A timeline.
There have been mixed reactions about the new Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Many adoring ファン of the game complain about the sequel, for many different reasons. Here are five things Scott Cawthon could've tweaked to make the sequel a whole lot better.

#5:Character Design
This is the complaint most commonly heard from fans. Our old フレンズ are barely recognizable. Bonnie looks female, Freddy isn't really scary anymore and Chica....well, let's say she sure makes some Rule 34 fanboys happy. This doesn't apply to all the new animatronics, however. The Puppet, the Mangle and Balloon Boy are all very well-designed characrers that give the game a bit of a scare factor. Seriously, though. Does Chica have to look like a prostitute?

#4:The Office
There's a significant difference between the office in the first game and the office in the second. The two main differences are the size of the room and the lighting. In the first game, the office is small, dark and collecting dust. The 秒 office is large, well-maintained, and even has flashing lights. The original office actually adds to the 'scariness' of the game によって being cramped- giving the player a small dose of claustrophobia- and the lack of lighting gives the game a much もっと見る ominous feel. The office in the sequel seems too...industrial, in my opinion.

#3:Freddy Mask
Now that your doors are gone, あなた must resort to hiding inside a Freddy Fazbear mask when all goes wrong. This was homestly a bad 移動する によって the creators. In the first game, the doors are powered によって a 情報源 that CAN go out if あなた use it too often. Bang. Your 情報源 of protection is gone. The Freddy Mask, however, can be used anytime without any worries of it going away. Sure, your flashlight can be used up, but that really only protects あなた from Foxy.

#2:The Music
This is もっと見る a personal choice than one of the fans'. The 音楽 in the first game is subtle and quiet, while the 秒 is loud and in your face. While the 音楽 in the first game changes depending on how close to あなた the animatronics are, the sequel's* sound is repetetive and even a bit irritating.

#1:Too Many Animatronics
This is によって far one of the most common complaints of the players. Ten animatronics are far too many, and they 移動する way too fast for the player to get scared. This causes the 秒 game to be もっと見る a game of concentration than horror. This is pretty much what has ruined the 秒 game in a nutshell: it's way too hard! In my opinion, the solution to this problem would be to keep all the new animatronics except for the Puppet and Balloon Boy static, except perhaps on the Sixth Night and Custom Night, where the new ones would come to life instead of the old ones.

There あなた have it! The five root problems of Five Nights at Freddy's 2! This game wasn't horrible in my opinion, but I felt that Scott 発言しました yes to too many ideas while making the game and that's what led to it being a slight disappointment to the fans. If あなた want me to do a Five Things Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Did RIGHT, let me know in the comments. If あなた have any different complaints about the game, あなた can leave a コメント and let me know. Goodbye for now!

*Yes, I understand that the game is technically a prequel. I'm calling it a sequel because it was MADE second.