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A/N: こんにちは all…I know the last one was a bit angsty, and YES, this one gets もっと見る intense…but hopefully あなた will all still be in 愛 with it and review wonderful things! Lol. XD Ah…or maybe I’m too hopeful. Lol. XD
ANNOUNCEMENT 1: Make sure to vote on the future CB stories アンケート on my profile!
ANNOUNCEMENT 2: If あなた are a beta, または あなた know of one…who betas quickly (as in within a week), please let me know! I’d like to acquire one, so I can be positive that there are little to no typos within my lovely chapters. ;p
Ch.15—Line of Vision
    It was cold and empty at the Waldorf residence. All of the boys had vacated it long ago, and Dorota was quick to follow suit. The lights were off and the doors were locked. And outside a single parked limo rested.
    The trees swayed and threatened to discard all of their leaves. But it wasn’t their time yet, and so they stayed. The wind was bitter. The sun had set long ago. And the constant buzz moving slightly across the passenger seat, woke the sleeping driver.
    He muttered something unintelligible, and rubbed his eyes to awaken them.
    “1 AM?” he asked groggily, reaching for his phone to shut off the damn buzzer.
    He sighed, leaning back against the seat.
    “1 AM…1 AM…1 AM…” he muttered, continually rubbing the forefront of his head, trying to remember what had last happened.
    Jason. He had left long ago. Something having to do with Kevin, he was sure. Chuck and Blair had gone inside hours ago. Two teen boys had gone in about an 時 または so later. Not together, but that was the way they left. And then…and then…
    “Oh damn!” he cursed, realizing the inevitable. He hit the steering wheel hard in his fury.
    Chuck ベース had left AT LEAST an 時 ago, and he had fallen asleep.
    A professional private investigator does NOT fall asleep on the job. Especially not one so experienced in this line of work.
    Then again, he wasn’t exactly a….well, Jason wasn’t…well….
    There was no time to think of what exactly they were. What their “jobs” exactly detailed. They had a new project. They have a new project.
    His name is Chuck Bass, and he just got away.
    Tom Wyler looked ahead of him. The first time since his mini meltdown had begun only five 分 earlier.
    The limo.
    It was gone.
    Chuck Bass’s limo was gone.
    And that’s when the final detail came into place…
    Blair Waldorf.
    That’s right.
    Blair beautiful, naïve, unfortunate Waldorf.
    He sighed, rubbing his eyes again. He hated getting teenage girls involved. Even if he was still sticking to the story that Chuck wasn’t in 愛 with her. None of this was justified.
    But Chuck wasn’t there.
    Because Blair had left.
    Because SOMETHING had happened inside of that apartment.
    Wyler looked up to the building, and it seemed to loom over him. He turned the key into the ignition and started the car. It made a slow rumbling noise as he pulled out of his parking 宇宙 to head down the road. He grabbed for the now cold coffee sitting in the crowded cup holders to his right and took a long swig of it.
    It was cold.
    It was nasty.
    But it would keep him awake. It would have to.
    He HAD to find Chuck Bass.
    Worry clouded him as he slowed at the stop sign. His breathing grew in speed. It was very uneven. This whole case had grown on his nerves. Jason was out of control. He couldn’t restrain himself, and sure as hell couldn’t handle that helpless brother of his. Wyler had tried to get in between them, to help. But Kevin didn’t trust anyone, and it wasn’t like he blamed him. Partners came and went all the time, and with no parents from a very young age, and no real friends…
    Well, he just didn’t want to think about it.
    Something was different about this case though.
    It hit close to home. For Jason.
    It hit VERY close.
    He HAD to find Chuck. Before that boy found Blair Waldorf.
    This wasn’t just an investigation for Jason.
    It was revenge.
    That green creaky door opened ever so slightly, and he had predicted it.
    He had heard them coming up the steps.
    Had practically known when their loud chatter would decrease to a mere whisper.
