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Spurred によって sales of his album and the massive presence during the stages of his Ahi EC is passu Tour, Emma Marrone has become, in 最近 months, one of emerging best loved アイコン of skilful. All they want to emulate its look gritty and gently rock.

In Universal shop, section dedicated to the artists ' brand promoted によって record label, あなた can buy the official t-shirt of young singer salentina only 19.90. Available in two versions, black and white (with etched his name and in the back, the tattoo Oltre that gave the タイトル to his cd) is a gadget definetely for all ファン of Emma. If あなた like, あなた can post your 写真 with the t-shirt in our 写真 section フェイスブック プロフィール and make us sharers in the enormous passion for your Idol. After find 写真 Gallery.
The winner of the talent 表示する Amici, Emma Marrone, linked to the dancer Stefano De Martino, reveals the weekly Seen some details of his 愛 story. Stefano indeed currently resides in America thanks to a contract of employment with the Complexion and Emma feels very his lack:

Stefano lies in the right place at right time: is happy, he is working a lot and I can only be happy for him. Then, thanks to Skype, we can see and hear every 日 without spending money. Lack there is, pay attention to these issues. Particularly in small things. But there is a very strong wire that connects us and Stefano...
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Emma Marrone winning Amici 9, has always been a little reluctant to speak of its particular relationship with the dancer Stefano De Martino, known within the same program.

In an interview with Dipiu, singer seems to be even もっと見る doubtful and reserved on his relationship with Stefano.
Emma, in fact, the user finds whether girlfriend または not with the dancer makes declarations leaving grout:
girlfriend? And who knows? Boh!

To justify this claim that leaves many doubts, the singer adds:
He is about to leave for the United States. Had a contract to perform with an American company. Then, I didn't even idea I of what will happen between me and Stephen, therefore can't respond if not with a boh.

Emma seems もっと見る confused that convinced at the moment.
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Voglio vedere cosa succede
se molli la presa e mi lasci cadere.
Voglio capire cosa sarebbe,
oltre le nuvole quando si cade
Voglio calore sulla mia pelle
voglio le fiamme, voglio scintille
E poi sparire senza fare rumore
solo il tempo di capire quanto è grande il mio amore.
Ora spegni la luce e vieni a dormire,
che la notte è più breve se restiamo insieme.
Voglio calore sulla mia pelle,
voglio le fiamme, voglio scintille.
Voglio calore sulla mia pelle,
voglio la luna, voglio anche le stelle, voglio anche le stelle.
Voglio calore sulla mia pelle,
voglio le fiamme, voglio scintille,
Voglio calore sulla mia...
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Just when he was about to give up and don't chase もっと見る her dream, for Emma Marrone have opened the doors of success, thanks primarily to the talent 表示する "Amici", even though, between all the guys who have the good fortune and ability to participate in the scuola di Maria De Filippi, only a few are really over, and the winner of the last edition of the well-known program, from the pages of the weekly Views, comments: "Are sincere: not all are born to sing and simply passion leads away, nor does it sell discs. There are people brought to do some work and others that are designed to make the singers...
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Emma Marrone, in an interview with Seen, talks about his relationship with Stefano De Martino.

Emma reiterates that there has never been a time of crisis between あなた and Stefano:

have never been so happy as during this period. And I speak not only of my victory to フレンズ and two Platinum. But also in my 愛 life.

The singer explains also why not side oozing from neither anything they can relate to:

both are very reserved in living our 愛 story. We do not like that we speak

Emma hopes to met personally:

from small I dreamed that day. Also now there I think. Above all, I'd like to have a baby. Though not immediately because I didn't even a House.

The singer also has clear ideas about its future work. Has, in fact, intention to relocate:

in Rome. It is a city alive also artistically. Milan is too different from my Puglia, not despite of all.
Emma Marrone has released a long interview to Vanity Fair where recounts his first months from 星, つ星 and not only. The singer pugliese says:

Alive still Aradeo although are always around. And when traveling alone, I don't know why, a little scared. Before I was happening. I like to be stopped in the street, I 愛 the beats of the people, the gifts. It's all nice, but stay away from my.

