 157 miles away from Olympia, WA. However, Bella mentions driving to each one in her little POS truck as if it were nothing. Research, people...

2189. While I'm positive that Harry Potter has brought in some tourism for different parts of the UK, Twilight has completely ruined living in the state of WA. I've lived here all my life, I have friends who are ashamed to mention that they were born in Forks. You go almost anywhere in the state, and you can find something that has both "Twilight" and "Forks" written on it.

2190. Fan interaction. Who else has searched for hours on JK's website, in hopes of finding another little thing from Peeves, or were devastated when they didn't get to see the mysterious door open? I highly doubt that SM would sit down with Emerson from Mugglenet, even if the website were dedicated to her books. (Sparklenet?)

Just thought I'd add some things that have been bothering me...
1年以上前 WolfPatronus said…
I don't know if anyone has mentioned this, but Harry Potter's fanfiction database has at least three times the amount of what twilight has.

Harry Potter also has Christian themes. And it has Severus Snape. You just can't beat Snape!
1年以上前 ravynflyte said…
@LongbottomLover: 2188. Whoa. I never noticed that. :D Thanks for mentioning it!

2191. The swears. :D This might be a slightly twisted reason, but in the books, the characters DO cuss. In Twilight, the closest there is to swearing is Emmett's sex jokes. I mean, we have Merlin's pants, Dobby's sock, Hagrid's buttcrack (XD I can never read that without laughing), bastard, arse/ass, and "NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU BITCH!" <--- Epic quote pwnage.
Not to mention... THE ELDER SWEAR. O___O


Now, remember kids. You must never, ever repeat this again.
1年以上前 TeamSiriusBlack said…
^We understand, Professor...
-20 seconds later-
1年以上前 potterrox said…
Haha! elder swear!
2192- Since HP is told in third person, you get a better idea of the author's voice and we can see what is happening in otherplaces or times. This was a good choice of JKR's. We are able to know things that harry doesn't know. In the chapter Spinners End in HBP we overhear the conversation with Bellatirx, Narcissa and Snape, which completely changes the reader's perceptipn of snape, untill The Prince's Tale. In Twilight Smeyer had to have Bella be told things, like that there were "bear" attacks. The reader doesn't get a chance to see for his or her self
1年以上前 venvargie said…
Elder swear?
Where is that from exactly?
1年以上前 Amber_Potter said…
big smile
2189 here's a comparison between bella swan and harry potter...

Bella doesnt hav a personality & doesnt win the sympathy o'readers. she hates shopping, doesn't talk much & spends little time wid her school friendz (if she considers them as her friends)... she just goes 2 school, does her homeworks, eats in silence wiv charlie at dinner, dreams of edward and sometimes think about jacob! she hurts the few ppl that she loves; when she leaves charlie's house in twilight, she repeats her mother's words when she had left him and this deeply hurt charlie. bella not only once threatens him that she's gonna leave the house if charlie tries 2 interfere in her relationship! she is totally blank in new moon. she relies on jacob 2 keep her alive and no longer needs him once edward is back. in eclipse, she reacts in such a disdainful way when edward offers her a ring! she kisses jacob, admitting 2 herself that she loves him too! isn't one man enough 4 her?!!!??

harry is such a better and admirable protagonist! he's popular, brave, has friends, and the best thing 'bout him is that trouble usually finds him! "I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me." lolz :P
its so much more interesting 2 always get into trouble than in danger (as is the case 4 bella). harry always defends his friends and rarely makes them suffer. he's spontaneous, active & does wat he can 2 protect his loved one (while bella has 2 be protected by her friends! pfff...) harry falls in love wid ginny but that doesn't make him selfish. he is practical and doesn't spend his life thinking bout her only. his friends aren't neglected even if he's in love (while bella sort of leaves the human world 2 sink into that of the vampires).

