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posted by hakadoshi12345
There's a recipe for friendship that's old but still true it's one that never fails,I'd like to share it with you

First あなた need someone who accepts あなた just as あなた are Someone who doesn't need あなた to be some kind of major star

Someone who'll cry with cry with あなた and and share your deepest pain Someone who'll lift あなた till あなた can stand again

Someone who finds your jokes funny and laughs to 表示する it someone who really likes あなた someone who lets あなた know it

Someone you're glad あなた have all the years through...this recipe for friendship can be found in you.
posted by Lelouch_heart
こんにちは sweety!! sorry i haven't answered あなた for a while! :) hehe
anyway... here's what i promised!

note: just to clear it out i didn't got this from Google and every bit of it is original and i personally made it! and i totally hope あなた like it!

I wish あなた all the best for your birthday dear you've been really kind, sweet, and helpful to me, so just remember that i'm always here for you!! Thanks for everything! <3
LOVE あなた FOREVER and ALWAYS! <3 ^^
posted by d0gger
All world has birthday , but in ファンポップ some people has got lovely BIRTHDAYS!!!!
3xZ is in my best フレンズ in ファンポップ and she has her birthday.
Our wish is good for her..
I wish あなた the best birthady in your lifeand Merry Christmas!!!!
The best present are GOOD FRIENDS
the best present for her is true friendship!!!
Merry クリスマス and HAPPY BIRTHDAY 3xZ!!!

posted by DiM134
I have lots of フレンズ ,but only some of them are true.In fanpop,link has so cute アイコン and loves is cool and I have a medal on her club.Her name islinkand she loves 子犬 and all dogs!!!link and linkare best friends!!!!She is link
And this is link!!!
posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
A friend is one who stands to share
Your every touch of grief and care
He comes によって chance, but stays によって choice
Your praises he is quick to voice

No grievous fault または passing whim
Can make an enemy of him
And though your need be great または small
His strength is yours throughout it all

No matter where your path may turn
Your welfare is his chief concern
No matter what your dream may be
He prays your triumph soon to see

There is no wish your tongue can tell
But what it is your friend’s as well
The life of him who has a friend
Is double-guarded to the end.
Anime is full of emotionally impactful relationships. There are romantic relationships, family relationships, and friendships. This 一覧 is about the friendships in アニメ that I like the most. These friendships range from heartwarming to entertaining.

5. Tomoko and Yuu (Watamote)

Tomoko is the protagonist of the アニメ 表示する Watamote and Yuu is her best friend. Although Tomoko is a socially uncomfortable young girl Yuu is there to help her. Despite how different they are they are a nice duo. Their friendship is odd, but they are adorable together.

4. Hotaru and Komari (Non Non Biyori)

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posted by aNNalovechuck
Friends like you making me staying strong :)
Friends like you making me smile :)
Friends like you giving me a reason to live.

These is an article about THOSE people and if i didnt include you doesnt mean we arent really good friends .

ѕαяαн.♥; that girl is surely a diamond. She is always there for me . A day without her is like a year without rain.Glad to have her as my Queen in everyway. She's the Serena to my Blair , the Diana to my Naya , the Ariana to my Victoria , the Sophie to my Cara and many more .. she completes me more worlds can say.

кαтяιηα♥; this girl...
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posted by Gokussj173
true Friends... true Friendship... are just words in the dictionary. But there are もっと見る than just one meaning behind these words in our life. True フレンズ never leave our side even if it stinks :P even if a big flaming fight happens between them. They just stick with us, in tears, in happiness, in sweats, no matter what happens. Even if they have a thousand reasons to leave us, they'll find one even a half reason to stay. They help us in every way. They'll even act like レズビアン (or gays) if it's required, for us, like stopping bad guys to hit on us LOL! They'll forsake their ego and reputation...
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posted by Sweets15
Making new フレンズ is a very fun thing.And it's a very good thing in life.The もっと見る フレンズ あなた make,the もっと見る people will respect you.And besides friendship is one of the best things that's ever happened in life.And if あなた 表示する respect to others then they may become your friend.
I care for others and I care for the people who don't have friends.That's why there's something called friendship.Friendship's all about making new friends,caring for people,being respectful and helping them when they need you. :)
posted by mona_me
to the best friend i ever had ,dear ,brother ; i have many to say , i am lucky , coz i met あなた , people don't choose there names または there family , but my ハート, 心 choose あなた ,
あなた are a nice person and i know あなた are nice with everyone , sometimes i feel that i don't deserve あなた .. あなた gave me something i didn't have before .. the happiness . あなた are my sun ,you are my moon , あなた are my 星, つ星 , あなた are anything lights my life .. i know i didn't give あなた a lot , but know that i'm ready to give あなた anything i have , even my life ..
brother , i own to あなた a lot so please , ask me anything あなた want ..
thank あなた , i know it isn't enough .. my ハート, 心 want to say a lot .. but , thank あなた .
i don't care of everyone read this , または no one read ,this but i want あなた to know how much i 愛 you.

take care of your hair!
Mona(ur sis)
posted by IloveMyLord

Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only によって this meeting that a new world is born.
AnaÔs Nin
What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.
A true friend is the most precious of all possessions and the one we take the least thought about acquiring
La Rochefoucauld
Good friends, good 本 and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.
Mark Twain
To find a friend one must close one eye; To keep him, two.
Norman Douglas
The ornament of a house is the フレンズ who frequent it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson
We are all travelers in the...
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NOTE: The following story was written for a friend. I just wanted to keep this in mind. Enjoy

It was a very foggy morning. It looked like a swamp または something from a scary story. Driving または walking through it was a frightening experience. The roads were dangerous as あなた couldn’t see at all. Accidents would often occur from time to time. None have been reported as of now, but everyone knows that these things happen even when we aren’t aware of them.