Winning Amici 9 shall return to the sender any criticism against guys which left the talent:

What should I make: to have sold 150,000 copies of my disk? To be required everywhere for concerts? I don't feel inferior to anyone. In future Emma hopes to change dogs: I would be もっと見る bad. React without sketching. Sometimes I tell myself that あなた could ' Emma, send him to that country.
In 最近 days, was 投稿されました a video excerpt from an interview with the weekly Seen where Emma Marrone, winner of the last edition of Amici, tells how it has changed his life in a few months without neglecting the sphere loving and sincere affection (and returned to their fans). によって the way of his supporters, every evening flock to his concerts, said:

Fortunately the ファン are essential part of our work. The audience is very strong. Both North and South I find the same heat.

And speaking of her boyfriend, the dancer Stefano De Martino, landed in America to 登録する the Group of Complexions reveals:...
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Also Emma Marrone goes on vacation thanks to a dream at zero cost. The winner of Amici 9 after "Calore" back with a new single perfect for summer. The song is titled a dream at no cost and has a brisk pace, energetic and a little reggae. In short, not the usual pseudo-romantic melodies that we trim so often singers Italian 音楽 video accompanying the single is cheerful and easygoing just as the text of a dream at zero cost. We see Emma Marrone between petrol, pools and fields in a ideal vacation to Italy. There are all preconditions for a Megastar … A few days 前 Emma Marrone has performed...
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Saturday evening RaiDue relay Venice 音楽 Awards, the traditional gala celebrating the Italian music. Tuesday evening at the Palazzo del Cinema Pala Galileo in Lido di Venezia has logged this event. During the evening were awarded the best artist of Italian 音楽 and again the talent-show Amici di Maria De Filippi has left its mark. Marco Carta has received the award for best male voice 2010, while Emma Marrone was crowned best female 2010. Loredana Errore, friend/rival Emma to Amici 9, won the prize The Voice. Valerio Scanu was awarded revelation of Sanremo 2010. The guys at フレンズ 9 will be on tour throughout the summer. 28th July Emma Marrone will perform at the Giffoni Film Festival 2010.
Ahi ce sta Passu. It is titled so the summer tour of Emma Marrone. Emma, who arrives によって Aradeo (province of Lecce), decided to use an expression pugliese for its name to his first tour. Ahi Ce sta Passu essentially means "Ahi, what happened to me". In fact, Emma Marrone so many things have happened in 最近 months. The victory to Amici 9 has catapulted nell'olimpo 音楽 and his first album Olre continues to be among the most sold in Italy. Emma Marrone will celebrate its success during the stages of Ahi Ce sta Passu Tour 2010. We start from Puglia: the June 13, Emma will be in Bari, alla Fiera del Levante. Then, on 25 June will sing in Cremona. In July, the あなた will see in Viareggio (10), Villafranca di Verona (18), Alessandria (20), Viterbo (22), Udine (24th), Piazzola sul Brenta (30). In August there will be a single date: August 9, Roselle. Then in September, the tour will end with two important meetings: 10 in Milan to palasharp, and 18 in Rome, Atlantic Live.
In 最近 weeks has chatted to a possible 愛 story between the winning Amici 9 Emma Marrone and the winner of Sanremo Valerio Scanu. Emma Marrone remains tied to the dancer Stefano De Martino, but to pin it to Valerio Scanu is a bond of deep friendship and admiration. Emma speaks of the relationship with Valerio in an interview with Big. Emma says that Valerio is one of the few who knows how to take it: "Are multi-faceted accent, but also very good, it depends. Must Know taken me and then are sincere, as Valerio Scanu, who is a great friend and a wonderful person, when あなた conquer his affection...
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There will also be under Wind 音楽 Awards 2010: Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone. The winner of 8 Amici and Amici 9 will be among guests at the musical event which will open the summer 2010. Alessandra Amoroso and Emma Marrone have always expressed great mutual admiration, despite are found to fight for the 上, ページのトップへ places in the classification. The guest of honour of Wind 音楽 Awards 2010 will be the English singer Kylie Minogue.The Wind 音楽 Awards will be on the 28th and 29th of may at the Arena di Verona. Italy 1 will broadcast the event starting in early June.
Emma Marrone wants to "Heat" and his ファン are certainly not miss frost. After the victory of フレンズ 9 Emma has ringed one success after another and is consistently at the 上, ページのトップへ of the rankings and best selling single. Could not miss the videoclip of heat. Filmed in Verona, the heat video sees as dominant colour white, cold color symbolizing the need of affection of the protagonists. Emma Marrone sings the song dressed in a simple white dress of FixDesign (like his/her Friends), 芝居 as a soundtrack to the 愛 story of two guys.
Click continue to see the video of heat. link
Do not cease to amaze the three finalists in the latest edition of friends. Starting from Emma who with his first Ep "Oltre" has literally burned the 前 record of sales of young Alessandra Amoroso. "Oltre", released in stores on March 16th, in just two weeks sells over 60,000 copies certificandosi Platinum. Spend another 10 days and the album doubles its record, conquering the 9 April the 秒 platinum record 24 days since its release. On the Amoroso, winner of the 前 edition, served 43 days to get the same record with "Stupid". The album that was released on 10 April 2009 wins...
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A few days after the victory of フレンズ 9 for Emma Brown is already time to participate in TV 表示する as a guest of honour. Emma has starred a Ti Lascio una Canzone, the 表示する Saturday night of RaiUno. Emma first presented his Heat, then she sang with the protagonists of the program "E penso a te" によって Lucio Battisti. Emma has also placed 質問 from kids and revealed that 音楽 has not always been her dream: "Think, I wanted to make the 体操選手 and play". Without the スプリット, 分割 of Amici 9, for the first time we saw a Emma Marrone very elegant , with ジャケット and black leggings, white tshirt and shoes with heel. The presenter Antonella 発言しました to Emma: "trained to go down the stairs with heels, あなた never know ..." The reference is clear: to Antonella Clerici Emma is already a candidate to Sanremo 2011.