    And the 秒 the two shocked faces found his eyes boring into theirs, he nearly broke out into laughter.
    But he didn’t.
    That would ruin his plan. Would ruin his intent for being so serious.
    He lowered his gaze though. Only for a moment, and the two boys slipped in, closing the door behind them. Dan turned and noticed Vanessa and Jenny curled up against each other on the couch, falling asleep to an old movie. He turned back to look at Nate who was taking in the whole situation as well, and could almost guess his thoughts.
    What the heck?
    Vanessa was here?!
    And…his personal favorite….
    My Hell and my Heaven.
    Yes, it would certainly be interesting how Nate would deal with the whole Vanessa and Jenny situation. And Dan would make sure he’d be there for it—or at least hear about it soon after, to analyze how it had been dealt with. And if either of the girls had been hurt in the crossfires.
    “Boys,” Rufus’s voice jolted them out of their thoughts, and that mesmerizing gaze that had encircled the two sleeping beauties.
    They both turned and walked to the elder Humphrey who was standing behind the counter. The lights were dimly lit, and only in the kitchen. Both of them took a シート, 座席 on the stools sitting opposite of him. But no one spoke. No one knew how, and though Rufus had been contemplating how exactly this would all go down, he was unsure even at this moment how to begin this conversation.
    “It’s 1 AM,” he began, and the boys’ gaze immediately fell to the ground. “On a school night, no less.”
    Only ever silence.
    And maybe some slightly altered breathing.
    Rufus watched both of them intently, but neither dared speak.
    “Both of あなた were not ホーム for supper.”
    The guilt swept lightly dripped down the side of Dan’s face, and Nate moved his hand up to loosen his collar.
    “Both of あなた left messages. One on the phone,” he gestured to it, “and the other on a scrap piece of paper.”
    The two of them looked at each other, and then reluctantly turned their gaze to the concerned parent before them.
    “1 AM.”
    Dan nodded, “I went to find Vanessa—”
    “So did I,” Nate added quickly.
    Dan almost went によって way of glaring, but restrained himself. “We both did, though it was not intended. We were worried about her.”
    “Hmmm,” Rufus spoke carefully, “funny thing is, she was ホーム with Jenny when I got here.”
    “We had no clue,” Dan began.
    “None,” Nate confirmed.
    Rufus searched the desperate expressions on their faces, and after a moment, nodded. “I believe you’re telling the truth.”
    They both released an unsteady breath.
    “Thanks Dad, I knew we’d be able to tell you…just this whole thing is getting so weird, and I didn’t want to involve あなた yet…or…ever…and I just—”
    Rufus waved his son off. “I get that あなた couldn’t tell me, but,” he paused, “Care to tell me where あなた were?”
    Both Nate and Dan let out a muttered chuckle.
    Rufus raised his eyebrows response.
    “You’re not going to believe us,” the brown haired boy forced out.
    “Try me,” Mr. Humphrey said, grabbing a スツール behind him and sitting on 上, ページのトップへ of it. He leaned in closer and folded his hands across each other on the countertop.
    The boys shared an awkward, uneasy look before Nate successfully looked back to the man who had so graciously taken him in. “Does…Blair Waldorf….ring a bell?”
    The city lights kept the young boy from falling asleep completely. Rows of them. Over and over and over again. It was a numbing monotony that ロスト the boy in his own helplessness. He would wonder what life would be like. Attending school for longer. At the same place. Having real parents, and not just an abusive older brother. Having friends. Real friends. フレンズ that lasted. Not having to worry about life または death everyday. And not just for him, but for anyone he interacted with really.
    He wondered these things.
    But now he was alone in the back a taxi. Well, the taxi driver was up front obviously, but he hardly took notice. He just told him to drive. Hadn’t told him where to, and he wasn’t even sure he would have enough money if he stayed inside the vehicle much longer. But he had to get out of that place. He had to breathe the air of freedom, if only for a moment.
