《Kaste's P.O.V.》

I dropped the equipment I was carrying. I saw a hooded figure. I could only tell it was female によって breasts and voice. I could only see part of her eyes and under. She said, "You are going to be taken into custody for disturbing graves." I watched in utter confusion as she clapped her hands together and then pushed them against the ground. Instantly, I was in some kind of cage. She holstered the gun she had dropped and a boy appeared. He had golden hair in a braid. I growled, "Stupid little girl, I'll get you. Better watch your back."

-Back In Central-

《Ed's P.O.V.》

I see a suit of armor and run over. "Al!" He waves. "Brother! Did あなた catch the guy?" I chuckle. "Well, Audrey technically caught him. I did nothing but watch." I turn around to get her over here to meet Al. "Audrey, come meet- Where is she?" I spot her standing in the shadow of a building. "Come meet my brother." She says nothing as she walks up to us. "14 years, hollow armor, result from a Rebound. Nice to meet you, I'm Audrey." She turns and begins going into the Command. Al stood there dumbfounded. I assure him, "I didn't tell her, Al. I can't figure her out." Al nodded. "Let's just go see the Colonel."

《Roy's P.O.V.》

Audrey walked in and sat down. "Kaste Demilas is imprisoned in Aslyxia. He won't disturb any もっと見る sleeping corpses." She shivered. "Cold, Nightmare?" Her two different colored eyes looked into my black ones. "No. I am not cold. Why do あなた ask? Why do I keep getting asked that?" I replied, "You shivered. Anyways, I have no new cases. あなた can take a few days off, go back to Riveana." I watch as she stands up and walks out.

《Audrey's P.O.V.》

I walk out hurriedly. As I sprint, I hit my head on something and reach a hand to my head as I look at the person. It was the armor guy. "Alphonse." "Y-You're bleeding!" I push his hands away and walk past him. I leave the building and keep walking. I get a few strange looks because of the blood trickling down my face.

-Hours Later, 10:14 PM-

I watched from afar as the two Brothers walked into the Hughes residence. I turned and walked to the train station. I wasn't boarding a train, just going to sleep there. That pyro... Fool.