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Duncan P.O.V.

It's been 4 years since Gwen,my best friend moved away.She was the only one who understood me.Not even my own girlfriend,Courtney understood me.After Gwen left I got to meet new friends.(NO ONE Could replace Gwen)

Anyways,I was listening to my ipodの, ipod minding my own business until some chick comesin the classroom.She had ティール and black hair like Gwen did.What caught my eye was the Duncan ネックレス she had on.I took off my headphones and Mrs.Carter told her to take a シート, 座席 次 to me."Hey nice necklace"I told her."Thanks,my friend gave it to me"She 発言しました back.Duncan has good taste"I said.She looked and saw the Gwen ネックレス I had on.(I never took it off)"Duncan?" She asked."The one and only"I said.That's when the ベル rang.

-In the hallway-

Gwen came and hugged me until my so call girlfriend intterupted."Who's this? and why is she hugging you?"She asked."Courtney this is my best friend Gwen and Gwen this is Courtney my...girlfriend"