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During a 最近 appearance on "Strong Heart", the SNSD Sooyoung, Yoona and Seohyun made ​​several controversial revelations. In the program, which aired on April 1, the MC asked Sooyoung who 発言しました something that bothered him about herself and that counted for his sones.
In response, Sooyoung revealed to the surprise of everyone, "Maybe people do not agree with me, but I really think I'm too fat. Every time I see how I am tall and I remember as I am shikshin, I think from one 日 to another to appear finally my fat "which made the whole audience was surprised. "It's frustrating. I think that soon I will have to stop being a Soshi why not be like my unnies. Maybe I can no longer dance または even through doors. "

The program will air on April 3. Click here to access the content. link
Here's the 秒 part, hope あなた enjoy it.



Oh! (Jap. version)

All My 愛 Is For You

Flower Power

Beep Beep

I Got a Boy
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posted by milli893
1. Sooyoung - miss beautiful.....she got a pretty face and her without make-up is so pretty....her charms lies in her face,she has a beautiful face,of course

2.Yoona - no wonder she is the 'face of the group'..so beautiful and so pretty!no wonder she is so popular..

3.Tiffany - our eye - smile beauty is here....her face is smooth and kinda creamy and i 愛 that looks so much

Hyoyeon - she is pretty,all right .... many says that she's ugly,but i don't think so...all in her is pretty,and she's perfect....okay,amazing SUITS/スーツ her the most

5.Yuri - she has such a beautiful face and with make-up she...
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Let's go to their first hit, Gee.

Gee MV
Best: Sooyoung, Yuri, Tiffany
Okay: Seohyun, Yoona, Sunny
Worst: Taeyeon, Jessica, Hyoyeon

Gee Photoshoot
Best: Hyoyeon, Yoona, Sooyoung, Yuri, Sunny, Tiffany
Okay: Jessica, Taeyeon, Seohyun

Let's start with the MV:

She's last, for once. People seemed surprised when she got last. Well, あなた voted, あなた saw the comments. I can't agree more, her hair was oily and this bangs didn't suit her. Btw, her eyes looked so little.

Bangs, bangs, bangs and もっと見る bangs. Plus short hair and a hat. I have nothing good to say about her hair here. Her...
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It's time for Genie =)

MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SwiSpudKWI

Number 9-Tiffany
This is one of the biggest WTF moments in this countdown. I feel like the hate for Tiffany in this club, has gotten too far.
I admit that Tiffany's hair doesn't look spectacular, but apart from that, her face looks so beautiful. Just look at that smile, for god's sake. This girl should be in the 上, ページのトップへ 3.

Number 8-Sooyoung
The 秒 biggest WTF moment...there's no secret that both Tiffany and Sooyoung are often considered two of the prettiest members in this MV によって the majority of Sones.
Then, what the hell...
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posted by fanylove09
On one particular portal site, a netizen 投稿されました up the question, “Which 動物 do SNSD look like?”. This post soon gained interest and laughter among other netizens.

Jessica:Persian cat
Tiffany:Cute hamster

Sunny & Yoona generated laughter for her likeliness to a stray cat & a deer, respectively.(But i personally don't think Sunny looks loke a stray cat!She is cute!)

Netizens also コメントしました that SNSD look as cute as cats,well this is so cute!!!
Singer Baek Ji Young and SNSD's cutie maknae, Seohyun have caught the attention of many, as the two appeared for a surprise joint performance on 音楽 Bank.

The two ladies performed the hit OST, "Don't Forget Me," which was from the recently wrapped-up drama, IRIS.

Seohyun showed her fantastic skills in playing the ピアノ while Baek Ji Young unsurprisingly displayed her tear-inducing vocal talent.

Watch the video:

Seohyun got a lot of talents n that's surprised a lot of people. Moral of the story, don't judge the book によって it's cover. So, all the best SNSD!!!
 Baek Ji Young n Seohyun...
Baek Ji Young n Seohyun...
posted by snsdlover4ever
So Sooyoung and Yuri are apparently going to debut as a subunit sometime in April, and ファン are actually really excited for it. But, I just gotta say...


