OMG i' m so pissed at the writers right now.Why did they have to do this? The calliearizonamark Baby storyline wtf?! I  now for もっと見る than One Season that Mark and lexie reunite . And what do they do to me? They torturing me and let me be happy because they are back together and then...then they break them up after ONE episode. 
                                                                                           Jackson?! Seriously?! He's like my least  favourite character ever. Can't take him around anything and FOR SURE not around my favourite Character on grey's.  She's like the most awesome person on  earth she's funny, cute, kind, just AWESOME. And he? Thinks he can get everything because he's hot. i won't deny he's Hot but there are muuuuuch hotter persons in the series.MARC IS THOUSAND TIMES HOTTER THAN AVERY.and lexie knows that and is never boing to 愛 him.end of story. Jackson has no character at all...he's just dumb.He annoys me.lexie Nd Jackson r so wrong. 

Please.let callies Baby die.PLEASE! And let lexie notice she's pregant ( Marks  the father of course) :D oohw man. They are never gonna do that.xD but a girl can dream.:D