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posted by Dearheart
This is part 1 of my response to NaokoElric's rant about sexism in FMA, link While I admit my initial reaction to her rant was a bit knee-jerk ("WHAAAAAT OMG NO FMA IS NOT SEXIST WHAT PLANET IS SHE FROM HOLY ARAKAWA"), it proved to be a fun and interesting challenge once I gave it a chance. It forced me not to take FMA for granted and really look at the content, and helped me gain a greater appreciation for it and a better understanding of why I believe what I believe in.

I thought it'd be interesting to share the rant rebuttals over here and see what あなた guys think about the issue. I'll post...
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posted by Dearheart
Okay...I've watched every episode of Brotherhood so far, and I think I've finally got a solid opinion formed on it. くま, クマ with me; this is kinda long, but I really need to vent this out. Also, before 読書 this rant, keep in mind that I was introduced to FMA through the first アニメ series, and I read the マンガ afterwards. So unlike a lot of fans, I haven't gone through the frustration of 読書 the original epic stories and then watching something that goes in a completely different direction.


Manga enthusiasts, don't kill me...but I've tried to give Brotherhood a chance. I've tried SO...
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posted by ElricLuv
My Alchemic Romance 3
Chapter 3 : Shot Through The Heart, Who's To Blame?

  Edward was busy 読書 up on his alchemy when the phone rang. "Fullmetal, I need you. NOW." Edward simply hung up without a word, pulling on his trademark red coat. "C'mon Al, Colonel God-Complex needs us." Alphonse stood up from the キッチン 表, テーブル with a loud clamor. He had grown accustomed to the noises, he had been bound to the suit for quite sometime now. "What's he need us for?" the golden eyed boy shrugged, "Probably some criminal we have to track down and kill, like the usual." Edward said, with a of tinge sarcasm....
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Hello everybody and welcome to my 秒 review. Today's アニメ will be ( drum roll please...): the original Full Metal Alchemist! Note i will be doing Brotherhood review and will be posting it on the Brotherhood spot and here to probably. Since we are ファン here and know the plot i will not explain it and get right into my opinions. Let's begin....

Plot: Few anime's have captivated me the way this one did. It's plot about two brothers trying to restore what they ロスト was beautiful. This アニメ as i'm sure most know doesn't follow the original マンガ but does that mean it was a failure? no. This...
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posted by FmaChimeraGirl
I know my 前 fanfictions are terrible, so I'm going to try and make this good. Sorry if I don't portray them right.

《Ed's P.O.V.》

Alphonse and I got off of the train. We entered a small town called Odankaji. I groaned, "I'm huuuungryyyyyy!!!" Al chuckled. "Let's go find a place to eat, then." We began walking and soon got to a small outdoor resteraunt. Not long after we had sat down, a girl came over and said, "Tatsumaki!" An old man approached her. He smiled. "Hello, Kutsuu. Would あなた like something to drink?" "Water... I'm going to borrow some もっと見る books." "As many as あなた need." She...
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 Edward,Alphonce and Winry. Best friends.
Edward,Alphonce and Winry. Best friends.
How can I repay you, brother of mine?
How can I expect あなた to forgive?
Clinging to the past, I shed our blood
And shattered your chance to live. Though I knew the laws, I paid no heed
How can I return your wasted breath?
What I did not know has cost あなた dear,
For there is no cure for death. Beautiful Mother, soft and sweet
Once あなた were gone we were not complete
Back through the years we reached for you
Alas twas not meant to be And how can I make amends
For all that I took from you?
I led あなた with hopeless dreams
My brother, I was a fool... (Alphonse)
Don't cry for the past now, brother...
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OK, so here goes. IMO, FMA Brotherhood > FMA1 in almost every way. Now あなた may not agree with me, but thats what this 記事 is for. I am going to try my best to convince あなた that FMA Brotherhood is the better series. FMA Brotherhood is better for a whole whack of reasons, which i am going to neatly organize for your viewing pleasure.

