What can I say? These games are polarizing. On one hand we have the die-hard ファン who praise the games and fill the internet with their ファンアート and fan-games. On the other hand we have the haters who claim the games are terrible and cash-ins and simply aren’t scary.

I do not consider myself to have nerves of steel. I wouldn’t say I’m cowardly または that I scare easily, but I’m not stupid enough to try and claim that I can’t be scared. When I saw a new game on Markiplier’s channel called “Five Nights at Freddy’s” where he called the game “SCARIEST GAME IN AGES” I was skeptical. I’ve seen Mark say that about other games so I wasn’t about to give the game a pass because of that.

So, I watched the 動画 about the first FNAF game. I found the creation to be simplistic in its structure, but very polished. The graphics were incredible considering one person handled them, and looked very realistic. The gameplay itself was well-crafted, and had enough mechanics to keep あなた on your toes. The difficulty progression I found to be somewhat lacking near the end, but I found the introduction of new animatronics with each new night to help make up for that. The phone-guy being the single voice we hear was also interesting with his tid-bits and personal story that we learned as things went on. The post-game reward was nice as well, giving もっと見る chance for gameplay, if もっと見る focused on bragging rights.

The game 全体, 全体的です was DRIPPING with care, mostly from the little treats あなた could find on occasion, such as Golden Freddy または the squeaking nose あなた click on. The lore itself was very-well crafted. The game itself only gives あなた limited information outright, simply saying that the machines are crazy and want あなた dead, but the things あなた have to look for, such as the posters with the marionette, helped piece together parts that opened up もっと見る and もっと見る possibilities, and piqued curiosities of many players.

I would like to think I go through things critically. I liked the game. It was a well-crafted game. When FNAF2 came out, I was just as happy. We had new characters, game-styles that were either changed, removed, added on to, または 与えられた partners, with the vents, Freddy-mask, and wind-up box, the difficulty was built up more, the treats were もっと見る plentiful, we had an overhaul of replay-value in the challenge-modes, which rewarded あなた with little ドール to have on your desk, and the story/lore was amped up even more. Instead of just seeing special surprises, we got the pixel-levels, which gave strong hints concerning who everyone is, and how everything happened. Once again, a well-crafted game.

So am I a Freddy Fan? Very much so. Do I constantly draw Freddy Art または say this game has no flaws? No. I can see where both sides are coming with this so I’ll go over the negative side of things first.

Now while I don’t believe the statement that Pewdiepie started all the hate, it makes sense the conclusion many have come to, and with my own research I have to agree he played a key part in the hate.

Apparently Markiplier and others popularized the game, but when Pewdiepie played it, he was not as patient; ignoring the アドバイス of the phone-guy, and calling the game bad when he died, even though he didn’t listen to directions. Normally I would say people are being ridiculous, but I’ve seen this happen before.

Egoraptor considers Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to be a bad game. He has a hard time with the 3D-movement and lock-on system, and claims it’s poorly made because of it. He’s been saying for a while now that no Sonic game is good, especially 3D, as if it were fact. He also refuses to listen to instructions in video games, saying that it should be natural and not thrown in your face, but gets ticked off when he has no idea what to do. Many people have come out to basically say two things to this.

FIRST “Actually you’re just bad at the game. Here’s footage of people ACING that game あなた call so broken”
And 秒 “You can’t complain if あなた aren’t going to listen to the instructions”.

I feel that’s the same problem here with Pewdiepie. Unfortunately this also relates to fan-responses; ergo, Egoraptor says something so it must be true, so the same happens with Pewdiepie.

So now we have people who call the game stupid and not scary. I’m going to say this now; Five Nights at Freddy’s and Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 are NOT incredibly scary. I would NOT call them the scariest games ever. They ARE scary games, and do the scaring VERY WELL, but they are not GOD-LEVEL SCARY. So far the game that has scared me the most is another Indie-game called “Knock Knock”. あなた can look at that game, come back, and compare the two for yourself.

The fact is however that it’s just a matter of how easily scared あなた are, and what by. NO having animatrophobia または whatever the term is doesn’t count here. I am neither afraid of clowns, nor robots, nor mannequins, nor animatronics, and I still get scared によって these games. Do people have to be afraid? Of course not. I have no problem with people not being afraid of the games. They don’t have to find it scary, but that doesn’t give a good reason to attack them.

I think a very good example of someone- TWO people who aren’t afraid of these would be PROJARED and GAME THEORY (MattPatt). Both find the Freddy games to be very well crafted, and yet are not afraid of them at all. ProJared even stated that he could understand people being afraid of the games.

Another argument that’s brought up is the jump-scares. Now with this, yes it can get old and annoying, but people forget that jumpscares aren’t the only terrifying thing about the game. The characters can appear and stay still for 分 on end and still be scary, be it with sounds または otherwise. Many of the sounds, like Freddy’s chuckling in FNAF1 and Balloon Boy’s greetings in FNAF2, are some of the scariest because it feels like they’re coming for you. While we’re on the subject of that guy, when Balloon Boy gets into your room, he doesn’t kill you. He stands there and laughs. That means もっと見る are coming, and that is a terrifying feeling.

Now there ARE other examples of scares that go on (posters changing appearance, things randomly appearing in your room, etc.) but I think I’ve gone over that enough. I’d like to talk about some ACTUAL reasons for being resentful against the games.

