I have been re-watching the seasons and have noticed some errors made によって the writers and etc that urk me. I am wondering if they annoying あなた too.

The latest is in s9e01 where they backtrack Mark in 動画 and the dates go backwards, did they just get them wrong on purpose, use the production dates, または just not pay attention. Because Mark is toasting Callie and Arizona at their wedding, and it's 2009. The air 日付 for that episode was 2011.

Then, in season 7 または 8 they reference the Chief being replaced によって Owen, and Bailey says "he's been Chief for 11 years!" ok... but the 次 season they say he "was Chief for 20 yrs!" make up my mind!

It mostly bothers me because they are so good with other details, and very good with relationship details but not the small dates and times. It makes me wonder if the 表示する is supposed to be retro-fitted. Meaning it's set in the past, esp with the use of pagers. Pagers went out this side of the dinosaur when I was a kid, 18 yrs ago.

Don't even get me started on the totally lack of continuity in the 食 scenes, yeh it's difficult, but it's not hard to know if the water is full または empty, whether in one shot they are eating ドーナッツ または ピザ in the 次 shot. One shot blood is on mask, same scene 次 close up, disappearing blood.

s9e01 just annoys me and I'm watching it now, but come on just get simple dates right production/editing crew. It's not rocket science. I'm supposed to be caring about the show, not backtracking in my head if the dates are right.

Now is s9e02 Mer references Cristina riding into Seattle on her motorcycle 5 years ago, um ok. Why did it take eight nearly nine seasons/yrs to get only five years in "SGH World"? It's been eight years since they started, yet they still reference it only being five, fifth 年 residency. No, I don't get it. Are two seasons supposed to count as one year? It's entirely too confusing trying to keep up with their time line, did they jump フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして または backwards in time?

This timing issue is the downfall of the show, they cannot keep their timeline straight. Can someone explain it to me?