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Jessica confessed that Girls’ Generation tried to watch porn once.

The girls were guests on the January 23rd episode of ‘Radio Star‘. On the show, they were asked, “Do women talk about perverted things too?“. Jessica answered, “In some foreign countries, if あなた turn on the TV, porn is accessible.” She turned to Sunny and said, “We even tried to watch some, right?“.

Hyoyeon then chimed in stating, “But we couldn’t. I heard that it comes out on the history (hotel bill) afterwards.” Jessica said, “We even thought about whose room to use. I think it was Seohyun‘s room.”

At this, Seohyun expressed her frustration toward her unnis, causing the studio to burst into laughter.

The segment begins around the 9:30 mark below.
Well we know that SNSD have nine pretty and talented members but most people think that nine is a bit much. So just for the sake of fun, lets see who doesn't hold their own weight most of the time.
As あなた all remember only one vote was counted per round. I made this アンケート a little もっと見る interesting,instead of a majority vote, only one person's コメント was counted as winner of a round.
Here is how it worked: best コメント gets their vote counted. I look at all the people who コメントしました correctly, then chose the most common voted member, then decide which コメント did the best at explaining who won....
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So here is the article! Thanks for all who voted in my アンケー about their "Least お気に入り Smile". So this 記事 is based on your comments.

So here we go~

8. Seohyun

One word to describe her smile....AKWARD! But don't worry Seo they still 愛 your smile, but your smile is beautiful but once again....it's so akward for us.

7. Hyoyeon

She look so pretty when she smiles. But the others just look so much attractive compared to her. She has great features, but just not this one.

6. Tiffany

They don't like Fany's smile. Some ファン likes Fany's eyesmile but the others don't. Fany's smile is cute, but it...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
*This will just be based on the song itself. I know that the line distribution is pretty unfair, but I'll mainly talk about that some other time, since this isn't the first time where we've heard it before. I will address it in some parts of the article, though that will not be my main focus. Thanks for your understanding, and enjoy!*

Well, I haven't done any of these in a while, since nothing new from SNSD had been released yet other than OSTs, which I quickly lose interest in no matter how good I may think it is. So, why not write one now?

What can I say? There's no doubt that some, if not...
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Now we 移動する on to HaHaHa

MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kcLjuVUje8o

Number 9-Hyoyeon
I really don't think Hyoyeon looked the worst, true, her hairstyle isn't that great but i feel like a certain member looked way worse (you know who i'm talking about).
Still, i can't complain about Hyoyeon's position. She didn't stand out that much and her face looks so awkward.

Number 8-Tiffany
Geez, why am i not surprised? i feel like Tiffany and number 8 match so well, don't あなた think? =)
Like, seriously? Tiffany looked absolutely gorgeous. 上, ページのトップへ 3 for sure. The ponytail makes her look even prettier....
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Now we 移動する on to キス you

MV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3yxxe66LXs

Number 9-Hyoyeon
This wasn't a surprise, the majority of Sones agrees that Hyoyeon looks the worst (including me). The hairstyle is ugly and her face looks odd
 [img1 center, large]
[img1 center, large]

Number 8-Tiffany
To be honest, i don't even know what to say. あなた really have to be a Tiffany hater, if あなた actually think she looks ugly in this MV. i mean, look at her. She looks gorgeous, for god's sake...this is one of the most silly positions i've ever seen. Her hair looks cute and her face looks so beautiful. i'm really sad and angry...
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So, here are the results of the prettiest SNSD members in Girls' generation MV, voted によって sones


Number 9- Seohyun
I agree with this placement, i think she looks the least attractive. あなた can tell that our maknae grew up really well afterwards. But in this MV, she still looked kinda awkward. Besides, bangs don't really suit her
 [img1 center, large]
[img1 center, large]

Number 8- Tiffany
As we all know, Tiffany has the most haters in this club, so it doesn't surprise me that she's in this position. Personally, i think she looked gorgeous, the 秒 prettiest in this...
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When did あなた start dreaming of becoming a singer? When did あなた start to realize your talent, または when did others start acknowledging it? How?

