To most people it is no secret my confusing over SooYoung the "I" shaped member of the group considered sexier then everyone else. I am an American, here the epitome of a sexy is someone with some body fat.

looking at the pic (link)

I know that Koreans are naturally small boned, low body fat, and short. When I ask a fellow SONE who has the sexiest body of SNSD I plan on hearing Yuri, Sunny, または at least Yoona. When I hear Sooyoung the first thing that pops in is "how can someone with no curves and so skinny be sexy". Granted all SNSD are skinny, I am on of those Sones that don't think all SNSD have true "S" lines.

Call me what あなた want but Sooyoung has no assets (breast, butt, または thighs) to me. Her only saving grace is her pretty face and her long legs. Someone brought to my attention that Sooyoung and Sunny were placed on a 上, ページのトップへ 100 sexiest woman, Sooyoung being 63. Well I saw that 一覧 and according to it SooYoung is sexier then Jennifer Lopez によって rank. Sorry I dont buy that crap.

Maybe I am being too hard on her. She says enough times that she hates being so skinny and she might have a complex about it, but her ファン I 表示する no mercy towards. How sexy is she? How is she sexier then Yuri (who has hips and a slim waist), Yoona (hips some breast and long legs), または Sunny (big breast and a nice butt).

I am not here to accuse anyone, I genuinely want understanding. Maybe I cant see her sex appeal. To those who are willing to go head to head with me on this so I can understand is all I am asking. I am not saying she is unappealing によって any means, but to say she is sexier then people with もっと見る body fat on them i don't buy. Please help me understand.