Now with any fanbase, this sort of things is going to FLOOD the internet, and it did. あなた will see COUNTLESS animations, pictures, fan-fictions… *sigh* … porn, and music, about these games. It’s very easy to get upset over it when it’s everywhere. If あなた don’t like something, it being all over the place can get on your nerves very easily.

I can relate to this VERY much so because I don’t go a 日 without something アニメ または MY LITTLE ポニー related POPPING up in front of me. It is incredibly annoying. That’s a legitimate argument. Now is it the games’ fault? No. It’s just a matter of circumstances. In fact, the tons of fan-games probably hurt Scott’s own actual games because they get people desensitized to the formula によって constantly popping up generic clone after generic clone. That is another actual problem.

The gameplay styles for both games are at their core the same; outlasting the clock in one room with a depleting power-supply. SO FAR this is not a problem. The games have been different enough so that this wasn’t an issue, but it would be nice to be able to walk around the environment. I myself suggested a duel-system where あなた spend each night outlasting the robots, then during the morning または whatever あなた explore, または simply 移動する from room to room trying to hide from the machines. It does not look like FNAF3 will be going that route.

If it sticks to the same formula, it isn’t a major issue. From what we’ve seen there WILL be new and interesting gimmicks to outweigh how the games have worked so far. I have to ask though, why such a hissy-fit over the gameplay being the same?

Mario games have the same gameplay styles. Dead 宇宙 has the same gameplay styles. Assassin’s Creed had the same gameplay styles and didn’t start to get old until at the earliest Revelations, the FOURTH in the series. Why is that such an issue with FNAF?

The only reason I can think of is that there is not as much mobility. あなた stay in one area the whole time. But even then, these games are much shorter and take up less of your time. It’s a good balance.

There are other actual issues with the games, but so many are so minor that they don’t warrant such a negative reaction.

Now we have the positive side. I’ve already discussed most of this so I’ll get straight to the pedestal ファン hold these games on… and honestly they don’t. Don’t get me wrong, there’s always someone who thinks a game they like is perfect, but the majority of Freddy-Fans don’t call it perfect. When あなた see them talking about it または defending it, they openly acknowledge that the games aren’t the best. They don’t go out and attack everybody over it. Those that get into arguments do so because of all the bad-mouthing the games have gotten.

The ファン feel oppressed. The fact is that they aren’t looking for trouble. If あなた make a video bad-mouthing a game, あなた can’t complain if someone attacks あなた over the internet for it. I’m not saying あなた shouldn’t defend yourself または call them out when they’re being immature, and if you’re actually being threatened with your video being reported, または physical harm, yeah that’s a problem, but it’s just a reaction. Anyone who sees anything they like attacked is going to want to defend it.

The problem is that people who hate the games go to 動画 that don’t even have to do with FNAF and hate on it, and when there’s one about the game, well then あなた get a war. For me, I don’t like the tons of ファンアート people have made. I certainly don’t like that they have cutesified these machines either. It’s just patronizing to me. But it’s not inherently wrong.


Scott Cawthon… that poor guy. I understand that every fandom will have the disgusting parts of it. It’s Rule 34 “If it exists there will be porn of it” but realize this; Scott is a Christian and seeing his creations used in such a terrible way is just sickening, ファン または otherwise.

I won’t defend Scott when it comes to any gory art and such because that’s something he introduced, be it in a very mild and non-overdone way. But the rest is simply appalling and while I know it’s unavoidable, it doesn’t change that it’s really sad that he has to sit through it.

Guys… These games don’t deserve to be hated. The FANBASE doesn’t deserve to be hated; not for the reasons people say. Excessive 愛 for something is not a crime against あなた and it does not harm あなた any もっと見る than your own fandom. The games did nothing to you. Stop trying to kill them.

Try to keep this in mind; no matter how much flack あなた give these games, it was all made によって ONE PERSON. あなた know why he made these games? Because he wanted to turn a bad situation into a good one.

Scott made a set of games before which got negativity because they looked like scary animatronics, even though that wasn’t his intention. That sent him into depression. Now he’s come back and turned that weakness into a strength, using his skill to turn something terrible into a quality product. And now he’s getting hate for that too. Why?

Because the Bro Army believes their god’s every word,
The every-day gamer is told they’re terrible because it’s popular,
And people don’t understand the term “personal taste”.

THIS ISN’T A MORAL ISSUE. THIS ISN’T THE SAME AS SAYING “PORN’S OKAY”. This is “Does this scare you, または does it not scare you?”

Hearing people say that this is a cash-grab, click-bait, is heartbreaking. When it doubt, say it’s about the money, right? Because how dare someone simply want to make something they 愛 making. These games are CHEAP, people. Modern games cost $20-$100+ and all あなた have to pay is $8.00 for this.

“But I don’t want to buy it” well then あなた don’t have to. Scott isn’t begging for money. He made a game, he promoted it, he sells it. People that like it are willing to pay for it because they feel they got their money’s worth. If あなた feel あなた did not, then that’s too bad. It’s just eight dollars. Your life will go on. And if you’re going to say that it was a lot because you’re poor, あなた shouldn’t have bought the game to begin with. あなた should have spent that money trying to fix your income problem.

Never let it be 発言しました these games are flawless, but never let it be 発言しました they are overhyped. They are enjoyed, and the fandom’s art never says “perfection”. They say “enjoyment”. Learn to respect something that just wanted to shine.

Feel free to leave your コメント respectfully below.

God Bless,
Eat Pie and Prosper