-When I was little, I never thought I was exceptionally good at 歌う または dancing. However, before I came to Korea, I realized that I liked and had a knack for 歌う and dancing. Even my brother, who is stingy with compliments, told me, “You’re good at singing,” so I gained もっと見る confidence. Since then, I didn’t think about following any other route and only dreamed of becoming a singer. Something I thought of at that time, and after actually...
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The girls from SNSD recently appeared on the 表示する “Ousama no Brunch” to talk about their new album with reporter Marina.

The girls spoke some English and talked about the Mr. Taxi dance, the foods they want to try, and their お気に入り places in 日本 so far.

Marina: Everyone speaks Japanese, don’t you?

Girls: Just a little bit…

Marina: Who’s the one that can speak the most?

Girls: It’s Sooyoung, she’s the best.

Marina: あなた can pretty much speak, then?

Sooyoung: Well, just everyday conversation.

Marina: Are あなた studying right now?

Sooyoung: Yes, everyone is doing their best to study hard....
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SNSD’s Jessica walked her very first 滑走路 for Lee Juyoung’s fashion 表示する for the 2011/12 Seoul Fashion Week at Seoul’s SETEC Center on March 29th.

She’s been rumored to have received a number of offers from fashion designers who noticed her great personal style. It’s also being reported that she’s definitely kept up with the professional models.

Jessica wore the line, ‘Resurrection によって JUYOUNG‘, from the designer who created pieces for Marilyn Manson, the Black Eyed Peas and Lady Gaga.

Actor Jung Gyu Woon also walked the 滑走路 while singer G.NA was among the audience.
On the December 22 episode of SBS Strong Heart, Taeyeon revealed that fourteen male セレブ had expressed interest in her. One in particular gave her a great deal of stress.

Taeyeon explained, "During practice, there was a missed call from an unknown number waiting for me. Initially, I thought it was a prank call so I disregarded it. Later, I received a text message that read, "I am __ oppa." He kept sending me text messages so, out of curiosity, I dialed his number using the office phone to 確認 his true identity. It turned out that he really was the man that he claimed to be."

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posted by animeadd8
I don't know if each of SNSD's ファン knows about this. So, I've decide to share about it.

As an information, Korea's Ministry of culture, sports and tourism was serious when they stated that they were in full support of spreading K-pop and Korea to the world! Since the statement was made, the ministry had done a lot of things in order to achieve their goal.

One of it is the release of the Seoul Song. What makes this song interesting is the singers are SNSD and SuJu and the MV is just like a 愛 story in one of beautiful cities in the world, Seoul. So, I guess it can be called as their latest song.
posted by Yuna1331
So i hope あなた like this article! Make sure あなた leave a コメント guys, i want to know your ranking too, so let's just get started!

9. Tiffany

We all known that she's the worst dancer, i don't consider calling her the "worst dancer", she can dance but not the best. She's very energetic so sometimes i think that she's one of the best, well the others are better than her so that's why i think she called the worst. I hope あなた get my point :)

8. Sunny

Sunny is being so clumsy sometime that's why she makes so many mistakes,. But she improved a lot now, but i hope she will improve more.

7. Taeyeon

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Even though Hyo isn't my bias, i feel like the japanese producers treat her even worse than the korean producers, when it comes to lines

I know Hyoyeon might not be the best singer, but she sure improved. i even think she's better than Yuri and Yoona now, especially on live performances. she's also way もっと見る capable than what we hear from her lately.
because when i compare her latest lines with her oldest ones....GOOD LORD. she used to do so much もっと見る with her voice back then.

Another thing besides the lack of Hyoyeon is the thousands and thousands of lines that Tiffany has in this song
and oh,...
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Ok, あなた all know me. i'm pretty harsh with words. and it won't be different this time. i don't fucking care if some of あなた will start hating me even more, cause あなた already hated me, anyway

this is something i've been planning to do for a very long time cause it's seriously annoying me

But first, i just want to say that i know NOT ALL GORJESS SPAZZERS ARE DELUSIONAL

i'm talking about in general.

