Here is my opinion of the 上, ページのトップへ 10 Peyton&Haley scenes♥

3x11 {in peyton's room}

Peyton: We're expecting an answer from one musician today.

Haley: Who's that?

Peyton: Haley James Scott, what do あなた say?

Haley: I say hell yes!

2x08 {slumber party}

Peyton: What do あなた wanna do?

Haley: 枕 fight!

3x08 {in the car}

Peyton: I'm so tired of everybody leaving. あなた know, they all have really great reasons but it still hurts. So I guess I’ve been taking out all
my anger on あなた coz… you’re the only one who’s come back. Welcome home.

Haley: Thanks.

6x13 {in red bedroom records}

Haley: Oh my god, you're pregnant! I have dibs on godmother!

2x05 {church scene}

Peyton: Thanks for hanging out with me tonight, Haley. You're a good friend.

Haley: Thanks! This was fun. I'm glad we did this

1x19 {in peyton's bedroom}

Haley: I'm just, totally in 愛 with him...

Peyton: Well then you've gone further with him then I ever did.

1x06 {walking to find gas}

Haley: It’s strange. Just... the night away from school. It feels like あなた and I actually live on the same planet.

Peyton: Life plays trick on あなた like that.

5x17 {on the roof of clothes/over bros}

Haley: We were just kids then, right?

Peyton: Yeah, you're too mature to be doing that stuff now. But I'm not!

6x20 {on peyton's bed}

Peyton: Hey, I'm gonna need your help with something.

Haley: Anything.

Peyton: Finish producing Mia's album.

Haley: Of course.

Peyton: Because あなた are the one that discovered her in the first place.

Haley: Well, we both did. We're a team, remember?

Peyton: I'll be there in spirit. Deal?

Haley: Deal. I will take care of Mia and あなた will take care of my niece. または nephew, but I'm hoping for a niece.

6x22 {during the baby shower}

Haley: It's a baby memory book for 写真 and journal entries and all that stuff. You'll look at it five years from now and never believe they were that small.

Peyton: I 愛 it. And I just want あなた guys to know, that I 愛 あなた so much.