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posted by SilentForce
Uh oh,
Oh oh oh,
Oh oh oh,
Oh oh oh,

I know a place to go,
That no one else will know,
You and me discovering,
Another world,

Take my hand,
Run with me,
We're falling down,
We're feeling free,
We can be,
Anything we want to be,

(Here we go),
(Here we go),
(Here we go!)

Do あなた wonder,
If あなた look inside,
Do あなた wonder,
Maybe we could fly,
Do あなた wonder,
What we could be,
What we could see,

Do あなた wonder,
'Cause you'll never know,
Do あなた wonder,
What is possible,
Do あなた wonder,
What we could be,
Come to Wonderland with me.

Ever After,
Ever After,
Ever After,

We are on a thrilling ride,
We just can't believe our eyes,...
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Parent: The Fairy Godmother
Parent's Story: Cinderella
Roommate: Meeshell Mermaid
Secret Heart's Desire: Though I 愛 being a fairy godmother, I'd 愛 to go to a ball and dance until midnight once in a while.
My "Magic" Touch: With my wand, some fairy glitter and the right spell, I can make anything look ready for royalty!
Storybook Romance Status: Right now I’m hocus focused on my fairy studies, so I’m not really thinking about a relationship.
“Oh Curses!” Moment: My magic only lasts until the clock strikes 12, so keep your eyes on the time!
お気に入り Subject: Fashion Design. From glass slippers to party dresses, I 愛 making art that people 愛 to wear!
Least お気に入り Subject: Cooking Class. I accidentally turn かぼちゃ, カボチャ pies into fancy carriages.
Best フレンズ Forever After: Ashlynn Ella is royally down to earth. Also Cedar Wood’s art gives me great fashion inspiration.
posted by sirenix
Blondie Lockes is the daughter of Goldilocks, the character from the story of The Three Bears.

Personality: Blondie is very social and a little bubbly. She tends to be indecisive and nitpick about small details due to wanting everything to be "just right". She runs a school blog called Mirror Cast with her "magic mirror", the Ever After High equivalent of a tablet.

Appearance: Blondie has blonde hair - like her name states. Her hair is curly, and she has light skin and big blue eyes. She wear a big, blue bow on her head.

Friends: Both Briar Beauty and 林檎, アップル White consider her as a close friend and she mostly seen with 林檎, アップル または briar.
posted by RavenSparrow5
Raven クイーン walked into Ever After High with her best friend forever after, Madeline Hatter."I just don't get Apple. She doesn't understand how hard it is to be daughter of the evil queen, even if I don't want to be the 次 evil queen." she sighed.
Madeline listened to Raven. "I got it! I was in the としょうかん, ライブラリ yesterday, and I heard a suspicious voice coming from that door in there." Madeline explained.
"The forbidden door?" Raven asked.
"Yup!" Madeline said. "But anyways, I walked in. I saw a guy covered under books. He 発言しました 'Oh, thank goodness someone's here! あなた see, I was looking for a book...
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They told あなた everything was waiting for you,
They told あなた everything was set in stone,
But now you're feeling like a different ending,
Sometimes あなた gotta find it on your own.

It's an open book,
A road in reverse,
A brand new hook,
Forget that curse!
It's a Rebel cause,
With a Royal heart,
Rewrite, ignite, restart!

Cause it's your life,
It's your time,
Go フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして または rewind!

Cause you're a Royal,
You're a Rebel,
You're もっと見る than one together,
However あなた go Ever in Ever After High,
Royal and Rebel,
You're もっと見る than one together,
However あなた go Ever in Ever After High.

Ever After High,
Pick the lock!...
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Looking for my Ever After,
Don't wanna see my dreams get shattered,
Everybody says I have to, got to, wait around just to be rescued,

Not gonna sit alone in a tower,
I'll 表示する the world my princess power,
Standing up and I am stronger,
Listen to my ハート, 心 'cause it's getting louder,

This feeling inside,
It's coming alive,
No もっと見る waiting now,

See the 火災, 火 in our eyes,
It's burning brighter,
Let go of the fear and fly,
Higher and higher,

Rise up - the sky's the now,
At Ever After High,
Oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh,
Power princess shining bright.

