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 あなた should ask yourself about your hobbies/interests FIRST.
You should ask yourself about your hobbies/interests FIRST.
I 愛 movies! Have I ever felt underrepresented? No. Here are some of my Favorites.

"The Phantom of the Opera"
#TheFirstTimeISawMe "The Phantom of the Opera" Erik & I smart, disabled, & 愛 Music. Me and Erik have to be in control. I Look up to Erik, since I was 12. Erik expresses もっと見る frustration & disappear against Ableism in the novel, which was me as a teen.

compromise; He's a guy, It's kina like having a Mentor.

"Closer and Closer"
#TheFirstTimeISawMe Kaitlin Sanders; a physically disabled women interested in serial killers, (Which is TABOO I'm glad to see people with that interest...
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It stared with a simple premise; a woman playing Peter Pan; Girls 愛 that! Something different happened, during "Ugg-A-Wugg" I couldn't understand them, which was both shocking and intriguing. Fortunately as a person with Cerebral Palsy I knew just what to do. I Promised to Help the Cast if they needed it. 12 years later "Peter Pan Live!" Made changes to "Ugg-A-Wugg" and it caused me to feel A LOT of guilt, and self-hated, But NBC had upset the Native Americans who expressed themselves on #NotYourTigerLily and I stated tweeting there to. My tweets got into the 上, ページのトップへ Tweets my confidence grew....
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I didn't know what to make of this book. The pomes are there because someone in the story is repeating them giving the narrative a disjointed feel, and of course there's the "It was all a dream" ending is as soul crushing as it is for any ファンタジー story. But it made me think. Alice doesn't DO much, the main focus is on her intellectual ability, and when she does hold the baby/pig is in her dream. Alice does appear to have a disability, I have Cerebral Palsy, and I spend time 空想 about doing stuff abled-bodied people are able to do. and am very smart. Lewis Corral didn't have the opportunity to think about his story this way, and if あなた didn't you're NOT a horrible person, あなた just made the same assumption I made when I saw the (incomplete) ディズニー version when I was a kid. The paradox is she has physical abilities, but we don't KNOW if Alice REALLY has them because she's dreaming for all but 2 and 1/2 pages. It gives the ending meaning, anyway.
posted by MaleficentJolie
Hello. It's my first time 書く an article. Well, have あなた ever been bullied または harassed によって men online? Have they ever criticized あなた for stating your opinion on the internet, whether it be on social media like Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, または Youtube? And how does that make あなた feel?

It happened to me many times. That aside, let's talk a little bit about it. I feel that it originated from the non-technological world, where assertive men were considered "driven," "motivated," etc. while assertive women were called "b*tchy," "rude," または even worse--- "bratty" または "immature," when in reality,...
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posted by tamore
from tumblr; the OP deleted their blog


-Because I got called a whore for wearing a short plaid スカート when I was 10

-and because when Nujood Ali from Yemen was 10 she got divorced

-Because black girls’ names became my classmates’ お気に入り “joke” when I was 11

-and because when an 11-year-old girl in Texas was raped によって 18 men the New York Times wrote of how the girl “dressed older than her age”

-Because I started counting calories when I was 14

-and because when Malala...
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posted by buttercupthePPG
Look at all of the stereotypes that existed ever since the beginning of time! They're so toxic and so degrading!

Stereotype 1: Every woman needs a man (which is an issue in many high schools, even colleges and such).

Stereotype 2: All women need rescuing and constant protection.

Stereotype 3: A woman who stands up for herself is considered b*tchy, bossy, and unladylike.

Stereotype 4: A woman is supposed to be submissive and f*cking cowardly! (which is so common)

Stereotype 5: All women are less intellegent, もっと見る foolish, and can't learn anything.

Stereotype 6: Women are the weakest of the weak....
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Have あなた ever been offended によって those stereotypes? Well, I get offended pretty easily によって the gender stereotypes. Whenever I get offended I would complain and stop watching または playing the game altogether. Nearly all 映画 and tv shows and even the video games are made によって sexist men who think that women are not as capable as women! Let's look at one example, the movie Gremlins. It may be funny, but can be sexist. I hate that movie. It portrays women as weak, cowardly, helpless, and over FUCKING dependent! And males as too overprotective and muscly and too fucking irresistable! Gosh, I hate when...
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x and y are not dissimilar . In fact they are so similar that y is called x with missing leg. If that is correct then there remain no difference in blue print . if blue print is same how can the structure erected on the basis of this can be different. Only difference must be in arrangement and for a capable mind that is no difference at all . so to say man is just the woman with clitoris enlarged as penis. Vagina stitched to be scrotum and ovaries dropped down from the tummy as testis........(Ref-man is the extension of woman)
posted by Kitbeast
Now i'm what I would like to call an average guy. I also like to think that I'm open minded and willing to hear any argument as long as that argument is backed up with cold hard facts.
Now as a guy i personally don't have any experience of any of the issues normally expressed によって the feminist movement so my thoughts and opinions are always formed from 秒 hand または third hand experience (reading articles, watching YouTube 動画 etc.)
Now i'm sure some of あなた are asking yourself why are あなた asking this? Well the answer is as follows.
Two week 前 i was taking part in a community discussion at...
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Rebecca Mott is a woman who has survived violent, abusive prostitution and rape. Her words deserve to be heard.

Despair Hits My ハート, 心 - Rebecca Mott

I have been coming back into life – I know this is good. But this post is about my confusion, my grief and my despair that I still do not understand what it is to be alive – beyond being a role.

I will write in the back parts of my mind, I will try to drag out the stuff that scares me, that blocks me, that still make wonder if I am still nothing but an object finding how to please others.