    He was fidgeting with the phone in his pocket, but it wasn’t his own. It was Chuck’s. What in the world was he going to do with CHUCK’S phone?! He supposed he’d give it to Vanessa. He supposed she would know what to do with it. He supposed.
    All those words. His brother spat reckless anger in his face. It was always his most creative tool. Besides the….the…he cringed. He couldn’t even finish his own thought, and unconsciously moved his hand to rub the fading bruises along his opposite arm. The scratches on his back were no longer visible. But it would only be a matter of time. He had gotten too involved in this case. And usually that would keep him 安全, 安全です from the abuse.
    But Jason was so unpredictable.
    He let go of Chuck’s phone, and pulled out his own, going through his contact list. It looked lengthy. Almost like he actually had friends. But no. The twenty plus names listed included his brother, his prior employment bosses, and all of the partners Jason would bring home.
    They were no フレンズ of this.
    The first partner that his brother brought ホーム had beaten him worse than Jason. A part of Kevin believed he was the one that taught Jason so many techniques of abuse. His brother had told him that he had gotten rid of that partner—Mickey Davidson—because of the abuse. But he knew that was just a cover-up. There was a reason the beatings intensified after he had gone.
    Making up for ロスト time?
    No. He had a purpose in coming out tonight. And it wasn’t just to get away. The way Jason talked about Chuck and Blair, Kevin got the feeling Chuck would be coming after her. That he would try to save her. But he wouldn’t know the first place to start.
    That’s where Kevin would come in. He would help Chuck Bass. It would be the only way. The only way any of them could get saved…even if he was killed in the process.
    He closed his eyes slowly, imagining the torturous ways his brother would choose to punish him for his betrayal. He should have never kidnapped Blair Waldorf though. She didn’t deserve it. And though he didn’t want to bring Vanessa into this…
    Beep. Beep. Beep.
    His fingers slowly and carefully found Vanessa’s number on Chuck’s phone. He entered the code into his own phone. Even if he never used it after this one time, he would always remember it. He would always remember her.
    Before shutting off Chuck’s phone again, he slowly began to flip through the photos. There were a lot of them. There were pictures of him with a blonde boy…and a blonde girl, but this Blair dominated most of them. Most of his texts were from her too. He was really head over heels.
    And this worried Kevin. His determination would be TWICE as strong. This wasn’t just a crush または a fling, または a “feel-good” relationship.
    This was love.
    And he felt it in his gut.
    He lifted his phone up moments after dialing in Vanessa’s number and waited. He didn’t know what he would say to her, または how it would all come about…but he was only too grateful when the answering maching picked up.
    “Hi, you’ve reached Vanessa Abrams. Please leave your name, number and a message and I’ll call あなた back as soon as I can. Bye!” he smiled at how cheery her voice was. How full of life was that curly haired beauty, who he’d gotten into so much trouble.
    He’d avoided it all. And now he was slamming it back into her face.
    Leaving a pathetic little message about wanting to talk, Kevin buried the phone back in his pocket and let the tears begin to roll down his face once more.
    “I shouldn’t have done it…I shouldn’t have done it…” he whispered, sniffling and trying his very best to keep his voice down. The last thing he needed was a common cab driver overhearing his toxic family secrets.
    He forced himself to breathe normally, and braced himself against the window, the tears still falling and staining his シャツ and every inch of that dirty glass.
    “You all right, son?” the cab driver caught his gaze in the front view mirror.
    Kevin’s eyes widened for a moment and he nodded, wiping away his remaining tears with the sleeve of his シャツ and his rounded fist. He prayed to God Almight that no もっと見る would fall. He prayed. He prayed.
    He looked away from the driver, but could feel the piercing gaze of concern reflecting onto him from that god-forsaken mirror. The tension was killing him. Every person felt like a suspecting prey about to latch onto him. About to discover everything he was hiding.
