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iceandfirebirds posted on Jun 29, 2011 at 07:16AM
who is your favorite Game of Thrones character and why? post your answers and lets see whos the most popular character! ^_^

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1年以上前 iceandfirebirds said…
for example, i have two favorite characters, Daenerys because of how strong willed and determined she is (not to mention her dragons ^_^) and jon snow because he is very skilled with a sword and also because he has a soft heart <3 :P
annettek commented…
My お気に入り are of couse Jon Snow and I really like Tyriron 1年以上前
1年以上前 BelleAnastasia said…
My 2 favorite characters are Petyr "Littlefinger" Baelish and Jon Snow.
1年以上前 torfinn said…
I have 4 favorite characters: 1. Bran 2. Arya 3. Jon Snow 4. Daenerys
1年以上前 iceandfirebirds said…
big smile
everyone likes jon snow :D
1年以上前 daenerys said…
Jon Snow is my favourite because he the most relatable character. He is discovering who he is after living his whole life being told who he isn't. Although he stumbles quite a bit, he always gets back up & onto the right track. His humanity, flaws & strength of character make me root for him more than any of the other characters.

Then Arya & Daenerys, who are both so fearless. Arya is all about survival & will do whatever it takes. Dany is often thought of as nice, but she is not nice. She is vengeful and has a strong sense of justice, but justice as determined by her. She makes her own rules and has the stones to stand by them.
1年以上前 AryaStark21 said…
Jon Snow hasn't a soft heart.:)
My favorite characters are Cersei and Tyrion...they're fantastic and complicate characters....Arya and Daenerys are strong characters <3...then Jon Snow and Robb Stark. :)
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1年以上前 delamico said…
My favorite characters are: male: Khal Drogo, female: Daenerys

Because they both have a gentle heart in spite of claiming otherwise.

They know when they can have gentle heart and when they cannot and act according to that. They are both brave and bad-ass, gorgeous and gentle. They make wrong decisions which make them human. Love makes you blind. And their love is the definition of true love in my opinion. They are a perfect couple and lovable characters.
1年以上前 Jessicatt said…
Either Jaime Lannister or Arya Stark. Arya is brave and unconventional. Jaime is an incredibly deep character, with many layers, and can't be categorized as a villain or an hero. They both interest me greatly. I also really like Varys.
bezoomny commented…
Those are my three お気に入り as well! This season has been great so far in terms of showcasing Jaime's complexity (and we're thankfully getting to learn もっと見る about Varys, which hasn't made him any less intriguing). And it's fascinating to watch Arya's worldview develop, especially dealing with her own [understandable] vengefulness while seeing the cycle of vengeance repeatedly play out before her. 1年以上前
1年以上前 Alexandra_15 said…
My favorite characters:
1- Arya Stark.
2- Ned Stark.
3- Jon Snow.
4- Daenerys.
They are brave characters.
1年以上前 delamico said…
I was wondering whether it's possible to alter your answer after reading the books? I will nonetheless. Well, I'm still in the middle of Storm of Swords, Red Wedding in a few pages, I know I won't sleep tonight. I NEED to know how it'll be. But, yeah, I have taken liking into various characters. Let's see then. (There's no order, I just write them as it comes to my mind)

Tyrion Lannister - the books made me like him a lot.
Varys - same here, love Varys since Clash of Kings.
Davos Seaworth - I hope they won't screw him up
Beric Dondarrion - wonder, Jeyne Poole fell for him? not really.
Khal Drogo - for ever and after.
Daenerys - Emilia Clarke added a LOT to her
Arya - you MUST love her
Mance Rayder - I love the guy, truly. His harp and his story...
Roose Bolton - shame on me, but Lord Leech is just fun.

