“Foxina,” Toy Freddy, または フレッド called, “You’re going to be going on stage.” Foxina rushed on stage, and called, “Ahoy, mateys! I’m Foxina!” The kids were all extremely energized and hyped on sugar. “I’d like to-OW!” Foxina turned around to see a kid holding her tail. “Excuse me,” Foxina told the kid, “But I’d like that-HEY!” One によって one, the kids started tearing her apart.

“Well, the day’s over,” フレッド called to the others. Foxina was sprawled out on the stage, with her shoulder parrot, Polly, skinned. “OH, MY FEATHERS,” Polly cried, “MY BEAUTIFUL FEATHERS! I FEEL SO NAKED!!!” Foxina was crying tears of oil as she whimpered, “I…I thought playing with the kids would be fun…”

The 次 日 was a special day-the old gang was going to perform for the kids. Most of the toy animatronics were put into storage. However, Foxina, または Mangle as she was now called, still lay there behind the curtains, after having her settings be tampered with. Oh, but of course, NO ONE WOULD SUSPECT POOR LITTLE PHONE GUY, NOW WOULD THEY?! Oh, brother, あなた mean in all of his PURPLE GLORY?!

So he just comes in, and walked up to Jeremy, who was working at a kid’s birthday party, and instructed him to stand near the animatronics. “Why do あなた want me to stand によって the animatronics,” Jeremy asked. “Just do it,” Phone Guy replied. Mangle started glitching out, and growled, “Those kids will pay for what they did to me,”

Mangle lunged at the birthday kid’s head jaws first, but ended up biting Jeremy’s frontal lobe off. Mangle wiped her mouth off, leaving Foxy to be the one to take the blame, since he was standing there, trying to stop Mangle. The employees and the other old animatronics confronted Foxy, as Mangle still peeked behind the curtains after wiping her mouth. “I swear I didn’t do it,” Foxy told the employees, “Pirate’s word.” “Uh-huh,” The manager rolled his eyes, “You’ll be on quarantine for a month.” All of the sudden, Mangle felt guilty. She knew what it was like to be behind curtains. She felt like coming out there, and fessing up to the crime, since she was nothing but a pull apart/put together attraction now, but it was too late. Foxy was in Pirate’s Cove, never to leave. “I’m sorry,” Mangle whispered. She overheard the employees talking, “Okay, we need to find a replacement,” One of them told the others, “Now that the position is…available…” This made Mangle feel even guiltier.

One 月 later, Foxy went out to perform for the kids, as phone guy stood there, smiling. Like he said, Foxy has always been his favorite. Okay, let’s be real, would あなた try to get あなた “favorite” out of order? Foxy went out to perform for the kids, only to find five dead children. The authorities came, and Foxy was out of order again. Only this time, forever. “I’m sorry,” Mangle whispered again. “This wasn’t your fault, lass,” Foxy replied, but Mangle still couldn’t help feeling like she was partially to blame.

Today, Mangle still lays in Parts and Storage, hoping that the guilt will wash away. “I’m sorry…” She whispers one last time…