Did あなた noticed that? Here is my "philosophical" interpretation of this magnificent cartoon.
Peter is "Carefree", loves to have fun in the pub, outlandish business with friends, not thinking of anything problematic, good 食 and resting on the ソファー, ソファ watching TV.But he's also "Authority",at the end all revolves around what he does. And when it comes to family and friends, is もっと見る than ready to lend a hand, sometimes with incredible steadfastness and affection.
Lois is "Responsibility",is a もっと見る attentive parent than Peter, strives to understand the children even when the 閲覧数 are divergent. In addition, it is often her giving inputs to Peter in the decisive moments for their family.But she's also "Pleasure," she cheated on Peter on several occasions, made use of Spinelli and もっと見る generally, is aware of her beauty and full of complacency in being courted and coveted as one of the most attractive women in Quahog.
Meg is "Repulsion", no one seems to really appreciate her, is considered wrongly ugly and insignificant, and often people fail to capture the sweetness inside of her. This makes Meg often gray and sad, and this only increases this sense of estrangement.But she's also "Attraction" ,Meg does not go unnoticed in spite of everything: もっと見る than once, for better または for worse, catalyzes people's attention, is Connie D'Amico's rival, Peter's loved/hated target, Lois's measure of comparison , Chris's councilor, one of Stewie 's recurring thoughts , the goddaughter of Brian.
Not to mention being the object of desire of many people, including famous ones. And how triggers the protective spirit of the family.
Chris is "Calm", the most placid of Griffin and the entire series, up to bordering on apathy. He's also who find himself less in trouble.But he's also "Ardor" ,under his supposed lack of passions, he hides one: very strong, drawing. In Family nobody knows it.
Brian is "Intellect", a dog almost completely humanized, to superfine artistic passions for opera and literature, materialized in journalism. Other expressions of this are his being the most rational and judicious of the family and be a little the voice of conscience for all.But he's also "Physicality:" unbridled in drinking and loving sex, has also tried hallucinogenic and soft drugs. He attracts some people in spite of himself, including Meg and Stewie. But sometimes fails to impress those who interested him,as Lois.
Stewie is "Evil." His family, except Brian, can not even imagine how diabolical Stewie is. Sadistic, pungent, he killed もっと見る people than any other and is an aspiring matricide. His dream is to rule the world.Ironically, it is also the "Good": the child can 表示する off these two sides of Yin and Yang with an amazing speed and fluidity,a moment before is consoling Meg and a moment later tells her that her pain is his force. Just before is teasing Brian and a moment later he's embracing him. He Toggles moments of hate and 愛 to his mother: he knows treating Brian when he is sick and despite the very thought gives him a huge sickness, is much もっと見る loving and protective than he would ever admit ..