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~For one, she is very quotable. All of her コメント are completely worth my time and very interesting to read.
~She loves Cinderella. Yay!
~She's funny. She knows how to make me laugh, a lot.
~She makes great wallposts. They're just.. Fantastic.
~She seems to be a very interesting person. That fiance. :O
~She's just 全体, 全体的です an amazing user.
So yeah.
~Many other reasons that I am too lazy to list.
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I've decided to remake my 一覧 because it actually has changed slightly. Anyways, this is pretty much based off of the 名言・格言 from these accounts, but I will also take other factors into consideration. Mostly, nothing. So anyways, it's time to get to my list.

8. Kainatwaqar66. (I wish she wasn't so low! But she only has one memorable quote, so..)
7. Somehereover. (Great, but her account got deleted before any もっと見る コメント could be made.)
6. Mahasweet. (The best of the modern Elsalover accounts.)
5. Elsalover66. (I know the クイーン isn't in the 上, ページのトップへ three but the others. <3)
4. Goodsinger200. (So underrated!)
3. Samules44. (Another underrated account!)
2. Anna616. (<3)
1. Amnakhan44. (Forever my favorite!)
I'm remaking my list! It's changed a lot over time, because I have discovered もっと見る 名言・格言 and learned to appreciate others. I tried to include a quote from every account, but goodsinger and kainatwaqar didn't make the cut, sadly.

10. I like listen to let it go
9. I am real princess auroro
8. I hate Ariel but I don't hate her
7. What no
6. Yes Offcourse
5. Elsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
4. Cute
3. Good
2. 愛 her articals pics and アンケー ;)
1. She writes the articals she also makes アンケー her thinking is great I have never read the artical like her.i am a ファン of her