I was browsing through the picks and one 質問 caught my attention the most, it was Ratdog's question: Do あなた think the voting is fixed または based on country's neighbours and politics?

I personally do believe that the neighboring countries vote for each other, however I think that it is inevitable for this to happen, not only because of language similarities. Its the culture in total that matters. For example, if あなた look at the scandinavian countries who vote for each other. They all have similar sounding languages which originated from the same branch. Also, generally speaking they seem to be interested in the same type of music: either hard rock, house/dance または swingy rock/pop. Sweden last 年 was represented によって The Ark with their song The Worrying Kind which was in style similar to this year's song All Night Long によって Simon Mathew, representing Denmark. Therefore it is unequivocal that countries with similar historical and cultural background will vote for each other. Scandinavia was one example, the Balkan countries are another.
あなた saw that Serbia got its 投票 mainly from surrounding countries with once again similar cultures.

Where politics come into this is my question. How is the Eurovision Song Contest linked to politics in any matter? If people are holding grudges against other countries due to political situations either in the past または the present and decide not to vote for them, is just plain ignorant. What is happening on the political scene should not affect the cultural scene in any matter. I honestly don't see a reason why あなた wouldn't vote for a country based on their politics. Eurovision is a SONG CONTEST, therefore あなた vote for the song if あなた like it, if あなた don't あなた don't. It's simple as that.
It is then pathetic to see that some people deal with this as political matter.

Eurovision Song Contest is a chance to unite ヨーロッパ for one night. Yes, bordering countries will vote for each other, that is obvious, but they also vote for other countries. Also, before judging whether または not this is fair, think about yourself. When あなた watch Eurovision, don't あなた cast at least one vote for a neighboring または a very close country to your own?

One もっと見る idea that has come to my mind right now is how some people have negative attitudes to the fact that Russia won. Once again, あなた cannot HOLD POLITICAL GRUDGES forever! What happened, happened, and there is absolutely nothing あなた can do about it. Luckily the results do 表示する that ヨーロッパ has evolved and even 'western' countries (if あなた want to get into the whole Cold War politics) vote for former communist countries like Russia.

To finish off this article, I'm going to use a quote from the song Living Darfur によって Mattafix, because I believe one line can be applied to my article.
"Where others fail, あなた prevail in time.
あなた shall rise"

Don't let politics affect あなた in your choices.