You know we'll play the game,
But we'll do it our own way,
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posted by LOLPINKIE123
Long long 前 there was a girl named raven クイーン and she had to follow the Evil Queens rules because.........SHE WAS HER MOTHER if she did something nice the guards would tell her mother. And the new high school 年 started so she went to high school and then....she was so happy she was roommate's with her BFF Madeline Hatter daughter of the mad hatter. and on the 秒 日 they had legacy 日 practice its when they follow their parents destiny as the new Evil クイーン または Princess. She raven クイーン went on stage for practice and before she pledged her destiny she asked Milton grim the principal .....What happens if we don't pledge our destiny he 発言しました あなた WILL disappear and your story will too then she practiced until Milton Grimm 発言しました 次 then she put on her ultimate cape of darkness.................TO BE CONTINUED
posted by rosiepo123
Kitty Cheshire is the daughter of the Cheshire Cat from the movie Alice in Wonderland.Kitty likes playing tricks and causing trouble in Ever after high.She escapes from Raven queens mum the Evil queens curse over Wonderland with Lizzie Hearts and Maddie Hatter.
posted by RavenSparrow5
It was Legacy Day. All eyes were on Aisha as she made the most important choice of her story.
"I am Aisha Red. Daughter of the Red Queen. And I pledge...." Aisha started.
Lizzie clapped. "Come on! Do it または it's off with your head!" She yelled.
"I pledge to follow my destiny as" She continued

Why start with Legacy Day, though? Let's start at the beginning of the school year!

Aisha Red and Crystal Gothel walked into Ever After High.
"So I was thinking I could flip the script a little and get my own 城 after I'm out of the tower." Crystal said.
"Yeah... sure." Aisha said, sadly.
"What's wrong?" Crystal...
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posted by rosiepo123
 林檎, アップル White
Apple White
林檎, アップル White is the daughter of Snow White from Snow White and the 7 dwarfs.She wants Raven クイーン to sign the book because she wants her happily ever after.Apple Whites bffea (best friend for ever after)Is Briar Beauty.
 林檎, アップル White and Her boyfriend
Apple White and Her boyfriend
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Pied Piper
Parent's Story: The Pied Piper of Hamelin
Roommate: Ginger Breadhouse
Secret Heart's Desire: To work with the greatest musicians in the land and become the most inspiring DJ in fairytale history!
My "Magic" Touch: I can hypnotize people with the flute, though I prefer records and turntables.
Storybook Romance Status: The one for me needs to have spelltacular taste in music.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Mice and rats follow me when I play my music. It's my least お気に入り part of my story.
お気に入り Subject: Woodshop. All that buzzing and sawing creates unique beats あなた can't hear anywhere else.
Least お気に入り Subject: Science & Sorcery. Remixing the wrong ingredients can result in a total fairy fail.
Best フレンズ Forever After: Ginger Breadhouse really knows how to put together a tasty mix. Also Justine Dancer shares my 愛 of muse-ic.
posted by rosiepo123
Lizzie Hearts is the daughter of the クイーン of hearts from the card game and movie Alice in wonderland.Lizzie Hearts finds a map to the well of wonder which is the way to wonderland.Shes from Wonderland and escaped the evil queens curse (which is Raven queens mum)with Kitty Cheshire and Maddie Hatter.
posted by RavenSparrow5
Madeline Hatter woke up in her dorm. She checked the clock. "YAY! お茶, 紅茶 TIME!" She said, pulling out a お茶, 紅茶 set from her hat.
Kitty woke up. "Trying to take a cat nap over here, Maddie."
"Oh, sorry! Just super excited about tea!" Maddie said.
Kitty rolled her eyes and smiled. "Can I have some?"
"Sure! What kind?" Maddie asked.
"Hmm. That's a hard question... do あなた have Black Tea?" Kitty asked.
"Of course I do!" Maddie said, pulling out the kettle. The pulled out a cup and poured the black お茶, 紅茶 in it.
"Thanks, Maddie!" Kitty said. She sipped her tea.
Short, I know.... but I like it
posted by rosiepo123
Raven クイーン is the daughter of the evil クイーン who is from the movie Snow White & the 7 dwarfs.Raven クイーン does not want to follow her mothers path like other fairytale sons and daughters.
Parent: Alice
Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Secret Heart's Desire: I want to explore the entire fairytale world, Wonderland and beyond!
My "Magic" Touch: With just a little observation, I can solve any puzzle and unravel any riddle.
Storybook Romance Status: I have a crush on Bunny Blanc, but I think she only sees me as a friend.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My curiosity can get the best of me.
お気に入り Subject: Geografairy. I learn how the world is mapped out, and also which areas have yet to be discovered.
Least お気に入り Subject: Cooking Class-ic. How do I know when I eat something it won't make me shrink または grow?
Best フレンズ Forever After: All of my Wonderland friends, from Madeline Hatter to Bunny Blanc.
 royal または rebel
royal or rebel
In my opinion i am 書く if あなた are a royal または a rebel.Let me start with royals royals have an easy way to put it. They mostly don't want to rewrite their destiny in this awesome amazing interesting 表示する The fairest of them all is Snow white she has a best friend Raven クイーン the rebel who didn't want to sign the story book of legends because she wanted to write her own destiny.And a lot of fun activities of being an rebel is helping others and hangout with あなた フレンズ having a good time.You can watch 映画 go tom parties and have fun.Being a royal is really fun if your a royal あなた can go dragon riding play book ball. Have picnics.And have a journey.

