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 Look threw,even the sea
Look threw,even the sea
Wondering Eyes: here is the song of Wondering Eyes. A story of dreadful tears,blood,power,and sacrfices. Its like sabatoge!
~Wondering Eyes~
Wonder (x3 in whisper)
あなた shot me down...hahaha (evil whisper)
I will not booowwww... (voice croaks)
I will sabotage... with my eyes... (whisper)
my eyes of sinister....
my eyes of death....
my eyes of pain...tears and sadness...
mostly wonderin' how I met you...

(whispering talk)
I will remember the scars...
the spear あなた shot...slammed my heart,dead...
but I refuse to cry from the eyes....
I wonder...
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This video is so sad and this type of stuff still happens...
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Every had a crush that's so close but so far?Like,he's right there によって あなた but so far from あなた and the world?Like,he's in his own creative world...well,it's horribale for me. i have a HUGE crush on my dance partner at dance class,science class (sometimes),art (unuasul),and barely at music. he makes my ハート, 心 just melt! he's so サワー but sweet and 苦い to the bullies.I have his number but he only texts me about the girls' he's dated our his new girlfriend,Fergie Granda.Fergie's the most 人気 girl at school in 7th grade and one of the 上, ページのトップへ ten perfects.She bullies and he doesn't know.If you...
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I 愛 this song, but it even made me cry. It reminds me of mom and dad. :'(
life in my stomach
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Okay so あなた know Izzy Dana and Sasha finally discover who their mothers are. But, they also realize that they have to change, this enclueds new adituides and a new look. so here are their new 'profiles'

Izzy: Izzy is now the 'leader' of her 'pack' and she makes all the disicions. she is quiet in class and completly ignores Envy Harma and Misty instead of challenging them, as for her new look, she died her hair so at the 上, ページのトップへ until about her ears its just white but as あなた go down it slowly turns blue until at her knees its completly blue and then ends at mid calf. She wears a strapless tee that...
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