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izzzyroxmysocks posted on Jan 14, 2009 at 12:19AM
ok im new to fan pop and i got talent but how do i enter, please tell me wat to do i am soooooooooo cluelass!

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1年以上前 Cinders said…
Hey there, izzy! (Total Drama Island-- nice icon).

OK, so here's the skinny on FGT:

The fabulous link created this great link for you to read all about the rules and stuff of FGT, which is a yearly event on Fanpop.

The gist of it is this: In June of every year, folks get together and submit their talent entries (acting, singing, writing, photography, etc) to this spot, with the year of their entry in the title. SO, what you have to do, my dear, is just hang out on Fanpop, check out other things, (I recommend link which is coming up next month) and just chill until June, when you can explode onto the scene with your fabulous talent and stun us all.

Is that clear enough for you? :o)
1年以上前 izzzyroxmysocks said…
yea thanks!!!