So as あなた may know, there's a アンケート going on at the moment, about "snsd's most talented member"

Not only is poor Fany being fucked up again ( that's a different issue, though...), but Jessica managed to...
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The third part of Snsd Look A Like article,

Today i would like to write about our only Ice Princess, Jessica Jung ^^

1.First of all is the link... They still look a like even not that much because in my opinion most of the siblings will have the quite similar face < maybe in structure of features >, but i have to admit that Krystal looks a like Yoona more.

2.This one is the hottest look alike link They look similar especially when they have the same pose または hairstyles. For me, it is maybe because of they face structures and some of the features like lips <very similar~small lips>...
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2PM's Taecyeon will perform with his "secret" girlfriend at the 2009 MBC Gayo Daejun. And guess who, that secret girlfriend is none other than Yoona of SNSD.

Fan girls, don't go crazy just yet. It's just a performance, または at least that's what we think.

The two will put on a special performance with a deep storyline. Let me lay it down for you. Taecyeon and Yoona have been dating secretly, they get in a fight over a small misunderstanding and Yoona starts to dodge Taecyeon's calls. SNSD tries to cheer Yoona up so they escape their dorm to have some fun, but during their night out, they run into...
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posted by Sweju
It's a real 一覧 written on facebook.

1) Most Voted SNSD Members in Korea:

1. Kim Taeyeon
2. Im Yoon-Ah
3. Seo Joo Hyun
4. Jessica Jung
5. Tiffany Hwang

2) Most Voted Members in European Countries:

1. Kim Hyoyeon
2. Choi Sooyoung
3. Kwon Yuri
4. Tiffany Hwang
5. Sunny Lee

3) Most Voted Cutest Member in SNSD:

1. Kim Taeyeon
2. Im Yoona
3. Sunny Lee
4. Jessica Jung
5. Kwon Yuri

4) Most Voted SNSD Thighs

1. Sooyoung
2. Jessica
3. Sunny
4. Tiffany
5. Yuri

5) Most Voted SNSD members in Japan:

1. Im Yoon-Ah
2. Kim Taeyeon
3. Choi Sooyoung
4. Jessica Jung
5. Tiffany Hwang

6) Most Voted SNSD Members...
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posted by snsdlover4ever
Another Opinion/Rant article! First off, I need to say that I will be on hiatus for all of my fanfictions. I've just been so crammed with school that I haven't had time to just relax and write a chapter. I'll probably be posting on very ランダム days, so just keep looking at the 記事 section for the series that you're looking フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして to!

So, at the very start of 2014, this タイトル has been used for a while in the media: Dating Generation. If あなた don't know why it's being referred to that, then あなた must be living underneath a rock. This is basically what the news has 発言しました since and I'll just...
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~ SNSD Member Richest sequence (on Own Income):

1. Taeyeon

2. YoonA

3. Tiffany

4. Hyoyeon

5. Sunny

6. Yuri

7. Jessica

8. Sooyoung

9. Seohyun

~ SNSD Most Rich member (Based on Family):

1. Sooyoung

2. Sunny

3. Jessica

4. Tiffany

5. YoonA

6. Yuri

7. Taeyeon

8. Hyoyeon

9. Seohyun ~Most Voted Cuteness in SNSD:

1. Sunny

2. Taeyeon

3. Tiffany

4. Yuri

5. Jessica

~ Most Voted Pretty Faces in SNSD:

1. Yoona

2. Sooyoung

3. Taeyeon

4. Tiffany

5. Yuri

~Most Voted Sexy Legs in SNSD:

1. Sooyoung

2. Sunny

3. Jessica

4. Yoona

~Beauty Ranking in SNSD's 花 Power MV によって Netizen:

1. Taeyeon

2. Tiffany

3. Yuri

4. Seohyun

5. Yoona

6. Hyoyeon

7. Jessica...
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