So Are あなた really a Royal または Rebel?
posted by SilentForce
Secret Heart's Desire: To fit in with my new フレンズ ... and then rule them ALL! MUHAHAHAHAH!!!!
My "Magic" Touch: Let's just say I got a spell for every occasion ... an EVIL spell!
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Aside from locked inside a Magic Mirror? Bad hair days. They're the worst.
お気に入り Subject: History of Evil Spells. I just 愛 読書 about the Evil Queen.She's the best, am I right?
Least お気に入り Subject: Kingdom Management. Shouldn't it be QUEENdom Management?
Best フレンズ Forever After: Raven Queen. She's the best, but I do think she could be a little もっと見る evil, don't you?
Parents:The Beauty and The Beast
Parent's Story: The Beauty and The Beast
Powerful Qualities: Progressive, Motivating, Genuine
Roommate: Darling Charming
Secret Heart's Desire: To 表示する people that within every beast there is potential for beauty.
My "Magic" Touch: Looks can't fool me. I can see people for who they truly are.
Storybook Romance Status: I admit I'm hexcited to meet my beastly prince!
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My throat gets sore from roaring about injustice all the time.
お気に入り Subject: Royal Student Council is a great way to make much needed change in the system.
Least お気に入り Subject: Beast Training & Care. Magical 動物 were never meant to be locked in cages.
Best フレンズ Forever After: My cousin Briar Beauty. Also, Cerise フード has a big, bad ハート, 心 of gold.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: 12th Dancing Princess
Parent's Story: The Twelve Dancing Princesses
Powerful Qualities: Creative, Confident, Collaborative
Roommate: Ramona Badwolf
Secret Heart's Desire: After my story ends, I want to open a dance studio and direct my own shows and 音楽 videos.
My "Magic" Touch: When I dance, people around me suddenly start dancing, too! I don't plan it, but it happens all the time!
Storybook Romance Status: I'm open to sharing the dancefloor, but he's got to be the right prince.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: Whenever I try being sneaky, I always get caught. It's all part of my destiny, though.
お気に入り Subject: Muse-ic class. I 愛 being inspired によって songs and imagining new routines in my head.
Least お気に入り Subject: Princessology. I may be a Royal, but I prefer classes that let me explore my creative side.
Best フレンズ Forever After: Melody Piper always plays the best tunes, and I royally admire Duchess 白鳥, スワン for her dancing.
posted by SilentForce
Parent: The Cheshire Cat
Parent's Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Powerful Qualities: Clever, Curious, Unpredictable
Roommate: Madeline Hatter
Secret Heart's Desire: To unravel rules, just like I would a ball of yarn.
My "Magic" Touch: Obviously, I can turn invisible and POOF from place to place without being seen.
Storybook Romance Status: Forget boys with 子犬 dog eyes. Give me a guy who’s the cat’s meow.
"Oh Curses!" Moment: My curiosity gets me in a lot of trouble.
お気に入り Subject: Geografairy. After I memorize the lay of the land, I can appear anywhere I want.
Least お気に入り Subject: Swim Class in Grimmnastics. Just thinking about getting soaked makes my 毛皮 stand on end.
Best フレンズ Forever After: Lizzie Hearts. She's my sister from another litter.