no offence 2 twilight fans...
actually i really LIKE twilight but i think you can't compare it wiv harry potter. harry potter is too good! n the character bella...urgh... i dont like her at all. kristen stewart is nice though!
1年以上前 Amber_Potter said…
2192 twilight has been written in sort of a melancholic way... there's practically no humour. everything's always so serious. jacob is the only character who is lively and cracks jokes. alice is pretty cool too but she's not given much depth of character and is a it like a child. Bells has got an earnest perspective of ev'rything. i'm surprised by this 'cause Meyer has read buks like Pride & Prejudice and Shakespeare's plays, in which the atmosphere is mirthful.
J.K rowling however talks about dudley's porky eyes, uncle vernon's stupid moustache, hagrid's teeth-breaking cakes, dumbledore's mad talks...and much more! fred and gerge weasley are the kinda comic relief 2 the story and they're such amazing and funny boys! the atmosphere in harry potter is amusing. that in twilight is sober and very often gloomy.
1年以上前 Amber_Potter said…
2193 The actors in Harry potter are more attractive! im not saying more handsome but yeah more attractive!
N i'd rather hav dan radcliffe as boyfriend than robert pattinson! :P
1年以上前 Amber_Potter said…
2194 Daniel radcliffe is ranked the 5th wealthiest yound person in the world while Robert pattinson is 14th... this must tell something about the movies too....
1年以上前 Amber_Potter said…
J.K Rowling built up a whole new world when she wrote Harry Potter. she creates the Ministry of Magic, Schools of witchcraft and wizardry, subjects taught at these skuls, a sport 4 wizards... who wud have imagined this!? That woman is simply a genious!

Meyer's Twilight saga is very nice! but there's nothing new in the books, nothing that we wud never hav thought of. we all knew about vampires and werewolves and there many stories about ppl who can see the future or read minds.
1年以上前 souflizzle317 said…
no offense Amber_Potter, but I'm not going to count your post about JKR creating a whole world as a reason because it's been posted several times before. I like your other reasons though :)

2195. Smeyer probably thought she was being really clever and clarifying plot points when she revealed that James had been after Alice decades before when she was in an insane asylum and then someone else changed her before James could, and she can't remember anything until waking up as a vampire because she was kept in darkness all of her life. This doesn't really explain it. If Alice was kept in darkness all of her life, then she would remember that. Darkness. And, once she was taken out of the building, she would see things to remember for one, and she would feel the pain when she was bitten and transformed into a vampire. Being kept in darkness your whole life is no excuse not to remember anything until you awaken as a sparkly piece of granite. Just to make this a comparison, I'm going to mention (like others have done already) that JKR cleared up all of her unanswered questions and all of her characters' back stories *make sense*.

2196. Watching one of my Harry Potter movies about a year ago for the first time in a while is what made me snap out of Twilight and return to loving Harry Potter. And so, I refused to watch New Moon because I was scared watching it would make me go back to liking Twilight (and I would hate myself if I did). Finally, I watched the movie a few weeks ago, and I couldn't stop laughing. Not because there was a lot of good humor, but because the acting was *terrible*. It was just insanely horrible. I have plenty of friends who can act better, and we're 14 and in school productions. Not money-making movies.

Needless to say, I did not snap back into Twilight. I'm pretty sure that's impossible, now that I really realize the truth of it.

2197. Has anyone seen Driving Lessons? Rupert Grint is incredible, proving he can do more than just fantasy, wizard movies, and Julie Walters is also amazing, which isn't a surprise because she's a distinguished British actress. Rupert and Julie had worked together in several Harry Potters as mother and son before Driving Lessons, and while some other actors might have fallen into their familiarity and acted somewhat the same around each other, if you didn't know their Harry Potter roles, you wouldn't be able to tell that they were used to playing anything other than teenage boy and elderly lady. This just goes to prove their amazing acting skills. (Not to mention Laura Linney is a great actress too...but that has nothing to do with Harry Potter)

2198. Almost every guy at some point in their lives has a crush on the prettiest girl they know. It's just in their nature. This is not shown in Twilight in any way whatsoever. It's just true "love" (lust), as if everyone matured when they were born. In Harry Potter, Harry liked Cho, who was described as very pretty, and Ron went through a very definite phase where he liked Fleur, who was part-Veela, and therefore totally gorgeous. This is realistic and expected of 14- and 15-year-old boys, even if they're wizards.