HERE to see the video: link
After the victory to フレンズ 9 Emma Brown can dream big. 与えられた the success of his duets with Anna Oxa and Craig David, now Emma would like to do an entire album によって collaborating with other artists. Interviewed によって TGCOM Emma says: "I would 愛 a discographical project full of duets and many collaborations. On all with Pierdavide Carone that I really like and also Alessandra Amoroso whom I adore. I think the dough of my voice with Alessandra might be a nice surprise. I was very pleased that I have now embraced strong, after the proclamation of my victory. " The triumph did not mount the head:...
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All flash of photographers are for you, Emma Marrone. The winner of Amici, a few 分 after its proclamation, off the cameras in gigantic studio 5 of Cinecittà, responding to journalists that the bombarding of questions. A few meters away from you, we are parents who have accompanied and supported in this adventure. The father Rosario, 54 years, he climbs onstage to embrace the daughter. Already, his family. To them has dedicated his victory while lifted the Cup: "I owe everything to my family. I come from a small town of Salento, where already do a normal work is difficult, let alone tell...
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Emma Marrone won the ninth edition of Amici di Maria De Filippi and 200 000 euros in ゴールド chips presented によって channel 5 talent show. The singer leccese (although he lives in Florence was born in Perth), coming from the white team (winners for the first time), great favorita today on the eve of the episode, he beat in the grand final Loredana Error, runner-up, which previously had prevailed on Pierdavide Carone, third. In fourth place ranked the tenor Matthew Macchioni, defeated at the beginning によって Carone. The Marrone, with great singer potent musical versatility and able to interpret each story type, happens to its young Alessandra Amoroso and is already at the 上, ページのトップへ of the League of best-selling albums with his ep Oltre.
"Oltre" of Emma Marrone first in iTunes .
The singer of Amici 9 Emma Marrone is really proving an extraordinary success thanks to her first EP "Oltre" that came out just a few days, he managed already to climb the ladder iTunes hovering on 上, ページのトップへ of it. The Colubrine's new album, "Heat", is literally taking the many ファン of the girl who, thanks to a voice and a great talent and his greatest dream to see a published his disk. During the last bet live evening of Amici was aired an rvm where あなた saw the reaction of Emma in knowing that her album would be released soon, really filled with emotion and in tears. For sure "Oltre" can also climb the other rankings