Honestly, I thought SM would give SHY as the 次 subunit just because most ファン want it, and I personally would 愛 to see how this plays out, but then, they snubbed Hyoyeon for this pick.


I really thought she'd get a chance to showcase her vocals, since the Immortal Song performance really made me believe that she can sing decently. (I even think she's starting to get better than Yuri, but I don't really have much base for this opinion, since the only thing I have as backup evidence is that one video.)

/sigh/ I can only wish now. What do あなた think of this? Leave a コメント below!

If あなた want to read the full statement from SM, link
posted by snsdlover4ever
This is part of the How It Came to Be stories with Yoona. I know I 発言しました I would do Sooyoung's first, but coming up with a scenario for them is kinda hard, so I'll do her later. Right now, this is BaekYeon's story!


February 2014
Taeyeon(thinking): How did this happen? thought that we would always stay in a sunbae-hoobae relationship... Nothing more, nothing less... But, now... I'm so confused...

Earlier that month, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Sunny are at the dorm, all on their phones.

Did あなた practice the dance moves for our comeback stage already?
Taeyeon and Tiffany don't respond....
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posted by shiraz97
During middle school, she wanted to skip school and sneak out with her friends, they had to help each other jump over a ウォール または fence and when she was about to come down her コート was caught on the sharp edges so she was like hanging on it like a scarecrow with her arms spread wide.
Taeyeon got a nosebleed once because she got in a fight.
Taeyeon used to chucked ice to the 草 field in front of her apartment with her brother. And they competed who can throw the ice the farther, like icecubes. And during winter, when there are snow covering the 草 field, they would try to draw something...
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posted by Hyori143
SNSD’s Yoona finds her doppelganger in Malaysia?
SNSD’s Yoona is currently drawing a lot of attention with her doppelganger.

An online community 投稿されました pictures with the caption, “A Malaysian girl looks like Yoona.”

In the picture, a Malaysian girl is wearing her traditional clothes. Her eyes and eyebrows look just like Yoona and it surprised many people.

Her milky white skin and smile are also a lot like Yoona. The girl previously received considerable attention as Yoona’s doppelganger on Facebook.

People who saw the pictures responded: “She was not Yoona?” “People will believe that she is Yoona.” “They really look alike.” “Yoona is still prettier though.”

SNSD is currently holding the ’2013 SNSD Arena Tour,’ which started on February 9 in Kobe.
Has SNSD’s Tiffany ロスト too much weight?

On March 10th, Tiffany was seen leaving Incheon Aiport to attend MBC’s ‘50th Anniversary Hallyu Concert’ in Thailand.

Although many marvelled at her chic airport fashion, many もっと見る expressed concern over Tiffany’s health. They felt that Tiffany had ロスト of cheek fat, and became so skinny that her BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- were showing.

Upon seeing 写真 from the airport, “Is this because her diet has been too harsh?” “I want to feed her something.” “Oppa will buy あなた food!” and “I think her condition isn’t good.”

Do あなた think it’s just a bad camera angle, または is Tiffany’s diet too harsh?
posted by pretty_angel92
Since i never wrote an 記事 about this, i think now is the right time xD

note: If Jessica was still in SNSD, she would be in my bottom 2. maybe even my least favorite

Number 8-Sunny

I freakin' knew this would happen eventually. so yes, Yoona stans, あなた can celebrate, because your bias isn't my least お気に入り member anymore
Just so あなた know, Sunny used to be my third favorite. I thought she was cute and silly and i had fun watching her on variety shows.
But ever since 2013 that she comes as a bit of a try-hard to me. everything about her feels forced and she just doesn't interest me anymore....
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posted by DaniMF
I think some of あなた would be interested in this article, so I'm making it. Also, it's been a while since I made my other beauty 一覧 and my 一覧 change quite a lot.

