Torn apart and
Put back together
Swinging around
Light as a feather

あなた hear my static
And あなた run
Children have killed me
Just for fun

I shouldn't be here
I should be hidden
Kept out of reach
Touching forbidden

Instead I am here
And hanging around
あなた only see me
Once on the ground

I'll get revenge
One of these days
I can see it now
In my golden gaze

A 秒 head
No one knows it
Some say it's Golden
または a 鸚鵡, オウム would fit

Time to tell stories
To all the kiddies
While they take me apart
I sing little diddies

I am so happy
I could just take a bite
This guy here never stopped them
Time for a fight

I can't hurt the children
It's against my program
But nothing's to stop me
From biting him off-cam

My servos and circuits
My facial recognition
Now blood running from my teeth
And I have full cognition

I just want to be put away
I didn't want them shutdown
Now I'm free
But they wear a frown

Maybe one day
They will forgive
And perhaps then
We can let live

But I had to do it
It was my only desire
If I 発言しました I was happy
I'd be a liar...

Was my daily life
It was all I could do...
To end the strife...

The police came running
I know I didn't kill him
Just took a bite
To make him dim

Some still think it was Foxy
But he had no reason
He may have a glitch
But won't commit treason

I was torn apart
Soon after being assembled
日 in and 日 out
Until it wasn't rescheduled

They gave up on me
And left me to the children
Told him to stay near me
Once to often

Now I'll hang up here
From the wires and fixtures
あなた see a mass of parts
And wonder if it stirs

The others don't like me
For what I've done
They don't understand
And so they shun

I'll find my way
All the way to you
And hang in your office
Until I decide to bite あなた too