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jamfan4 posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 07:51AM
1. Are you allowed to enter writing/art?
2. Are you only allowed to enter one thing?
3. How is all of this going to be sorted (if I submit an image, will you be able to find it, or will I have to send it directly to a judge?)
4. If writing or art are not allowed to be a part of the competition, what should my talent be?

Any input would be appreciated.

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1年以上前 thecon said…
I've come late into this, but it seems like pretty much anything is allowed; writing, singing, doing an assault course on a space hopper....

I think you just submit your entry onto the spot like you would any other content, but give it a heading saying something like THECON'S CONTEST ENTRY... I could be wrong though...

I'm not sure if its just a one item per customer kind of thing, or not though.

Hope that helps for now!
1年以上前 tinkerluvr said…
Yes, you are allowed to enter writing/art as long as you wrote it or drew it, or took a picture of it.
You can onnly enter one talent entry, but you can enter a mock entry.
There are tons of things you can do.
You don't have to send an image to the judge. put it in the image section, and people will see it. If they like it, they send votes to the judges.
1年以上前 germany123 said…
hurry hurry :)
voting begins on july 4th! though i will actually put that up for discussion- if people are still entering maybe we should postpone that.

you may enter different images but they have to have a connection- e.g. look at the pics oblix drew their theme is johnny depp and the characters he portrayed.
generally you will only be judged ( by the users) in one category but you may submit other things for fun..just put it in the title!