#5 Things あなた probably didnt know about Hiro Mashima (FT Creator)

#5. Hiro Mashima wanted FT to be a short story!
---Mashima origianlly planned for Fairy Tail to end around the 10 book または so, but changed his mind because he wished to draw もっと見る of Fairy Tail and because of all of the fans!

#4. Hiro Mashima is a.....super hero?
---Mashima's フレンズ and work buddies often call the マンガ artist "Superman" because of these reasons: Hes never been a artists assistant and the first thing he does when he wakes up, is work on the daily マンガ work!

#3. Hiro Mashima isnt just into マンガ art.
----During an interview with Mashima, a 質問 is asked about "what アニメーション company would あなた like to work with, if あなた had the chance?" Mashima 返信 "Pixar!" (In my opinion, thats a great choice!)

#2. So he works, plays, and wishes?
----During another interveiw a 質問 is asked...."If a live action movie was made of FT how would あなた cast it in America?" He 返信 "I would pick Johnny Depp for happy....But if a live action was made, that would be a dream come true!"
----In another interveiw a 質問 is asked "What is your working environment?" He 返信 " A 8,000 sq, foot room with 7 desks, and a TV and sofa, so me and my Assistants can play video games!" (nice Mashima... :D)
---And in another a 質問 is asked, "How often do あなた write and work on your FT books?" he says "I do storyboarding Monday, rough sketches Tuesday, and do the rest of the drawing and Inking Wednesday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday, i work on Monster Soul" (Thats a whole lot of WORK!!)

#1. Being a マンガ artist means being sad and happy!
---He says that the hardest thing about being a マンガ artist is not being able to see his daughter as much as he would like to. But he says that the best part is getting to travel around the world and meeting all of his fans!

Peace out! Hope あなた enjoyed these facts!!