What we see on the outside is nothing like what's really going on inside...
We all have storys and secrets we never または don't want to tell...
Like the girl who crys herself to sleep every night and cuts herself...


I hear him calling out my name in the night whispers,
I was so 投稿されました to die he says to me
And I'm beginning to believe him.
I didn't do anything to help
I sat back and watched he slowly fad away
And now I'm sitting here crying over him wishing I was him and he was me...
Because these scars prove that my life is coming to an end

または what about the girl who's beaten and won't tell anyone...


My フレンズ ask me why I'm cover with black and blue and have scars to match,
But I just tell them I fall a lot even though it's not true.
He hits me when he's mad または drunk
He did that to my mom to but she couldn't take it anymore and pulled the trigger
But he 発言しました if I tell anyone about that he'd kill me...
But sometimes I wish he'd just finish me
I don't want to be in pain any longer
I want and need help...

または what about the girl who doesn't eat and wants to be skinny for him....

Maybe if I make myself pretty and thinner
Maybe he'll 愛 me and stop looking at the other girls
As I begin to see my BONES(ボーンズ)-骨は語る- and begin to think is this good enough skinny enough pretty enough for him?

または what about the girl who is now six feet under ground...


I know あなた weren't expecting this.
あなた all thought I was fine.
Well あなた all were wrong.
I've been bullied, tormented, beaten and ripped apart.
My soul has been blacken and shattered in to a million pieces
Tiny fragments that will never be put back together again
Those tiny fragments
Making holes and slashes in my body
Oozing blood
Darkness is just a myth
There is no darkness when your like me,
There is no darkness because the world looks the same.
The sun shines and the moon still changes
Waxing and waning every mouth
But your perspective on the world changes
Everyone hates me, they don't care about me.
They don't care if I live または die
They look at me and laugh
At the pitiful person I am.
I wasn't meant to be born, I was a mistake
So you've told me over and over again daddy.
When あなた beat me when あなた were drunk and sober
How あなた through against walls
And tried to choke me,
Tried to murder me
How mommy tried to pull あなた off me
Only to yell and say that it's all my fault
It was all my fault
あなた say I'm a slut a stupid slut
Yet I'd never had a boyfriend
あなた hate me
Yet あなた loved my sister
Here's to you.
Now I'm going to take out my razors and put them to my neck and then be gone forever...

Goodbye curl, lifeless world I hope I never see あなた again.

愛 Raven

Fierce & Love
Poem Girl