In th last part meredith descoverd derek had already asked rose out and she has been trying to avoid him. lets see how long that can last.


meredith running, trying to hid from derek with a bunch of papers in her arms runs into a hansome man.

meredith: i am sooo sorry sir! i was just in a rush.

meredith and the man bend down to pick up the scattered paper

handsome man: its fine sorry i was in your way. Im Micheal, Micheal Garnet

meredith: hi im Meredith Grey

meredith and micheal stand up and start to talk

Micheal: so is this a regular pace everyone in this hospital has cause ive must have spoken to at least a dozen people all running away from me as fast as possible as if i have the contagous flesh disease

meredith:(small giggle) yea well the should i be woorried now? so what bring あなた to a hospital?

micheal: im just transfering. a smart girl lik yourself must know how to get to the orthopedic wing of the hospital might be

meredith blushing

meredith: its upstairs past the archieves and make a left at the nurses station

micheal pretends to walk away but then comes back

micheal: あなた know what i ve never been good with directions do あなた mind 表示中 me where

meredith: are あなた just making an excuse to talk to me?

micheal: who knows mabe when were walking i might ask あなた out to ディナー tonight

meredith looks at him

micheal: say around 8 o clock

derek shes them talking at the nurses station

meredith:um sorry i cant

micheal: so say wat about tomorrow night

meredith: busy

micheal: so saturday?

meredith: busy still

meredith walks away

micheal: so then see あなた later


Meredith and christina taliking at one 表, テーブル while derek is starring at them without them knowing

christina: so the new ortho-god asked あなた out?

meredith: yea

Christina: and all あなた 発言しました was busy

meredith: yes (with her hands on her forhead)

christina: ok what about the part where あなた where gonna get over derek

meredith: well do あなた think i should start to date?

christina: i dont know but how manny times is a single goodlooking ortho god gonna ask out a 4th 年 resident?

Lexi walks to the 表, テーブル with her lunch

Lexi: who got asked out?

christina: meredith was asked out によって the new ortho god micheal

Lexi: oh so wat did she say

Christina: Busy

Lexi: thats it no mabe some other time または how about lunch

Christina and Meredith: Nope

Lexi: wow あなた still have it bad for derek

Meredith: i do not im just not sure about sating a guy i barely met.

Lexi: あなた slept with derek when あなた first met him

meredith: i was drunk

christina: what about that one guy whos penis あなた broke?

meredith: again, i was drunk

Lexi: incomming

Micheal walks to the 表, テーブル

Micheal: hi

christina nd Lexi: BYE

they both leave the 表, テーブル

meredith: your stalking me

micheal: im eating lunch

meredith: at the same 表, テーブル as me

micheal: well whats wrong with a guy whos eating lunch with a co worker


meredith: ok then just as co workers

micheal: just co workers(he smiles)

derek leaves the lunch room