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lambertglam posted on Oct 09, 2010 at 01:56PM
ok i jst the read the most touching msg ever(well to me atleast)ok so here it goes:
a boy found out that he was about to die in 10 mins....he was very sad. He texted his LOVER and his BFF "come at my house i am going somewhere." The girl replied:"honey where r u going? I am busy i can't come now" he was very sad. Then at the same time he got a msg from his bff "hey bud where u goin! wait we can go together" the boy smiled, closed his eyes, his heart stopped and he died.....

now plzzzz tell me wat u thought bout it in comments!
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1年以上前 Saku15 said…
If my bff texts me something like this, I will go to his houuse and stay next to him to the very end. No matter what, he means alot to me. He's my bff and he will stay my bff. I will never-ever leave him alone and if he needs me, I'll go to him and try to help him.
Whatever'll happen, I won't leave him alone!
1年以上前 Ninjagirl88 said…
I like that. It's so true for real friends! They will say what you want to hear even if they don't know you really need to hear something in particular.