    But then he saw it.
    He saw what he had been watching for, what he thought he would never find.
    “P-pull over,” he spoke hastily.
    The cab driver looked at him hesitantly, but obeyed the command.
    “Yes, ri-right here!” he exclaimed.
    He had spotted a parked limo. Someone getting out. The appearance matched. The license plate numbers matched. He had been 全体, 全体的です too lucky.
    Who would’ve thought Chuck ベース would end up in Brooklyn?
    Apparently he had a sixth sense about where his girlfriend was.
    Kevin wasted no time. He flung some money in the cab driver’s face, thanked him hurriedly, and avoided eye contact as he rushed out of the vehicle, careful not to look too suspicious as he followed the young ベース down the cluttered alley.
    Did he expect a follower?
    Or did he just have a fondness for dark, messy places?
    Kevin nearly laughed at how ridiculous his last thought had been, but he didn’t want Chuck to catch onto him. Not yet. He had to first see where he was going, and when he noticed there was a dead end at the of the alley…he knew it had been the former.
    “What are あなた doing?” Chuck turned around in an instant. He hadn’t assumed exactly who would be behind him. Following him. But he definitely didn’t expect this.
    Kevin ロスト his confidence in the dark gaze that shot through him. Chuck after all WAS three years older than him, and from what he had read in the records left on the 表, テーブル in that horribly scarring apartment…he didn’t have a good history…for kindness.
    Chuck’s eyebrows narrowed. “Well?”
    Kevin gulped.
    The seventeen 年 old took a few steps towards him. “You got out of a cab, and followed me. WHO are you, WHAT are あなた doing, and WHAT do あなた want?” he spoke slowly, but there was clearly venom lacing his words.
    Kevin’s eyes widened. His mouth opened slowly, but nothing came out.
    So, Chuck waited.
    …a grand total of three seconds.
    He sighed. “Where are あなた even from?” he looked the boy up and down, “Brooklyn, I’m guessing?”
    Chuck rolled his eyes. “Well, this has been fun, but I have somewhere to be,” he pushed past him to walk out of the alley, “so if you’ll excuse me.”
    “You’re in trouble!” Kevin nearly shouted, sudden fear for everyone involved becoming ever present in his mind, especially Blair’s tortured face…and Vanessa’s laughter fading. He didn’t like that feeling.
    He heard Chuck scoff. “Excuse me?” he looked at him incredulously, “Chuck ベース does not get in trouble. I learned long 前 that if あなた can’t get approval によって being good, then there is no sense in avoiding the bad,” he 発言しました matter-of-factly.
    Kevin was frozen, but squeezed out a “no…”
    “What was that?” Chuck asked. “Trying to deny my words? What are you—14?”
    Kevin gaped.
    “Ah….whatever,” Chuck brushed it off and continued walking away.
    “Wait!” Kevin called after him, but the older boy just kept walking. “Wait! This-this is important!” he grabbed a hold of Chuck’s sleeve and the boy turned around in a fury.
    “DON’T. TOUCH. ME.” He emphasized, grabbing onto the younger boy によって the 襟, 首輪 of his shirt.
    Kevin gulped. “I-I have to tell あなた something,” he spoke. He was so afraid, the fear shone in his eyes. But he had to ignore it. This was the only way.
    The ONLY way.
    “WHAT is it?!” he almost whispered.
    “You’re in trouble. My brother is a P.I. and he’s been investigating you…”
    Chuck rolled his eyes at this, and released his hold on Kevin. “Please. Who would be investigating me? And for WHAT reason? Not even my own FATHER investigates me, and he investigates EVERYBODY,” he looked at him knowingly.
    Kevin gulped again. “I don’t know why…” the cries rose back into his throat, and Chuck’s offensive tone nearly left him. “…or how…and I’m endangering both of us によって telling you, but…”
    “But what?” Chuck asked, sincerely. “If your brother is really a P.I., which によって the way I’m still finding hard to believe…there would be no harm involved. Private Investigators do just that. They investigate. There’s no harm caused if someone finds out their investigating.”
