《Audrey's P.O.V.》

I board the train and sit as far away from the other passengers as possible. The ride would be long, but I had to catch up on some reading. I pulled a book titled 'Rivean Alchemy: Laws and Basics' and began reading. My eyes flew over the words and the pages were quickly turned. I pulled my bag closer to me and my コート tighter as I saw a man nearing my seat. He asked in a kind voice, "Is this シート, 座席 taken, Miss?" I say, "Please, sit somewhere else..." He looked confused. "Is something wrong?" I look up at him and growl, "Just sit in another spot!" He held his hands up. "Alright, alright! Jeez..." He muttered the last part as he sat down in an empty seat. I continued reading, flipping through the pages. I already knew all of this stuff, but I had to read it because my teacher had told me to. I looked out of the window before scanning the words.

《Ed's P.O.V.》

Al sat down, holding a book. I asked, "Where's Audrey?" He replied, "Someplace called Fisens Town." I shrugged. "Okay... She sure was specific about what 本 she wanted." "She asked for newspaper clippings, right?" "Yeah. Let's see if we can get the librarian to 表示する us some copies of the clippings."

《Librarian's P.O.V.》

The two Elric Brothers walked up to me. The older one asked, "Do あなた have any copies of the newspaper clippings our, uh, friend... wanted?" I held a finger to my chin and then answered, "I think so. Let me go check." I went over to see if there were any extras, and sure enough, there were. I gathered them and handed them to the boys. "Those are the ones Ms. Himura asked for."

The headline of the clipping on the 上, ページのトップへ of the stack was: Young Rivean Girl Brutally Tortured With Her Family!.

《Al's P.O.V.》

Brother's hands were shaking. He whispered, "It..." He handed me the 記事 and I began 読書 it. "'Seven 年 old Audrey Marie Himura was found in the woods, nearly dead of blood loss and several horrific wounds. She was immediately taken to the hospital and cared for. Her parents' dead bodies were found near her location. The three family members had been missing for several days. The culprit was not found または identified.'" I dropped the paper. "Audrey?"

I know, this was short, which I need to work on, and I also know my fanfiction stories suck. If あなた have continued to check out my stories, I'm surprised. Thanks.