glee/グリー Character Elimination Game

JimmyManceLuvr posted on Nov 20, 2009 at 08:47PM
i've started this on other sights and have seen this on even more so why not here??
Heres how the game goes. each character starts out with 10 points, and you + 1 point to the character you like and -1 point to the character you don't like. you can only do one post in a 24 hour time period so a character doesn't get attacked. heres the list, please add a character if i forgot someone in the main cast.

Puck 10
Terri 10
Sue 10
Quinn 10
Artie 10
Mercedes 10
Tina 10
Kurt 10
Will 10
Emma 10
Rachel 10
Finn 10

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1年以上前 jasamfan23 said…
Kurt 282
Santana 6
1年以上前 LittleMissAkuma said…
Kurt 283
Santana 5
1年以上前 jasamfan23 said…
Kurt 284
Santana 4
1年以上前 LittleMissAkuma said…
Kurt 285
Santana 3
1年以上前 jasamfan23 said…
Kurt 286
Santana 2
1年以上前 LittleMissAkuma said…
Kurt 287
Santana 1
1年以上前 jasamfan23 said…
Kurt 288
Santana 0

Nicky23 commented…
:) 1年以上前