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posted by deltabannermen
A ディズニー Tale: Jiminy Cricket introduces two tales - Bongo the くま, クマ (a slightly disturbing tale of 愛 in the くま, クマ community) and Mickey and the Beanstalk (a ディズニー version of the well-known fairytale).

Disney Hero: With two 'films' in this package feature we have two main heroes. First up is Bongo. Bongo is a circus くま, クマ who runs away to the forest and meets the 愛 of his life. Bongo never speaks in his film. He is dressed in a jacket, bow tie and hat and runs the full gamut of emotions. In the 秒 film, we have three 'heroes' - Mickey, Donald and Goofy who all fulfill the role of Jack...
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