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(Sugar Motta was at her locker, looking for her school 本 and putting on lip gloss. She had a whole bag of invitations in her locker, ready to be passed out to students who would want to attend her Valentine's 日 party at Breadstix. Artie showed up, stopping his wheelchair によって her side.)
Artie: So...I was thinking. I know we don't really interact much, but...I really like you.
Sugar (smiles): Really? I knew the whole school likes me, but I didn't think あなた like me THAT way.
Artie: Well, I watched some of the 動画 あなた put on Twitter, trying to perfect your 芝居 skills. I've grown to like it.
Sugar (sweetly): Thank you.
(At that moment, Rory shows up with a white box with a red ribbon on it. Artie looked up at him, envying him.)
Rory (to Sugar): Sugar, here's my present to you, to 表示する あなた how much I've grown to like you.
(Sugar opened up the box. Inside was a charm bracelet with ピンク and red hearts on it. She jumped up happily and hugged Rory tightly.)
Sugar: It's so beautiful.
Rory (grinning): Thank you.
(Sugar skipped away after closing her locker, leaving Rory and Artie staring at each other.)
Artie: When did あなた decide to get her a bracelet?
Rory: Last night after we hung out with Mercedes and Finn the other day. When did あなた decide to speak with Sugar about liking her?
Artie: Last night after watching もっと見る of her Twitter videos.
Rory (laughing): Pathetic.
Artie: Hold up. You're calling me pathetic?
Rory: あなた can't possibly use a social networking site to find love, can you?
Artie: How would あなた even know? あなた don't have a Twitter, nor あなた know what it is.
Rory: Trust me; I've learned a little about American life back in Ireland. I know all about あなた Americans.
Artie (staring up at Rory's eyes): Here's what's gonna go down. I'm Sugar's 日付 to her Valentine's 日 party. You're not going to stop that from happening.
Rory: Oh, I'm not?
Artie (confident): You're not.
Rory: We'll see about that.

(For the rest of the day, and on the following day, Artie and Sugar were both competing for Sugar's love. They each gave お花 and candy, put 愛 notes in her locker, and gave her poems. Unfortunately, each of the boys' presents seemed bigger than the other. Then on the 10th of February, Sugar walked into the choir room, looking mad. She handed Artie a drawing of her.)
Sugar: Is this some kind of joke?
Artie: What?
Sugar: あなた made me look like a weiner dog!
Artie: I didn't do that.
Sugar: Then why does it say 'To Sugar, From Artie'?
Puck: Busted.
Tina: Mean, Artie.
Artie (to Tina): Stay out of this, Tina! (He turns to Sugar.) I really didn't do that, Sugar, honest.
Rory (walking in the room): Guys, I planned a number to perform today--
Sugar: Rory!
Rory (to Sugar, innocently): Yes, Sugar?
Sugar: I loved every single present あなた got me for Valentine's Day. I think I like あなた もっと見る that Artie. Will あなた be my 日付 for Valentine's Day?
Rory (smiling): I would 愛 to.
(Sugar rushes over to give Rory a hug. Artie feels let down inside. Puck pokes him on the shoulder.)
Puck: Don't be upset. あなた can take one of the chicks from the sorority I'm taking if あなた like. It's twice as good. あなた get two for one!

(Afterschool, Sugar met up with Brittany, Santana, and Mercedes.)
Santana: You're gonna have pet Irish as your 日付 for Valentine's Day?
Brittany: Wonderful choice. He's really magical. He once got me a full box of マシュマロ Lucky Charms. Maybe he'll get あなた some for another present. You're really lucky...just like the Lucky Charms.
Sugar: Thanks for the support, Brittany.
Mercedes: Well, the God Squad would be glad to perform at your party, Sugar.
Santana: God Squad?
Mercedes: Yes, we perform songs for people, only for ten dollars.
Santana (nodding): Okay, then.
(Santana turns the other way. Sam and Joe are standing によって the steps, playing their guitars. Three girls were smitten によって their looks and their voices. Santana grew a smirk on her face.)
Santana's Thoughts: Brittany seems like the most underrated person out of the whole glee/グリー club...or is she? I always forget about vampire girl and flexi-dancer. I want Brittany to feel special this year. I'm still mad about whoever told Figgins about us. I wonder if it was that new kid. He's gonna get what's coming to him.
(Santana was shaken によって Sugar, sitting across from her.)
Sugar: Did あなた hear me?
Santana: What?
Sugar: I said, don't あなた think Rory is the cutest boy ever?
Mercedes: Kind of.
Brittany: I would know. He magically appeared in my house with a happy smile on his face.
Santana (watching Rory across the way, winking at Sugar): Ugh, I've seen better.

Well, what do あなた think? I hope あなた liked it.
Here's the link for Chapter Twenty-Three!!!
Here's the link for Chapter Twenty-Five!!!
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(Finn, sitting in the lunch room with his fellow glee/グリー club members, goes into a sudden flashback to the first 日 of school at William McKinley High. Students were walking past them, talking about what they want to do over the summer and what colleges they're going to. Finn couldn't help but wonder about his life after high school.)

Finn's Thoughts: This isn't fair. I have nothing to think about. It's like I'm stuck in a forest somewhere and no one can reach a hand to rescue me. I have no idea on what I want to do after William McKinley. I mean, football means so much. There's just a lot to...
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The glee/グリー club after rachel and them graduate. How will mr.shue handle a new club? i bet were all curious of what the club is gonna be lke after the current one leaves. well i made up one.


William Schuester walked into the school building, it was a new year, new kids, new teachers and new problems. The problem? His glee/グリー club had graduated last year, and now he was memberless. It was hard enough getting teens to 登録する the last club, he didn't even want to imagine this years trouble. He put it in the back of his mind and walked to his first period class.

The ベル finally rung and his...
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Pairing(s), Characters: Rachel/Puck, glee/グリー club
Summary: Rachel finds herself slowly feeling for Puck again while in a relationship with Finn. Yeah, I know, fabulous summary... xD
Disclaimer: I do not own glee/グリー または any of the characters. I do have my own little Puck-bot hidden in my closet though...


Rachel awkwardly climbed into the backseat of Mike's minivan, taking her シート, 座席 on the other side of Quinn. The whole of the ride was uncomfortable, and for the most part, silent. Quinn, like Rachel had the ride to, attempted to stir up conversation between the three but failed most miserably, and...
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