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She wrote
Dear Flapjack
Did あなた find my message in a bottle ..
Sweet Flapjack
The bottle is full of pictures
I 愛 your face so much so..
That I would draw a thousand more
( her message read)
Ohhh, I ハート, 心 you
I 愛 your laugh
and cute little saliors cap
I sure hope that you'll feel, my 愛 to you..
Cuz I do alot of drawin'
when I have a nasty hand cramp
Dear Flapjack
your misadventures touch my heart
your sweet Candied Island treats..
I know あなた 愛 that 鯨, クジラ ..
But maybe its time..
that あなた loved me......

go here for video link
posted by codythemaster
bubbie:hey babby today my ol' pals the dock brothers are coming to sea

flapjack:hey bubbie what's a dock brother

bubbie:well it's my pals

captain knuckles:she's sayin she doesint wantcha anymore

bubbie:shut up captain knuckles! if your going to be mean to my babby あなた might as well suck a レモン because I care about my babby as much as I care about you!

flapjack:oh thank あなた bubbie

bubbie:oh your welcome babby

captain knuckles:fine then guy's Ill fine my own ホーム I dont need a 鯨, クジラ intestint to bum around in


captain knuckles:hey bubbi am sorry can I bum in your intestent again