I have seen ALOT of コメント saying that the HolyGhost isnt real and あなた cant catch it and that its satanic. Also some say that speaking in tounges is foolish. And some (not all) コメント are によって Christians. And some even ask where in the Bible does it say that? Well in the book of Acts its talks alot about the HolyGhost and people being filled and speaking in tounges. And it says in the last pages of John that ジーザス breathed ON the people and they received the gift of the HolyGhost.
And that is the devil trying to convince people that its Satanic. He KNOWS that if a christian catches the HolyGhost they will be healed, delivered and set free. And that in ジーザス Name あなた will receive remission of all sins. DONT fall into the tricks of the devil. Listen to ジーザス and ask him to receive the HolyGhost so あなた can see what God can really do and fall under his Glory and power. I asked God for just one touch in church because i really was yearning for it. And then i recieved it.

Read Acts if あなた want verses! Its talks all about the holy ghost!