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Chapter 2: Where are we?

Spike awoke first to find him and his フレンズ in a forest, the others were still sleeping. Spike nudged Twilight. “wake up Twi, I think あなた did the wrong spell.”

Twilight shrugged him away and opened her eyes, she was shocked at her surroundings. “wake up the others......” Twilight told him.

Spike woke up the other five, they looked just as shocked as Twilight had.

“congratulations Twilight, your spell teleported us into the middle of the everfree forest!” 虹 dash said.

“this ain't no Everfree Rainbow, it's brighter than it and smells もっと見る lively.” Applejack...
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Chapter 1:the spell

“so, why did ya'll bring us here?” アップルジャック, applejack asked, the six ponies were sitting in a サークル, 円 in Twilight's library.

“I'm going to try out a new spell, I need あなた five to help.” Twilight explained before she started the spell. Purple light filled the room.

“uh, Twilight, is this supposed to happen?” Spike asked.

“i think so, don't remember everything about what I read.” Twilight replied.

“I'm feelin mighty tired sugarcube.” アップルジャック, applejack yawned.

“me too.” 虹 dash 発言しました sleepily.

After a few もっと見る 秒 all the ponies, and Spike were out cold on the ground, the としょうかん, ライブラリ was gone, nopony was awake enough to notice as they all continued to slumber.
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looks:White cat with Blue eyes and Black spots

personality:pretty nice, kinda hardcore, if あなた insult her フレンズ または family she'll grind あなた into literal pulp. she has lots of problems. two スプリット, 分割 personalities, PTSD(post traumatic stress disorder), schizophrenia, paranoia(sometimes). she will protect her フレンズ and family with her last breath and more.

past:She used to be a normal cat, then she was kidnapped によって some research facility. they experimented on her until a 秒 personality formed. it was pure evil, it had black 毛皮 and red eyes, when it took over...
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