FMA brotherhood has a better story. Of course, why shouldn't it, since it is faithful to the manga. FMA1 was good.... up until around episode 30, where it ran out of steam and went off track, as requested によって hiromu (well, the latter part anyways). So the anime...
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posted by pumpkinqueen
Envily "Safe, In My Arms"

Emily and Envy walk down the path in the woods heading for the city. Emily pulls out her watch and Envy looks over her shoulder at it. "It's getting late, hopefully we can get ホーム before dark." Envy looks up at the sky, dark clouds are moving over head. "If anything, lets hope it doesn't rain." Emily stiffen up. "R-Rain...you mean like a storm?" Envy nods "Yeah, we're probably even get some lightning." Emily's voice shacks "I...maybe..maybe we should take shelter." Envy laughes. "We don't need shelter, it's 4not an earthquake または anything." Emily looks up at the black...
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posted by RobinFan360
Stone of philosophers, ruby red stone,

which caused so much sacrifice and misery unknown.

Deceptively though, the stone did appeal

and made foolish men think its happiness real.

O wise philosopher あなた must grieve no more

if あなた wish to revive the mirth of before.

あなた must face your past, for あなた cannot atone

for the damage あなた wrought with the wretched red stone.

Where is the land? That land from the past,

which many before あなた sought and amassed?

Take heed of their folly, and don't be deceived

によって the trap which left many despaired and bereaved.

Though for happiness, power and ease they did strive,

instead they found death and now none are alive.

Consider these perished; this warning adhere.

Will あなた continue to seek out this stone you held dear?

あなた who beheld it’s baneful hue red

when the blood of your own arm and own leg was shed?

Stone of philosophers, ruby red stone.

When will あなた cease and leave mankind alone?
Chapter 6: Charlotte's past

Mason hefted his bag of provisions over his shoulder, and walked slowly out the door. He walked slowly, but making good time. Why? She didn't have to help me. I only helped her, because i don't see whats so bad about her. Shes a nice person. In fact, i think i heard my uncle Mason mention like her mom または something... but why did she save me? The mob group is all but completely insane, but i know all they wanted was info about my dad. あなた can get that from just about anybody around here. But... Mason stopped in front of the hideout, and looked around carefully, before...
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posted by ElricLuv
My Alchemic Romance 2
Chapter 2 : The Awakening

"Charlotte?" 発言しました girl stirred in her slumber, the  once bleeding wound now closed up. "Ma'm?" slowly, シャルロット, シャーロット came to her senses and sat up, with the assistance of the blonde woman adjacent to her.  Charlotte looked up at her with half questioning eyes, the other half was partially asleep. "Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye, I was put in charge of あなた for your time in the infirmary."  Riza put out her hand, which Charlottee eventually took. "Charlotte Wintercrest. Thank you."  Riza was a motherly figure, she was put on this earth to be a mom it seems...
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posted by FullmetalEnvy
Hi, my name is Envy not that I want あなた to know, anyways this is pretty much about me and Fullmetal Pipsqueak having drunk blood sex.(related sex) Don't tell me that's gay cause we were drunk. So SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the Bar:
"Okay who the hell ストール, 盗んだ my train ticket?!" "No one who dumbass palm tree! No one would ever steal from such a sexy guy like あなた Envy." 発言しました Ed. "You called me sexy again Ed. Wait... wait... wait あなた should tolatally have マスタング, マストン have sex with you." "Dude I should toltally do that." "Okay, okay あなた might want to practice on someone before that way y... you...
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posted by Dearheart
Continued from link


NaokoElric writes...

"Now, I want to highlight that it is not only woman Arakawa-sensei was being sexist too. Are あなた familiar with the Omake of an AU FMA, in which computers excited? Hohenheim introduces Edward to pornography and Edward's searches is full of dirty words? Again, another point highlighted によって AveriaAlexandros. Edward is quite asexual in the manga, but he is male so he must like woman and look up nude pictures of woman online, does he not?"

Um...I read most of the マンガ online and only own a few volumes so far, so I haven't seen a lot of the omakes. I think...
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So i watched the Live action Fullmetal Alchemist Movie on Netflix with a friend. IT is a good movie. I liked how it stayed true to the FMA/Brotherhood story. And Edward Elric the actor is too tall looking. But other than that,the live action FMA Movie is spot on. Glad they did not fully mess up with this movie. Hope they make another one.

