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posted by emmab13
So, I had this dream about something crazy. I wanted to turn it in to an article. Read it and tell me if あなた like it.
It was a warm spring morning. I was at at ホーム getting ready for school I put on my make-up and ate breakfast. After, I walked to the bus stop like i do every day. I talked to フレンズ while i waited for the bus. When it came, everyone at my bus stop got on and sat down. We drove our usual route on the bus to get to school. So school went on as it does everyday. It started with gym, then math, language arts and lunch....
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posted by Inuyasha23
I'm sorry if i spell some words wrong, My english is not so good.

Dreams ... what are they, how they exist, why we dream only when we sleep?, can we control our choices? well, i belive not. There are many 質問 about human dream.
My belive, my theory, what あなた want to call it, is that dream is like watching a movie in 1st person または 3rd person. あなた can't make a 2nd choice または think about another..... Now your gonna say, yes, we can. Well my answer to あなた is, あなた already made the choice. Because あなた dream (think) あなた can make another choice, thats something else.
Well as we all know there are...
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posted by JustaNutherKh
Okay, so My dad returned from shopping at some weird ショップ and gave me the junk. Some バービー toys, some Avons, Some useless peices of Ansems report. Then a leprechaun came and demanded the Speiderwicks journal. I 発言しました i dont have it, And he went out looking in our backyard. He went over to the Place i *apparently* Buried it and I left, Going over to some guy that helped me bury it. Knowing he had made a digital copy, and he had over a bunch of guys. i asked for the digitalo copy and he 発言しました he didnt know where it was. well, i lent over to the window and i looked in the bin and the copy was there....
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I had a dream that me and my kid cousins there were two and we were on eggmans ship and Eggman then opened a trap door then me and my cousin were in midair falling to our death and we were gonna land somewhere in Asia then I was just a few feet away from plummeting to the ground the sonic came and jumped to grab me then he asked are あなた okay then I 発言しました yes I'm fine thank あなた for saving me then sonic hugged me then Amy came and 発言しました こんにちは get your hands off my sonic! Then sonic 発言しました for the last time I don't like あなた like that only as a friend I want someone mature and my age(I'm 15 like him)...
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posted by dogboy456
i had a dream at i was a car and i did go to my mom and she siad to kat at あなた do not know me and coddy like あなた 発言しました kat and i like あなた to 発言しました coddy do あなた want to go out with me tonight 発言しました big time rush and kat 発言しました yes i 愛 あなた バットマン so much at i want to go out with あなた so much at あなた want to go with me so much at dogboy come insied with あなた dare so do not come in または i will bat with あなた so much at i would eat あなた so much at i want to play with あなた 発言しました kat am i mean to あなた または not i want to eat あなた to so much at coddy do not like あなた kat i do 発言しました dalton priddy i got a girlfiend at her name is alex and i miss her. kam want あなた 発言しました my mom so go inside to go with あなた to eat
posted by lupichkata
So it all started with me and Charlie attending some party in a place (a mix of the Red Queen's 城 and Wonka's factory) hosted によって Willy Wonka and suddenly he starts chasing us. We start running through a weird hallway and suddenly i realize that Charlie is running in a different direction, but Willy starts gaining on me, so i continue to run. Then i enter a gym, where everybody is playing バレーボール and バスケットボール, バスケット ボール really fast and they don't even notice that I'm walking... running in front of them. Then i get out through a door that leads to the school yard. I run to the center and i find out that Willy is nowhere to be seen, so i start to walk slowly, pretending that nothing happened (not like anybody noticed me) and soon i see Mr. Wonka is after me again. He was wearing a really ugly sweater and he looked exhausted and i heard him say "Wait...Little girl, Stop!". And then i woke up.
posted by Athenabeth
I had the most ランダム dream last night!
I'm using the first letter of my フレンズ names

Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Jason, Nico, piper, Leo and all of them from PJO and HoO went to my school and for some reason Rick Riordan was coming. Anyway some sort of black, poison お茶, 紅茶 stuff got spilled and my friend, D (who spilled it) and I cleaned the stuff up. D died (I guess from touching the poison stuff) but I didn’t. Then Grover died for some reason. Then Rick Riordan was at the bakery (I don’t know why) and Percy stabbed him, so Rick died right there and then Percy died, as in just fell over dead...
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posted by SuzutheNeko14
I was in a classroom I've never seen on my own. It was empty. Alone. Cold. I got out of my 机, デスク and looked at the blank chalkboard. Blood was smeared all over it. I felt my foot brush against something on the floor. I looked down and found a teacher's dead body. I soon ran into the hallway and found I was the only one in the school. The lights flickered and soon went out completely. I tried running trying to find help. But, something got a hold of me. Hands, cold, huge hands. The grip was breath taking. I couldn't breath. I soon smelled smoke and fire. I tried to run but there was nowhere to go. The 火災, 火 surrounded me as I fell to my knees. Those cold hands turned hot like the 火災, 火 around me. Let go. It wouldn't go away. Please let go of me. I don't wan tto die this way.
posted by sweet_n_silly
I, as Cinderella, had decided to go watch a movie with my step-mother. She isn't really mean at all, in fact, she's rather kind. We went to the royal theater. It was in a place I hadn't visited before. I followed my mother into the room and to our seats. We sat in the middle of the front row. I left to buy some popcorn. I couldn't find where it was, so I tried to ask Mom where it was, but when I looked back in, my mother was hypnotized によって the swirling screen. I tried to get her attention, but she, along with everyone else, was frozen. In fear that I might become like them, I ran away down endless...
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posted by docterjones
Ok, well, i had this dream last 年 (2008) and i can still remenber it now and i'm not sure if it was scary または just a bit weird, so i'll right down the dream and あなた can decide for yourself:

Well, it was a friday night and i was walking to my フレンズ house to give her some homework because she hadn't been at school that day. So i was walking down her 通り, ストリート when i heard someone behind me so i look around to find a lady propably about 2 metres behind me. So i sped up to get to my フレンズ house faster, but she sped up to and was getting closer and closer to me with each step. When she was only...
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posted by Jeffersonian
I would like help interpeting this dream. I think part of it is 表示中 that I am hiding a great pain caused によって really missing my grandpa who died several years 前 with a smile but I would like your help.

At the scenery is bright Colors(色) yet the tone is slightly grim being that a murder case is being worked on being solved. Suddenly everybody is in a black room, they are all standing in a cluster except for one charecter ( a woman ) who is lying on a bed. Somehow I know that this dark room is in the hospital. We pan in on the woman she is smiling yet によって the bloody bandaid around her waist it is obvious that she must be in pain. Suddenly another woman hands one of the men in the room a key and tells him to lock the door when he leaves. Then she left with the other people saying that the man needs to be alone with the woman. The man goes to the windows surronding the whole of the room and closes all the black curtains before sitting down 次 to the woman.