1年以上前 RoxieKaulitz said…
Bran, Arya, Tyrion, Jon, Robb, Eddard, Sansa and Daenerys!
1年以上前 Kaleese619 said…
Within the series the character I care the most about is Jon Snow but Jamie Lanister is the most complicated. He is a man who is reviled, hated on because he killed a king... a king who was insane, sadistically burning men alive and planning to burn everyone and everything in Kingslanding. They should have given him a feast for that...a good old "At a boy". Then he is doing the incest thing but he demonstrates his love and loyalty, and unyielding commitment to his sister by never having engaged in intercourse with any other female...an honorable, incestuous sister diddler... Jamie is a paradox...you have to love to hate him or ...hate to love um. But Little Lord Commander Jon Snow...For-Get-About-It!!! Love him...From the beginning you can see that he is something special when he made Ed understand
the significance of the wolf pups. I agree with The Old Bear's crow book 5,,, "Jon Snow King"
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1年以上前 weresmyanime said…
well Robb,Tyrion and of course the old guy who was in the kings guard and that fat guy at the NW
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1年以上前 Golden_Touch said…
Jon Snow, Arya (because she's the smartest character) and Varys.
1年以上前 PandaKISS said…
Arya- she has always been my favorite character, plus she has the same b-day as me ^_~
Sanza- I think she made a big change in the second season, once she realized Jofery was a douche.
Tyrion- The best male character ever! in any series!
Robb- I like Robb, because he doesn't want to be king and he cares about his family.
Jon Snow- he's adorkable, and thinks things through.. to a point.
Ned Stark- I miss him, he was such a great character!
1年以上前 Deanerys said…
Viserys, not only because of Harry Lloyd but also because he is very angsty and he is relatable in a way that only Daenerys is, he is deprived of everything when he did not deserve it and he was written perfectly and he is also very interesting. I think he is flawless
 Viserys, not only because of Harry Lloyd but also because he is very angsty and he is relatable in a
1年以上前 Vytasb said…
In no particular order:

Tyrion Lannister
Jaqen H'ghar
Syrio Forel
Arya Stark
Jon Snow
Sandor Clegane
Roderik Cassel (you can't argue with those mutton chops)
Brienne of Tarth
Lord Varys
Renly Baratheon

there's a couple more, but i can't think of them right now. my mind is distracted for some reason.
1年以上前 PlaviNub said…
Bron! :D
1年以上前 cocotang186 said…
i like tyrion lannister bcoz he is intelligent, compassionate yet stern, fair n just. :)
1年以上前 Vampire_Lover97 said…
Robb - smart , strong , caring , honest , protective..I adore him because of everything , his shortcomings
and virtue. My first favorite character.
Tyrion - because he is intelligent and funny.
Jon - because of everything.
Daenerys - because she is fearless and strong.
Arya - because she is fearless , strong , intelligent.
1年以上前 rikku_chan said…
Tyrion Lannister - He's funny, witty, intelligent and he's not one for lying. He makes the show fun to watch with his humor.
Jaime Lannister- I didn't like him much at first, but he grew on me a lot.
Sansa stark - kindhearted, naive, strong, what a perfect queen should be. Im routing for Sansa to take throne.
Daenerys - She started of controlled and seemed timid, then she turned viscous! I blame Khal Drogo.
Khal Drogo - I dont know, hes just awesome~
Arya Stark- She's so badass~! X3
Bran Stark - He's the youngest of the Starks, but he's the maturest. He's anything but naive, realizes and understands the hard ships and cruelty of the world. He's a kind and smart boy, and I think he's pretty underrated.
Jon Snow - A kind, accepting and headstrong character. Also knows how to fight.
Robb Stark- I love how he chooses family over becoming king, he's a strong and honest character.
Margaery Tyrell - For a sixteen year old, she's a very shrewd and political savvy young woman, intelligent too.
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1年以上前 lostandhp4ever said…
In no order my 3 favorite characters are Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. Because they are badass ;-) And I also like Jaqen H´ghar, Ros and Gendry.
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1年以上前 Perfidia said…
I like many characters.......