2199. Rita Skeeter. Anyone who can create such an annoying character who is still smart (you have to admit, Rita is pretty clever) and on the side of good has to be a genius.

2200. JKR created an incredibly complex plot that she had planned out from the very beginning. She dropped hints here and there and made all of it fit together somehow without any plot holes at all. Smeyer had an incredibly *simple* plot, and she still had huge plot holes.
1年以上前 TeamSiriusBlack said…
Wizard Swears are from Pott Puppet Pals.
1年以上前 elderwand said…
2201 Voldemort vs Bella --

1. Neither of their parents lived together to raise their child.
2. Both of them have no gratitude toward their fathers (one killed his while other hurt her father many times).
3. Both of them pretened to be friends with other but don't care a damm about their friends.
4. Both get fascinated by powers.
5. Both were ready to go to any depth to achieve what they want and were ready to even hurt others.....SELFISH
5. In the end both chased immortality.
6. While doing so both damaged their souls(vampires are soul-less)

so many similarities when one is the bad guy while other is supposed to be heroine... AND ONE LAST SIMILARITY -

7. Both tried to fight(compete in case of twilight(Bella)) with Harry Potter and lost many times(harry actually kicked a**es of both oh them).
1年以上前 cromulanfav said…
Lol^, good points
Comparing couples:
Bella and Edward are boring, they just stare at each other each whole day with beautiful chocolate an topaz eyes. And I don't even see a reason why did Edward fell in love with her, she's not that much pretty, she has no personality, perhaps vampire imprints too, that's the only reason why he could love her. Also Jasper and Alice: why does she love him? She is all that cheerful, and he is boring freaky dude.

Now, Ron and Hermione are so funny together, and there are sparks between them since 1st book? And you can see how and when they started falling in each other. And Harry and Ginny are awesome too.

2203. Harry was with Cho before, Hermione with Krum, Ron with Lavender and Ginny with several guys, they all had ex girlfriends/boyfriends before they married.

Bella,Edward, Alice, Carlisle, Esme,... had no one before they married after love at first sight.
1年以上前 SuperFab15 said…
That really pisses me off. All that "meant to be, love at first sight, other half" bs. That doesn't happen! EVER! That's one of the biggest reasons twilight sucks! The entire story is about their romance, and their relationship has no conflict! If their's no conflict, it's not a STORY!!!!
1年以上前 snZ_ladysamurai said…
no way!!!! twilight stays on the mind even a year after you've read it. after one year i read hp i forgot who harry potter was. and it starts to get boring and by the way twilight is way more realistic than hp
1年以上前 DivyaHarry said…
@snZ_ladysamurai: You are on the 65th page of Why Harry Potter is better than Twilight. If you really think "no way!!!!" you can go to the 15th page of Why twilight is better and rant your brains out.
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 SuperFab15 said…
HA! Nice, DivyaHarry! And snZ_ladysamurai, just because harry potter's set in a magical World, doesn't mean it's not realistic. The wizarding society has the same problems as our's and Harry deals with all the same teenage issues as everyone else.
There's just a twist that gives the books this little thing called a PLOT:) While twilight is set in a real place and it's about a "normal" girl, it's not even relateable. Bella's perfect, her life is perfect, her boyfriend's perfect, her baby's perfect, she gets everything she wants, there are no consequences, and any "problems" either fix them selves or are fixed by her "hero". It's STUPID, okay?! And btw, Harry Potter's on the verge of becoming a classic. Twilight's the series everyone will forget once the fad (brought about by the movies, thank you very much) dies down.
1年以上前 MadamOcta13 said…
When I started book two, I didn't stop because I got bored (this happened with Twilight).
1年以上前 venvargie said…
Yes, twilight is more realistic and more interesting. That's why WE have 66 pages of why Harry Potter is better and twilight only has 15. Nice try. Harry Potter pwns twitlight any day of the year.
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
2204. Harry Potter doesn't have quotes like;
“Aren’t you hungry?” he asked, distracted. “No.” I didn’t feel like mentioning that my stomach was already full - of butterflies.

