Hamsters "My ハムスター bit me."

Mistyflower posted on Sep 02, 2009 at 07:19PM
did your hamster ever bite you? like, HARD? i have a terrible bite from my little
fingermurderer hamster named barley
here's what happened:
So i was taking my hamster out
of his plastic excercise ball,
and i had a piece of steak for
him to try. my hands were SMOTHERED
in steak, so when i went to grab him
he BIT me. (like he thought i was a
stinking steak) i lifted my finger up
to get him off but the idiot wouldn't
let go! so there i was losing tons of
blood screaming my head off with a stupid
hamster hanging off my finger. he was trying
to bite me deeper so hard i could HEAR it.
still have it after two days and it still
hurts like heck.
Something like this ever happened to u?
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1年以上前 cherylfan1 said…
ooch i hope u r ok now what happen to the hampster
1年以上前 Mistyflower said…
my hamster is okay, he let go after he realized i wasn't a lucious T-bone. I forgived him by letting him keep his steak. its been months and it still hurts mildly when you press on it, but i can hold a pencil now so im okay.
1年以上前 Medieval-lover said…
Well, Hamsters doesn't see that well (maybe because hamsters originally lives in dark holes deep in the soil) so if you smell like steak, you are steak :P
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