Uff....sorry for being so late. i was busy xD

so, let's begin

Number 9-Jessica
Hmmm, what a good way to start. Let's see...She had octupus hair, the bangs were atrocious, her face was nothing special and the hat was rididiculous
Yep, moving on...

Number 8-Hyoyeon
Hyoyeon's fugly hairstyles continued in this MV. And she also had a fugly hat.
Well, at least she looked better, compared to キス you.

Number 7-Yoona
So plain
What else can i say?

Number 6-Seohyun
Pretty hair at last. But her face was still unnatractive for me
She's higher than Yoona, because she fits cute concepts better and her expressions didn't look forced

Number 5-Taeyeon
If it wasn't for the hat, she would be higher, because i loved her short hair and cute face
Plus, idk if it's just me, but i 愛 Taeyeon with full bangs. It makes her look ever younger

Number 4-Sunny
Sunny bunny, so adorable. From that terrible nightmare in キス you, to this cute little thing in Gee . Looks like they learned something.
And i loved her hair so much, btw

Number 3-Yuri
Aside from the hat, she looked so pretty and angelic in this. However she had that sassy look in her face too. And that's what i 愛 about Yuri's appearance.
Her hair was also very pretty

Number 2-Tiffany
I think my 上, ページのトップへ 2 is SooFany since ITNW, ahahah.
But i swear, that's going to change xD
Anyway, i know many people disliked Fany's hair in this MV, but i freakin' loved it. I think it made her stand out even more. I admit though, that i wish her bangs were a little shorter, since they almost covered her whole face.
And speaking of face...she looked stunning.

Number 1-Sooyoung
Sorry (not sorry) xD
But this girl looked absolutely fantastic ok? Not only her hair was gorgeous, but so was her face with those big, big eyes, long eyelashes and pretty smile.
Just...adnskfgbekbg x3

次 will be Genie. and no, Sooyoung won't be first. LOOOOL

anyway, what's your ranking for Gee?