2205. When I was like 8 I nearly had a seizure from excitement because there was a snowy owl on my porch... haha fun times...

2205. I personally find "half-breed" much more offending then "dog" and "blood-sucker."

2206. Harry Potter has awesome stuff hidden in it like in book 1, The Sorcerer's Stone:

sorry my little sisters are bugging me for the computer i'll get back
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
"Growls," Right after I logged off she said she didn't want to get on anymore. Anyway...

2206. Harry Potter has awesome stuff hidden in it like in book 1, The Sorcerer's Stone, chapter 12, The Mirror of Erised:
"Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi." (written on the top of the mirror) is "I show not your face but your hearts desire." backwards.

2207. Twilight is just so easy to make fun of, example: I was at Wal-mart at around 10:30 at night with my Dad and sisters, (see above) on the night that New Moon was released onto DVD. We didn't know this but I found out from one of my friends that was there. As we were checking out our groceries, the poor Wal-mart staff were setting up a Twilight bingo. (Yeah, you heard me right)
Everyone sat down and the bingo caller said into a microphone, "Okay, who likes Edward?"
*girls scream*
"Who likes Jacob?"
*more girls scream*
As they were setting up, it was quiet and without thinking I yelled out,
"Team Alice!!!!!!1" And "squee'd" really loud.
About 50 Twihards were looking at me like they wanted to kill me, so we got out of there really fast.

2208. I live in Utah and am an active Mormon, so I've been to a lot of Mormon bookstores like Deseret Book. Deseret Book has recently banned all public selling of the Twilight saga. Funny, how a bookstore of Meyer's OWN RELIGION won't sell it, while they've never taken Harry Potter off the shelves.

2209. Jo doesn't go though the story having her idea of werewolves' abilities and the changes them to fit the plot. (sorry if that doesn't make sense, I couldn't find the right words) Like how in Eclipse Jacob suddenly mentions that he's going to stay 16 forever until he finds his imprint, which was just Meyer making a plot adjustment.

2210. The word "Muggle" has been added to the dictionary.

2211. I am reading the Twilight saga for my friends to be open minded when they won't read the HP books, and when I was explaining why I hate them so much they insisted that I really LOVE them and just don't want to admit it.
......... Yeah I love the series so much.........

2212. I heard that the annual Twilight convention or something in Forks has a "sparkle booth" were it basically sprays you all over with body glitter to make you "sparkle like Edward." Seriously? When my friends told me about it at lunch I nearly spit my milk out from trying not to laugh.
1年以上前 TeamSiriusBlack said…
^OMG! I went to dictionary.reference.com and searched 'Muggle'and it came up as the 3rd definition XD!
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
Yeah, cool huh?
1年以上前 TeamSiriusBlack said…
Very cool!
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
Explanation for # 2205: There was a snowy owl that had escaped from a bird sanctuary and was resting on our porch. I thought that it was bringing me a letter to Hogwarts. (just explaining for people that didn't get what I meant.

2213. Twilight fans can't take the fact that there are a lot of people who don't like Twilight. (see 2211)

2214. J.K. Rowling doesn't make character assassinations, like how Meyer made Jacob French-kiss Bella.

2215. (variation on # 2209) Renesmee is supposed to grow rapidly to 16 then stop aging?
1年以上前 TeamSiriusBlack said…
2216. Harry Potter fans don't get offended everytime someone makes fun of HP.
1年以上前 Italktosnakes said…
2217. Harry Potter would have been immensely popular without the films (its probably more popular with them, but still...) If it wasn't for the twilight films, very few people would have read it...
1年以上前 Shepard14 said…
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
2218. The relationship between Bella and Edward is lust, not "true love."

