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tushtush posted on Jun 09, 2008 at 05:59PM
I was just wondering, if a fanpopper plans to put forth an entry within a group, do the members of the group have to be members of the website? If so, is it cheating just to sign them up for the competition and for them never to use the site again? Are group entries allowed at all?

I also wanted to know, if you win and receive a picture and your group members are not on fanpop, is it incorrect for the picture to be printed and distributed?

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1年以上前 claire-aka-bob said…
we have had this discussion before, i will tell you anyway as i dont think you were there

for example my cheerleading squad, it was said if i were to enter with a full squad video i would represent my team as i am the only one with a fanpop account, if however more than one partisipant is on fanpop i am not sure what happens then
unless only one fan enters the video and the other has nothing to do with it then i suppose the suppler of the video would get the recignition
if however the video was only zoomed in one one person (for example said person being me) and there was other fans within the group that could not be seen only i would receive the picture

i dont see why you couldn't print the picture out and distribute it to your friends involved but i would ask debs first about that one

has that cleared everything up? ♥
1年以上前 aholic said…
What she said :)
1年以上前 tushtush said…
Thanks! Sorry, I didn't see the discussion before.
1年以上前 aholic said…
There's no stupid questions and nothing to be apologizing for.
1年以上前 llerenaprincipe said…
stupid questions?
i've heard a couple
not here tho
1年以上前 aholic said…
There's only stupid answers, people can just answer what it is instead.