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i 愛 dbz budokai tenkaichi, sorry for terrible quality, i ロスト some equiptment a while back, so i have to use my 3ds to record... please like to help my 動画 get better
posted by ItSoVeR9000s
Being a Dragon ball z ファン scince i was Four. I was extremely dissapointed when i played Ulitimate Tenkaichi. I did like the character Creator idea, however the characters were not very cusomizable for example あなた couldent choose your race, there were only about 9 または 10 hair styles, and many もっと見る flaws. Now the Battle Mechanics, It was the same thing over and over and over again. I personaly liked the battle mechanics in Budokai 3, and i also liked that あなた have freedom to fly around in raging blast. So on that note Dragon ball Z games need to change.