2219. In the 6th HP movie:
Harry: "How did you find me?"
Luna: "Nargles, your head is full of them."
(Nargles are made up creatures that live in mistletoe. According to Luna, they crawl into your ears and make your brain go fuzzy.)

2220. The "Levicorpus" spell.
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
2221. Bella can't be a "serious" reader if all she reads in the series is "Wuthering Heights" 50 million times.
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
I think this is a pretty good one:
2222. Harry Potter teaches us that it is great to be human, with or without magic, while Twilight tells us that being human is the worst fate that could befall you.

2223. In the chapter "Compromise" in Eclipse, Bella turns into a whiny whore trying to get Edward to make love to her. When he won't she starts crying and going, "Please, please, please, please?" and trying to take her shirt off. *throws up*

2224. REAL guys don't put up with that.
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
2225. How does Edward "bribe" the school staff exactly? Hahahahaha...
1年以上前 LoveforSeverus said…
i love Rupert now because he owns an ice-cream truck. that's amazing
1年以上前 souflizzle317 said…
haha it was me and yeah I found out about that about a year ago and I was really excited :)

1年以上前 potterrox said…
@2222-good point!
2225- The actors on HP try for some diversity in what they work on. Daniel was in a play (I'm spacing on the name,help please!) and Emma Watson is going to Brown. Robert Pattinson keeps doing the same sort of movies over and over again. Recently he realeased a film called "remember me," and what sort of character does he play? A messed up "hot" guy who has some sort of passionate romance! Gahhhhh! I can't be the only one seeing te similarities here.
*disclaimer* I havn't actually seen "remember me" but from the commercials, it looked like it was definitely in the same vein as twilight
1年以上前 souflizzle317 said…
^ the play was Equus, I didn't see it but my older sister did and got me Dan's autograph :) Emma was also in The Princess and the Pea and Ballet Shoes and Rupert was in Driving Lessons and Cherrybomb, and Dan was in December Boys and My Boy Jack, just for the whole movie diversity point :)
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1年以上前 venvargie said…
Sparkle booth? Really? WTF?
1年以上前 TheQuibbler said…
I know right???!!
1年以上前 ravynflyte said…
Sparkle Booth. Ew. O__O Sounds like hell in a bottle if you ask me. A very, very glittery hell. -__- Bahaha. I think that counts as a reason in itself.

@TheQuibbler: 2222 is an amazing reason. I never thought about it that way before. :)
1年以上前 ryomaidol said…
2226 - Harry Potter fans uses proper grammar, unlike Twilight fans.
1年以上前 souflizzle317 said…
^ I'm not a Twilighter, but I'm going to warn you that there *are* some sane Twilight fans out there and if they see that, then they'll probably be offended. It's better to say that most Harry Potter fans have good grammar, while most Twilight fans don't. It leaves room for the crazy HPers and the sane Twilighters :)

2227. "Remember Cedric. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory." I'm pretty sure this was only in the movie, but it could've been in the book too I don't remember. Either way, the thought is there. Doing the easiest thing is hardly ever the right thing. This is represented in Harry Potter countless times by characters risking their lives to do the right thing. In Twilight, Bella wants one thing: her boyfriend. And she will do anything to get him forever, even if it means abandoning her friends and family. To me, that doesn't exactly sound like the right thing to do.
1年以上前 iluvtwilight_ said…
uhmm.. der r nun!! :D twilight roolz alllllllllll!! HP sux!
1年以上前 ncisfan001 said…
What??? I seriously just wasted about two minutes desperately trying to make sense of what you wrote. Please if you have a REAL reason why twilight is better then write it in the appropriate forum. (It usually helps to use proper English too.)Otherwise you have no reason to be typing that nonsense here.