I'm not counting Jessica since she's no longer in SNSD but she would be in the half bottom.

I'm going to repeat it once more, I don't hate her, I think that she can look pretty with the right makeup and hairstyle, but normally she is not pretty for me. Her eyes are ghostly, always with pronounced eye bags. She left her light brown hair colour, which fited her, so I'm not gonna put her higher at the moment. Let's see if SM...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Wait... wait... wait... okay, now I can start.

Opinion/Rant time again! Hopefully, あなた caught the joke at the beginning, because for this article, I'll be talking about weight. Let's begin!

 Literally my face when 読書 articles.
Literally my face when 読書 articles.

It's no secret that idols are pretty underweight, and while some might naturally be that way, most idols do very extreme diets that resort to them only eating one meal a day. That's just downright unhealthy.

While I'm not trying to encourage them to eat as much as they want without taking into moderation, it wouldn't kill them to just eat a little more!

A clear example...
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I'm not going to make HaHaHa and チョコレート 愛 together because they are not related. Tomorrow you'll have チョコレート Love. And sorry for the pics, some are very little.

Best: Taeyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung
Okay: Tiffany, Jessica
Worst: Seohyun, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sunny

Not my cup of tea, but not ugly. I don't like her octopus hair but I don't find her the worst.

I agree. she looks plain, and even with the dress she looks manly in my eyes, don't know why. At least the clip looks nice. Yoona shouldn't go short hair, even if I 愛 her reddish short hair.

Finally, I'm sorry...
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posted by DaniMF
This 記事 is going to be the hardest one I make because the girls have tried a lot of hairstyles (some of them もっと見る than the others, yes I'm looking at あなた Fany ¬¬), so let's start.

Sunny: long, straight, dark brown, full bangs, high ponytail.

This hairstyles is used several times during their 3rd 日本 Tour and I think that this one is the one that SUITS/スーツ Sunny the most. That's a pity that she doesn't use it so much.

Taeyeon: long, wavy, ligh blonde, side parting, no bangs.

This one is lovely and fresh, she looks really young with it. I also 愛 Taeyeon dark hair with bangs but this...
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Hyoyeon, sweet Hyoyeon =)

such a strong victim

Girls generation
What's up with that ugly and messy braid?

Kissing you
OH GOD.....no comments

Not a ファン of the side ponytail. And the hat is ridiculous

Hyoyeon with cute hairstyles....NO

This has to be the ugliest SNSD hairstyle i've seen so far. hideous hairstyle and stupid bow

Chocolate love
Just ugly and awkward

Those bangs....whyyyyyy?

Visual dreams
This one makes me cry and laugh at the same time. I don't even know how i should describe this hairstyle

Run devil run japanese version
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 SNSD Part 4
SNSD Part 4
**Warning!** All of this is fiction , all made up!

SNSD's First Adventure! Part 4 : The 9 Angels' Holiday

(They set off but then Hyoyeon calls them back)

Hyoyeon : " Oh wait nearly forgot this! Here it includes maps of each tunnel. And it says here that there will be a obstacle to go through to get there and there will only be three tries to complete it!"

(They all set off in different tunnels.)

Team 1 :
Leader : Taeyeon
Members : Jessica and Tiffany

Taeyeon : "This tunnel seems to go on forever..."

Jessica : "Are あなた kidding me? We better leave here soon または I can't take it."

Tiffany : "Calm down Jessica...
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Time for Gee, aka, the most viewed SNSD MV so far =)


Number 9-Hyoyeon
I understand her position, although i think there's someone who looks worse than Hyoyeon.
I personally don't like her hairstyle and the hat looks really weird on her. Her face doesn't look all that spectacular either.

Number 8-Tiffany
Well, OF COURSE. What did あなた expect? Tiffany and number 8 are the couple of the milennium.
But seriously, once again, i just don't understand. She looks so pretty and adorable, i 愛 her hair so much, especially the bangs, i think Tiffany looks...
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