In a clear river the 動物 receive their daily drink, the birds are 歌う and everything seems right, aside from the boy floating in the river. The boy is unconscious and has a hole in his stomach. What happened ? Why did it happen ? What was the cause ? We don’t know but the boy’s memories do, memories he doesn’t he even know he had.
100 years there was a great war between humans and shadows and at the end a gigantic shadow with an even larger army stands over a group of broken and beaten warriors as the forest and villages are either being burnt または consumed によって darkness.
“You honestly think this is the end ?”The warrior in front asked holding his chest as if he was about to cough up blood
“How cute, he still has hope” The giant Shadow mocked him
“That’s right あなた demon, as long as there’s light あなた can never win”The warrior 発言しました this time he did cough up blood
The giant Shadow simply laughed, “Foolish human, The Shadows survive with light. Now be gone with all of you!” he lifted his arm and let out a huge shadow that was about to consume them all but an old man came and stopped it “Oh look, the eternal has to save your life, how cute”
“Yes I am”The Eternal one said, “And you’re right, shadows cannot live with light, but the shadows can consume themselves!” the old man released a combination of both shadow and light and after a huge flash, every single shadow was gone.
The warriors all let out a smile before falling unconscious. Later the leader awoke to find himself in the Eternal’s house.
“Eternal one ?”The leader asked weakly
“Rest yourself commander” The Eternal said, “We need あなた to defeat The Shadow”
“But you’ve already beaten them”
“No I haven’t. I have merely sealed them away but that is not permanent”
The leader stood up, “Then, how am I supposed to beat them ?”
“I 発言しました rest commander”The Eternal said, “You will not defeat Mercana and his army, but your descendent will”
“My descendent ?”The leader asked blinking, “How do あなた know that Eternal one ?”
“It is as destiny said”The Eternal said, “He will be cursed but he will use that curse to help instead of destroy. I can see he will have a hard time, but someone....”
The boy is still unconscious and not too far from him is a girl crying によって a cemetery with a glowing white aura
“will help him through this, just as he will help find her light again”