Meredith walked into Derek's room and rubbed his hair with her hand as Derek looked up at her with his twinkling blue eyes. " Hey" Meredith said. " Hey" Derek 発言しました back.Meredith started to get tears in her eyes looking at Derek imagining thats what their baby would have looked like. And like never before a rush of sadness rushed over her and she started to cry " What is it Mer" asked Derek not knowing Meredith had had a miscarrige only a few hours 前 he hadn't even known she was pregenat. " Baby Mcdreamy." "What do あなた mean Meredith?" " I was pregnant I went to tell u but u were all angry so I didn't tell u and when u put us in the closet I was going to tell u and u got shot while u were in the operation I offered myself up to save Christina and Avrey and あなた but Owen got shot and Christina and Avrey did a trick to make the shooter think あなた were dead and while I was working on Owen I had a misscarrige." " Oh mer it's ok it's ok." " I wanted that baby derek I wanted a lil Mcdreamy." " It's ok once I'm well we will try again we will have a child." Meredith wiped her tears then nodded. Meanwhile Christina was によって Alex's side ith Lexie and Mark. Callie and Arizona were talking to Bailey telling her Reed had died " Reed was the first victim." Arizona explained " Well at least she knows how Charles felt about her." " Yeah I gotta go" 発言しました Callie who went up stairs to find Meredith lying beside Derek in the hospital bed. Richard then walked in and looked at Derek's chart " あなた look good Derek well not good be better then most." " Yea Richard I want あなた to take over Cheif while I'm recovering and can Mer have a 日 または too off. " I'll see to it" Richard 発言しました polietly. Bailey was the 次 to visit Derek and she told him how 2 residents were dead one in recovery and a nurse was also dead. Meredith suprised asked " who's dead and who is injured?" " Reed and Charles are dead and Alex is wounded." " Oh my god Derek I gotta go check on Alex." " Alex is still not awake what does that mean" asked Lexie. " Lexie his body suffered a severe amount of trauma" Christina explained. " Izzie Izzie" Alex kept mummering. Meredith got her phone out and dialed Izzie's number and asked for her to come she 発言しました she would not and Meredith explained Alex had been shot and was asking for her so she agreed to come.Meredith went to Derek's room and held his hand through the night and Izzie came back and held alex's.