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DefineDelicate posted on Nov 13, 2009 at 05:50PM
as you ladies may of notice we GGSW have been MIA for what? EVER?!?! I know I don't have room to talk, but I've been thinking. I miss my GGSWs!!!

SO! I started thinking. why did I get MSN? Oh right, because you guys said we could all talk together.
That's when I got the idea.

I need all those who have MSN to tell me when is the best day for you

I want the following as a reponse!



Then, On the day choosen, I'll talk to Shandi, and she'll make a group, and all of us will be together and the party will begin.

I know GG has lost some interest and that is the reason for some of the MIAs BUT that doesn't mean we can't all be together. why not go to the thread? well CHAT is quick and crazy fun, not to mention private so please..either reply to this with the info or PM me.

I need to know who all has MSN and when everyone's willin' to do this.

if you think this is a stupid idea, then people don't waste our time. we're friends, GG may have gotten us together, but it's not the reason.

so please do your part!

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