Through the Gates [A SSA Dr Spencer Reid Fanfiction/Story]
Title: Through the Gates
Show: Criminal Minds (obviously)
Genre: Err... SKIP!
Rated: T because I'm paranoid
Characters: S. Reid/OC
Summary: There is none! I'm just gonna frickin wing it! <3 For the 愛 of Reid!

Different colored lights flew steadily through the sky. The bright moon reflected itself onto the rippling bank just below, the trees gently dancing with a soft breeze. Silence had filled the open air, only a scurry of bushes and twigs cracking sounded every so often; followed によって the small tweets of baby birds.

It was like someone let off a huge warning. The wind had stopped blowing, the trees had paused in their movements. The birds had stopped chirping in a instant. It seemed as though they all knew something bad was about to happen. Something terrible beyond all measures.

Suddenly, it happened.

A petrified scream filled the surrounding forest. Distant pleads shouted out loudly. "Please! Please! Let me go! I won't tell anyone! Don't-- AHHH!" The pleads changed into hard, heartbreaking sobs.

A 狐, フォックス crawled out of his hiding place in the bushes slowly, it's ears raised slightly; as though trying to understand what was happening. It turned it's head towards a near beaver, his nose crinkling up in question. The ビーバー sniffed back at the 狐, フォックス and darted inside a dam it appeared to be working on.

The 狐, フォックス had made it's decision. It had decided to follow the sounds of the sobs. It started フォワード, 前進, 楽しみにして in a dash; the sobs had become louder.


The 狐, フォックス started to sprint. It just had to find the 情報源 of the crying. The forest went silent again, and the 狐, フォックス paused. It searched in every which direction, hoping for some kind of sign.

Jumping over a 木, ツリー stump, the 狐, フォックス had found what he was looking for. Lying on the ground in a クレードル, 受け台 position was a human. A woman without a doubt. No older than 25. The 狐, フォックス wrinkled it's nose again. What was she doing here? Why was she crying? Who... Who is that other human? He was a man, the 狐, フォックス could tell.

The man was on his knees, back turned away from the female. He then stood back up, something sharp and shiny in hand.

"No.." groaned the woman from the ground. "Please..."

The man seemed to be smiling. What was he doing with that object? He got closer to the woman, and the 狐, フォックス knew then that he had to act fast. He knew what the object was then... it was the same thing that he had saw used to kill his brother. He grounded his feet and let out a growl.

The man turned to look at him, a nasty smile still plastered upon his inhuman features. "Come to watch? I do enjoy an audience..."

He was too fast for the fox. The woman screamed again, and a rush of red came out of no where. The 狐, フォックス watched, it's eyes wide of surprise.

Red flooded the scene like wildfire. It was all over the ground. All over the rocks. All over the trees. All over the man. And most disturbingly... all over the 狐, フォックス himself.

The man leaned over the woman. The 狐, フォックス stepped back at once. The man had continued to use the object on the her, cutting and slashing with all his might. The 狐, フォックス was utterly perplexed. Why would a human harm another in a way with such violence... in a way they use for animal's such as himself?

The man, just about every inch of him covered in the red liquid, stood back up and took a step back; as though admiring his work.

The 狐, フォックス was going to run. He was going to go warn all of the 動物 to get out of the forest. He couldn't let them go through what he had just witnessed. The man seemed to be one step ahead of him.

"You..." He growled to the fox, "Now... Now... I can't have あなた running off.... あなた might just ruin my 次 targets..." He gave a sickly, wicked grin and rose the shiny object again, this time... towards him.

The 狐, フォックス knew what was coming next, and had no chance to stop it. A fling of silver later... it was now the 狐, フォックス covered in red. His own red. The 狐, フォックス hadn't got to warn them. They would all surely perish in the same unforgivable way, and it would be all his fault.

The 狐, フォックス was dead.

"Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” - Norman Cousin


Alright... not my best work I admit... but it will do. I guess あなた can call this the prologue... あなた know. Like at the beginning of about every CM episode, they 表示する the first murder thing..... they 表示する the reason the BAU comes to that certain state and stuff...
So... that's what this is.
I wanted to do it in the foxes point of view for some reason. Forgive me for being stupid like that. Yeah.... Probably won't continue this... *cooouuughhh* Oh and... I'm new here... Help me out?

- C Stormy S.