I don’t know how to be human, that it not some philosophical...
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posted by ivoryphills
Not too long ago, I’ve been exploring the recesses of the Internet for some discussion based on Feminism-from websites dedicated to only the talk of Feminism to YouTube 動画 and their comments, knowing fully well that many of the things I will view will be made によって anti-Feminists. My expectations were only half-disappointed. I did expect the usual “Feminists are the most sexist, misandrist, selfish manginas and レズビアン of the planet,” but I didn’t expect this: “black women shouldn’t have involved themselves in the white woman’s evil movement.”

    It was...
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Farida broke all barriers
by Ophelia Benson
July 11, 2012

How miserably sad and depressing. Farida Afridi, an activist for tribal women in Pakistan, was murdered today. (You know how. あなた don’t even need to look. Leaving ホーム for work. Guys on motorcycles. Guns. Died on the way to the hospital.)

Along with her sister Noor Zia, Farida was committed to social change and economic emancipation for women from the platform of a welfare organisation called the Society for Appraisal and Women Empowerment in Rural Areas (SAWERA). Both women were among the founding members of the NGO and had a Masters...
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posted by ivoryphills
Chauvinism and Masculinism, two of the biggest anti-feminism "movements" alive and rampant in this 日 and age. Since the beginning of these movements, the Feminist image has been violated to the point that even hearing the word "Feminist" brings up some ugly descriptions in the human psyche: fat, unattractive, masculine women who can't find a decent husband that want to create misery for all like they feel によって lying about what women really want (like 赤ちゃん and husbands) and emasculating men, または a big system of corporate tools brainwashed によって powerful liberals to decimate the human race,
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posted by elstef
I wrote this quickly, so it is not great, but I hope I get my point across.

It is a shame that so many people seem to have this picture of feminists as oversensitive man-haters. That is not what it is about for me at all. It is also not about wanting to be a man, which seems to be another notion that people have. It is about women getting the same chances as men, and getting the same credit/ pay for doing the same work. It is about being tired of the fact that the phrase “girly-boy” is seen as an insult, while the phrase “like a man” is seen as a positive thing. It is about hating that...
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'Feminazi' is the demonization of feminism via comparing the woman's rights movement to Adolf Hitler.

Needless to say, it is the most incompetent and insensitive terminology refering to:

A. The victims who suffered tremendously under Hitler's regime during WW2.
B. Feminism and how misunderstood it's many messages are today in modern society.

So even if あなた aren't a feminist, または maybe even not even pro-feminist (which i can assure あなた are completely different things), あなた most definately shouldn't tolerate this fad. Here are four, quick, clear reasons simply to start あなた off. I could go on for...
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(By me, please do not copy または resend it without my permission. Thank you. :) )

A lot of あなた have probably witnessed the video for Katy Perry's part of me in which she discovers her boyfriend cheating, does a Britney and joins the armed forces in a bid to get over her turmoil and shoot little アフガニスタンの, アフガン children in the face.

At first sights, this is a immaculate example of feminism in the works: A young, pretty girl finds the strength to defy her boyfriend's infidelities and find her own way in life without him. It's hard imagining Perry doing anything apart from mess around with wigs and giggle...
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posted by pandawinx
こんにちは guys, there are some really inspiration stories of feminism and liberation floating around the web, so i thought i'd tell あなた how i developed my feminism....At the age of 6.

I grew up in a partiarchal family. My father suffered from grand overt narcissism, biapolar, sadomasochism and manic depressive dissorder and would beat my mother constantly. It was horrific, me and my sister watching him drink all night and then he'd come ホーム and berate my mother. If the house wasnt tidy enough, he'd smash her personal pocessions and throw things at her, screaming at her and unloading buckets of...
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posted by pandawinx
(Written によって me! YAY!)

If i have sex with someone I am a massive slut.
If he has sex with someone...He's awesome.

If i get raped i "deserve it" for dressing seductively.
If he gets raped he is a victim of assault.

If I do not want sex i am a uptight, harpy-bitch.
If he does not want sex he is simply doing his own thing.

If i ask for a raise I am being demanding and agressive.
If he asks for a raise he is being assertive and ambitious.

If i become a teen parent I am a stupid girl who got what was coming to her.
If he becomes a teen parent he is a poor, unlucky kid.

If i ask for a abortion I am a cruel,...
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 Tiny kitties are honest about their hatreds.
Tiny kitties are honest about their hatreds.
Non-haters gonna non-hate: NiceGuy Edition
--David Futrelle

From: link

Once upon a time one of the guys over at NiceGuy’s MGTOW フォーラ set up a little アンケート asking his fellow “nice guys” whether または not they actually consider themselves to be misogynists; it’s been up there for years, and the site’s resident MGTOWers have been adding 投票 and コメント all along. The wording of the アンケート is sufficiently, ah, flexible enough to give respondents a lot of ways to wiggle out of saying explicitly that they really were misogynists:

* I despise the entire female sex. Period.
* I hate only "western"...
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posted by KateKicksAss
Glamour recently asked a bunch of guys what resolutions they wish women would make, and here they are. *facedesk*. In bold are the "translations" of these "resolutions".

Credit: bitchesguidetoetiquette.tumblr.com

1. “I’d like it if in 2012, women would stop chatting on the phone, checking their teeth in the rearview mirror, flipping their hair and drinking coffee—all while driving.” –Umberto, 29, Monroe, Conn.

“It’s ok for me to multitask while driving, but not you.” –Umberto, 29, Monroe, Conn.

2. “I wish my girl’s New Year’s resolution would be to take herself less seriously...
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