Catelyn Stark(my favourite character in the books, also portrayed well in the series)
Petyr Baelish(Littlefinger) (just amazing how he's pulling all the strings)
Jorah Mormont (a very troubled character....I feel sorry for him....and a HOTTIE in the TV-series)
Lord Varys (the spider, how can one not love him?)
Tywin Lannister (certainly due to Charles Dances magnificent performance)
Tyrion Lannister (a great character in both book and movie)
Arya Stark (she's a real badass, I love that)
Davos Seaworth(in the books even more than in the series)
Rodrick Cassel (his beard is just awesome)
Sandor Clegane(even better in the books....every good story needs a big brute)

I also really like Yoren and Bron
1年以上前 Astradyne said…
This isn't easy...
Sandor Clegane, cause he is a hell of a character and not a cheap hero-baby without a real personality.
Jorah Mormont, yet in the show more than in the books, cause of Iain Glen
Tywin Lannister, due to Charles Dance
Tyrion Lannister, the smartest and toughest guy in all westeros
Jaqen H'ghar, due to Tom Wlaschia
Joffrey Baratheon, I like this little bastard, he has style even as a cunt
Sansa Stark, she grows a lot during the time
Bron, like his interaction with Tyrion
1年以上前 hollysnow said…
There are so many amazing characters, they are so believable and deep it is probably why this series is so widely loved. I adore Tyrion because he is so kind despite his family and he is strong and the only one in his family with good intentions for others other than themselves. Arya Stark is so brave, smart, stubborn and enduring that I think she is amazing and she will hopefully avenge her father one day. I actually rather like Theon despite everyone's hatred for him, I find him a confused and angry young man but he does have a regret for what he does and I see him as one of the most human characters, not high and mighty but one of the ones that messes up and I hope he gets a second chance like most of us hopefully do :) I love Jon Snow he is just so honourable and kind and brave, he is just a genuine nice guy :)
1年以上前 lastcog said…
Tywin Lannister because of his leadership skills and intelligence. My second favorite Is Danerys because she is brave, smart, and DRAGONS!!!. I also really like sandor clegane aka the hound because I respect anyone who can speak with a sword.
1年以上前 MuffinFan said…
1. Arya Stark
2. Jon Snow
3. Tyrion Lannister
Why? It's simple: all of them are rebels. Rebels in their own way. Arya is a tomboy, and loves so many non-girly things. She, as only a little girl, survived times that even some skilled warriors didn't survive. Plus she's become a fuckin assasin :D
Jon is the bastard of a high lord. Not loved by his stepmother, not knowing who his mother was, and decides to live in celibate at the Wall, even with the chance to become a knight. He's lived with the Free Folk, saved the Night's Watch and became Lord Commander. Not to mention he's very sexy *-*
Tyrion has always been the beast, the disgrace of House Lannister, just because he was born this way. He's smarter than both his older sibs, is nice and loving and funny if you know him. His father hates him, but knew that and so appointed him the Hand instead of himself. He is the savior of King's Landing, without him, his shitty nephew's head would decorate the city walls. You don't know what he will do next, and he is one of the most interesting and charismatic character in this universum.
I also love Bronn, Robb, Bran. Like Victarion Greyjoy (he gets shit done^^), Dany in season/book 1, Brienne, Tormund Giantsbane. A hate-love for Littlefinger Baelish, and Varys too^^
1年以上前 annettek said…
I like Jon Snow and Tyiron
1年以上前 Diamond_Queen said…
No particular order: Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei, Daenerys, Sansa and Arya:) But my list keeps changing haha.
1年以上前 Windrises said…
1. Jon Snow
2. Ceresi Lannister
3. Ayra Stark
4. Viserys Targaryen
1年以上前 ScorpionTDC said…
Jaime Lannister
1年以上前 NCISLuverjk93 said…
Jaqen H'ghar. <333

But I also LOVE Arya and Tyrion. And like many others.
1年以上前 sansastaark said…
Sansa, hands down