I was still sleeping in my ベッド when my alarm clock went off. I turned it off and slowly rose from the covers. My hair was messed up and I looked...
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Hey Babes <33
I know many people saying that im
obsessed with リンク and im hurting
people in that way so i wanted that
to stop :).I will use an 記事 now :)
May I put them back together but
not so far :D
your argument is invaild ;)x
Yeah may now people
unlik me but i dont care.
I will at last see who my real
bffs are :D thankies.

link Yeah thats my babe.
nothing can tear us really apart , she
is my everything and i 愛 her more
than everything <3 She is my other half
and im hers ♥

link One of my very first angels
in here. We did through everything together. Now we are the same again. We...
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posted by CMJCMJLG
There's this feeling
In the pit of my heart.
We were the best of friends
Even from the start.

We were so fun,
Playful, sisters that were crazy.
Then a storm blew in
And made things hazy.

A tornado ripped us
Miles away,
With trust and 愛 was just
Crying for at the end of the day.

My ハート, 心 is full of pain,
I cry and cry for my friend.
To be happy and joyful
All over again.

あなた let me go,
Without a goodbye,
People ask; What's wrong?
I smile and lie.

It's not your fault, it's not mine.
But it had to end.
Just to let あなた know,
You'll always be my friend.
This is just a little gift. Hope あなた enjoy!

ANNA: To me your like a diamond. Simple yet brilliant, thank あなた for being my friend.

JOAN: Your beautiful in every single way possible. Don’t ever change,I 愛 あなた sweety.

RAVISSA: You’ve made my life so much better, thank あなた for your friendship ♥

NICK: Best friend till the very end, cos best フレンズ don’t have to pretend. That means あなた bro, I 愛 あなた ♥

SELINA: あなた are really awesome, but I’m sure あなた hear that a lot. I think of あなた as my friend, hope あなた think the same.

STEPHAN: And they say there’s no such thing as real-life Edwards…...
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My awesome crazy girl. True friend, hilarious, beautiful in every way. She totally gets me in everything.I have no words to describe how comletely and uniquely great she is. I 愛 あなた sumpatriwtissa

My sweetest little weirdo. A wonderful writer and person. So funny but weird. あなた won't find easily such a great girl in the whole universe. She is one of the kind. She's extra-terastrial XD. And marvelous. I 愛 you, and even if I get mad at あなた sometimes, you're lovely and know that

This little stupid who hears to the name Katja has touched my heart. She's so sweet and kind and smart...
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posted by CMJCMJLG
You're my bestie,
my best-est one,
You're my bestie,
someone who makes school fun.
You're my bestie
no matter how far apart,
You're my bestie,
and always in my heart.
You're my bestie,
the best I've ever had,
You're my bestie,
the only one who cheers me up when I'm sad.
You're my bestie,
and only one who knows what to do,
You're my bestie,
and I 愛 you,...........


You're my bestie,
the only one who made me see
that you're my bestie,
the best that can be!
posted by ZaJR
They are the people that あなた can trust with your life.
They stay with あなた through good times and bad.
They make あなた laugh and they make あなた happy.
They're one of the few または many people あなた 愛 to be around.
Whenever you're upset,they'll try to make あなた feel better.
あなた should do the same for them.
Make them happy.Make them laugh.Let them trust you.Help them when they're upset.If any of that happens,you'll have the bestest フレンズ あなた could ever ask for.
posted by ryogirl2010
my friend, grace, was being bullied on facebook. i stepped in to helkp her out. even when the times got rough, id be によって her.then i asked everyone to stop fighting and alex and grace told me to stay ouit of there fight.then,gracie thretened me. i 投稿されました about it on my wall, then she 発言しました she swore on her body, i will pay. i am afraid of what she will do.i talked to her and aid it was all a joke, but she never jokes around like that.i realy need some help with this problem.ivee beenafraid for a while and im not the kind of person that can just forget that it happened. plz help me with my... well i cant realy say friend, can I.
Here's 10 ways on how to be a good friend:

#1. Be careful while choosing your friends.
#2. Get to know someone better によって being friends.
#3. Always be honest to your friend.
#4. Gain trust before sharing secrets.
#5. Always be there for your friends.
#6. Talk about things あなた both enjoy.
#7. Always listen to your friends.
#8. Spend time with your friends.
#9. Give your フレンズ good advice.
#10. Always try to avoid yelling at your friends.

Here's 10 ways on how to be a bad friend:

#1. Trick people into being your friends.
#2. Lie to your friend.
#3. Tell everyone your フレンズ secrets.
#4. Never let your friend talk.
#5. Talk about things that annoy your friend.
#6. Be selfish to your friend.
#7. Spend less time with your friends.
#8. Make untrue rumors about your friends.
#9. Prank your friends.
#10. Talk about things that depress your friend.

Wow! Ten reasons each about good, and bad friendship...hope あなた enjoyed! Rate and comment!