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posted by orkneymatrix
A calm and frosty night at ForestClan camp and six bouncy kits were the only life this early in the morning. In the middle, Rainkit saw a figure looming about at the entrance to the camp. So the curious youngster followed the shadow.
It happened to be her father, Bloodclaw. So she jumped on his back, wanting to play. She brought him to the ground but realized it wasn't Bloodclaw.
He was her father. She could tell. Did that mean Bloodclaw wasn't her father?
Before she saw who it was, they were gone.
But Rainkit had a feeling they'd be back. Soon.
She wouldn't have a mystery father forever.
But he...
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posted by orkneymatrix
It was a cold and frosty 日 and four newborn kittypets lay in the grass, abandoned によって their mother. Two of which were cold as ice, アナと雪の女王 to death before they even caught a glimpse of the world. The other two, named Jack and Blue were on the same pathway as their siblings. Only one thing stood in their way. The forest. It gripped onto their lives, desperate not to let them go. または so some people say.
Two moons later Sludgestar, leader of ForestClan found the youngsters in the exact same place as before. Only the forest had kept them from dying like the others. Sludgestar realized what the forest...
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posted by orkneymatrix
Sunkit stepped into the clearing. She had gotten up later than usual and the camp was busy. She bounced happily over to her mother Yellowjaw.
"Hi mum!" she 発言しました excitedly.
"Hi Sunkit. Why don't あなた go to play with your sister?" replied a grim looking Yellowjaw.
"What's wrong, ma'?" she said.
"Nothing, just go and play with your sister! If you're always with me what will あなた be like when you're an apprentice?"
"I'm still young though." replied Sunkit.
"Well yes but あなた need to practice so it won't be so weird being away from me later in life." replied Yellowjaw. She was really getting frustrated!
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posted by orkneymatrix
It was a cold yet wet 日 at ForestClan camp, and Patchrock, the deputy emerged from the warriors デン first. Smudgestar was away and she trusted him to look over the clan until she returned.
A shadowy figure appeared in the entrance of the camp. Patchrock's reign was over. Smudgestar had returned. But not alone. She had two アナと雪の女王 kittypets with her. What was she thinking? Patchrock watched as later that day, she named them Redkit and Bluekit.
Moons later, Patchrock delivered the news to the Clan that Smudgestar was dead. He took over the Clan although many thought it should have been Bluepaw, even though she was still an apprentice.
The newly named Patchstar then killed Redkit and Bluepaw took away one of his lives. He then named BlueFUR the deputy of ForestClan.
Once he discovered she communicated with StarClan and he didn't, he realized he made his biggest threat deputy.
He wants her to be his mate. But also for her to die. But he can't have anything to do with it.
posted by orkneymatrix
If you want to join, tell me (orkneymatrix) and I'll add you. You can be one of the below or tell me your details.

Leader: Patchstar ~ a ginger tom with dark brown eyes. Dream: To get Bluefur to be his mate. [two lives left]

Deputy: Bluefur a black and white she-cat with sea blue eyes. Dream: For everyone to forget she was once a kittypet.

Medicine Cat: Jayclaw a dark brown tom with green eyes. Dream: To be the best med. cat ever.
Medicine Cat Apprentice: Redpaw ~ a ginger tabby tom with white paws and unusual violet eyes. Dream: To become a warrior.

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