I feel that Netflix and Warner brothers did a good job on this movie. People out there in the world need to stop comparing アニメ live actions to the episodes. It's like how Marvel and DC 映画 change and is not similar to the comics and カートゥーン sometimes....
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posted by Dearheart
Continued from link マンガ spoilers ahead! Beware!


NaokoElric writes...

"This brings me onto Ling Yao and Ran Fan. As I 発言しました earlier, Ran ファン is mere servant (still cool though, I 愛 her as much as Izumi, Olivier, Hughes and Alex) and not the royalty figure, which Ling is. I know a man (Fu) was a servant too, but that makes no difference!"

Um...why not? Why is it so horrible for Ran ファン to be a servant, but not Fu? Just because one's a girl and one's a guy? That seems like reverse-sexism to me, which isn't any better than normal sexism. Anytime someone says あなた CAN'T do something または choose...
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posted by ElricLuv
My Alchemic Romance 5
Chapter 5 : Coffee ショップ Chaos

Charlotte awoke to the scent of citrus mint, a red ジャケット draped over the 上, ページのトップへ of her. Alphonse, who was sitting on the wooden floor, nudged his brother. He currently had his messy blonde head buried in a book. "She's awake." Edward folded down the page and closed his book. His blonde hair was down, touching his mid-back. "Morning. Sleep well?"  She shifted around, patting down her frazzled hair. She picked up Edward's ジャケット and offered it up to him. "This is yours I think."  "Keep it,  It's no problem. Really." シャルロット, シャーロット  threw off the...
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《Ed's P.O.V.》

Al and I ran out, torwards the train station. The train had already left. I curse under my breath. "Damn it..."

"Brother, we can take another train. Calm down."

"Right. Let's go."

《Audrey's P.O.V 》

I shiver again and flip the book page. "I know all of this. I could recite this in my sleep. Why did he want me to reread it?" I question, going to the 次 paragraph, slightly bored.

Rivean alchemy is very complex, and very few non-locals can perform it. The transmutation circles are composed of two または もっと見る other circles and Rivean markings. The laws of Rivean Alchemy differ from...
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Chapter 3: God's ロスト Child, becomes a normal ロスト child

Charlotte woke up in a dusty room, with dim lighting. She got her bearings slowly, and pulled the covers off her body. She walked along a narrow hallway, until she came completely into the main body of the hidden network. There were two long 表, テーブル s near the entrance, which were plastered with older documents and books. She spotted a small bent figure in a chair stunted against the window sill. She ambled over to it, and recognized the boy from last night. She shook his shoulder gently, and he grumbled a barely audible curse. She smacked...
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posted by ElricLuv
Chapter 28 : " Sharing"

   Ling followed シャルロット, シャーロット all the way to her room, basically stepping on her heels.  "Oh Charlotte! I'm so happy to have あなた hone!" Edward wasnt as happy, walking behind her with a distasteful face.
"Yea. We heard ya." Mason followed in tow with the rest of the teens. He wasn't as excited to be back as everybody else was, mainly because he had witnessed his worst nightmare  the 日 before. Truth be told, he was slightly jealous, he had only known her for two months, though he felt like they had bonded that night on the roof. In other words, he didn't want to be with...
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posted by Alchemistlover
こんにちは i know i made 質問 kind of like this a while back but decided that an 記事 would be even better !

1. The name Edward is forever sacred to you
2. Being short doesn't bother あなた that much anymore.

3. When あなた here the seven deadly sins あなた think of the homunculi family and start laughing a bit.

4. In science when the teacher says "alchemy" あなた perk up and smile.
5. The word "Mustang" is now forever related to Roy.

6. The 3rd of October is special to you.

7. あなた own both series, and the movie's, a decent amount of the manga, and keep it all in a FMA bag.

8. あなた 愛 watching FMA amv's anf 読書 ファン fiction that's well written.

9. When somebody tells あなた Cullen's the real Edward あなた literally freak out and start screaming at them.

10. あなた take the time to make a 一覧 like this!
i hope あなた enjoyed this! tell me how あなた obsess