    Kevin was silent at that, which Chuck found odd and managed to roll his eyes again because of where this conversation had led. “Look,” he put his hand on the boy’s shoulders, “it’s late. I’m guessing you’re a little tired and probably making up things because あなた had a long day, but—”
    “I’m telling the truth!” Kevin nearly screeched.
    Chuck’s eyes widened and he nodded briefly. “Oh, I’m sure あなた are,” he said, unconvincingly.
    “I-I am, あなた have to believe me! I-I—”
    Chuck put up his hand to silence him, as he sighed.
    “I…” Kevin’s mind was going out of control. He HAD to get Chuck to come with him, または NOBODY would be safe. They wouldn’t be 安全, 安全です either way, but at least this way he would know where he was…would maybe be able to alter the outcome. “You have to come with me,” he declared.
    Chuck laughed at this, and shook his head. “No…I am not coming with you. I have to find my girlfriend. I’ve spent far too much time here already, so…if you’ll excuse me?” he said, releasing his hand and turning away again.
    “Blair Waldorf?”
    Chuck froze.
    “She’s as good as dead if あなた don’t come with me!”
    And that caught his attention. He turned around in a flurry and caught Kevin’s によって his 襟, 首輪 again, shoving him against a nearby brick ウォール belonging to a ショップ of some sorts. “Don’t あなた dare talk about her like that, don’t あなた dare!” he growled, the desperation in his voice evident. “What do あなた know about this? What do あなた know about her? How do あなた know her name?!” with each accusation he pounded him further into the wall.
    “Please…please…” Kevin pleaded, “I…I didn’t start this…I….please…” his cries broke out and he could not stifle them any longer. Slowly Chuck loosened his grip and lowered him off the wall. He ran a hand through his hair once they were free, and closing his eyes slowly he took a deep breath.
    “I’m sorry,” he said, his voice softening. “I shouldn’t have done that.”
    Kevin was still breathing a little hard, still trying to resolve himself from the attack, as he crumbled down the side of the wall.
    “I just…I’ve ロスト her so many times,” he gulped, “I don’t know what I’d do.” He paused. “Are あなた all right?”
    Kevin nodded briefly, and reaching deep into his pocket, he pulled out a silver phone.
    “What’s that?” Chuck asked, curiously looking over into the hidden spaces of the boy’s hand.
    “It’s your phone…” he said, barely a whisper, as he opened his hand…allowing for the older boy to take the item.
    Chuck held it delicately, turning it on…finding the pictures and texts all still there. All in place. Nothing gone. Nothing vanished. All the memories….even the little text war Vanessa and Blair had shared. His breath caught in his throat as he thumbed his fingers into the 写真 album of him and Blair. Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned away.
    By now Kevin had recovered, and he stood fully, walking closer to the now emotionally filled man. “Do あなた believe me now?”
    Chuck turned to him. “How did あなた get this?”
    “I….” he began, but Chuck shook his head, unwilling to let his anger boil over again.
    “Nevermind. あなた don’t have to tell me.”
    Kevin looked at him unsure.
    “But…where’s Blair?” his voice broke, and the broken boy could hardly contain his relieved joy at the statement. It was earnest and loving, and…determined.
    Finally. A breakthrough.
    Kevin nodded in assurance, and a tiny smile lay on his lips for a fraction of a second. “Follow me.”
A/N: Okay, don’t know how great this chapter was, but please REVIEW!!! =DDDDDD I don’t know if あなた saw those Nate/Blair spoiler pics…but I did and was devastated…so though this is not CB fluff, it is certainly a walk in the OPPOSITE direction of those dreadful spoilers. *shudders*
Hope あなた loved this! I’ll try to update soon…but as あなた know, reviews always help. ;)
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