What no one knew was that Meredith had an unfaithful husband and children with him. She had caught him with his ex-girlfriend on the eve of her graduation from medical school. Meredith was fixing to go on a 日付 with Derek when she saw him. "Hello, Meredith!" he said.
"Why are あなた here?" she asked.
"I want あなた back!" he said.
"I have a boyfriend!" 発言しました Meredith.
"Why are あなた talking to my girlfriend?" asked Derek.
"She's my wife!" 発言しました Eric.
"Ex-wife!" 発言しました Meredith.
"You never filed for divorce!" 発言しました Eric.
As news spread around Seattle Grace, her フレンズ and boyfriend started questioning her. She was unaware that Derek had a secret too just like her. What was great for Meredith was that she was pregnant with Derek's child. He knew that his girlfriend had a husband she hated. Derek was shocked when she told him she had two children with him.
"Mommy! Mommy!" 発言しました her children.
"Jason! Caroline! I'm glad to see you!" 発言しました Meredith.
Cristina, Izzie, Alex, and George were there for Meredith and Derek was there for her as well. They covered for her but no one knew that her boyfriend had a wife. "Addison? Why are あなた here?" asked Derek.
"I'm here for a case!" 発言しました Addison.
"Who are you?" asked Meredith.
"I'm Addison Montgomery-Shepherd!" 発言しました Addison.
"Derek? We're haveing a baby!" 発言しました Meredith.
"Does he want あなた back?" asked Derek.
"Probably!" 発言しました Meredith.
"I left Addison because she cheated on me with Mark, my best friend!" 発言しました Derek.
"I left Eric because I found him with Shannon, his ex-girlfriend!" 発言しました Meredith.
Eric did indeed want his wife back and Addison wanted Derek back. What were they going to do? Derek and Meredith decided that they were going to do a tempoary reconcilation but Meredith told Eric she was pregnant with Derek's child. Ellis had approved of Derek and hated Eric as he wasn't good enough for Meredith. "My mother loves あなた but hates my husband!" she said.
They put their wedding rings back on their fingers.