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Your POV in the hospital
i kept thinking if this was my fault,but i never spoke about it to anyone i just stood there lifeless looking over the bloody corpse as reid tried to bring me back to reality,but i was only half there trying to figure out what went wrong and if the プロフィール was too,hotch went over to reid "check the nearby medicine cabnets the unsubs might of took something,and bring morgan"reid looked at me and then left,i was still in shock so hotch shook me lightly "sam i know what your thinking this isnt your fault we just didnt know they would take a different route" i tried not...
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posted by Paramore-CSI
Ok now I decided to write a fic about me and reid lolz so i am posting it here lolz and on the reid ファン spot lolz. This was half sophies idea so thanks.(sorry bout spelling and stuff spelll checks not working.) i tried I ddont think i got reids character too well but i guess ill see. Feed back is encouraged and l;oved alot so if u could コメント i would 愛 it. ok well here it is.

Her eyes met his as she passed him, for the first time she could tell he was actually her true love, his eyes just spoke to her. He was like the missing piece to her life, she...
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posted by SarahtotheCore
**Based on Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds...**

Story is in Third Person::

1990- Las Vegas 3:01PM

The 日 was winding down to an end at Las Vegas High School. When Cynthia Moore ran up to twelve 年 old Spencer Reid in the library, 読書 a thick book- most kids in his grade (Seniors) couldn't even think about reading.

"Hey Spencer, Alexa Carter wants to see あなた behind the football house." She smiled, looking at him.

Alexa was easily the prettiest girl in school. Without giving it a 秒 thought, he followed Cynthia out of the としょうかん, ライブラリ and down the 丘, ヒル to the football house.

It's easy to say...
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posted by lovedrreid
Dr. Spencer Reid is around thirty years old and about 6'1". He is introduced as Dr. Reid because of his age. He holds three Ph.D's two BA's and is working on another BA in philosophy. He sent his mother to a mental institute when he was 18.
Reid has an IQ of 187, an iedetic memory, and can read 20,000 words per minute. He became addicted to dilaudid after being kidnapped, tortured, and drugged によって Tobias Hankel. He attended his first drug meeting a short while after a kid suspect was killed in front of him. At that time, he started having cravings.

Oh and for u peeps out there sayin i copied that from somewhere, ur wrong. i remembered all that with my own mind. so dont be dissin me!
posted by Solsikke
FBI BAU Supervisory Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid

Played によって Matthew Gray Gubler, Doctor Reid is a genius who graduated from a Las Vegas public high school at age 12. He is almost always introduced as Dr. Reid, even as the others are introduced as S.S.A. 'blank', he is never referred to the same way. In episode 4x08 it is revealed that he holds PhDs in Mathematics, Chemistry, and Engineering, BAs in Psychology and Sociology, and is working on a BA in philosophy. In his youth, Reid's father abandoned the family when he couldn't tolerate his wife's paranoid schizophrenia. Reid once mentioned that...
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 Through the Gates [A SSA Dr Spencer Reid Fanfiction/Story]
Through the Gates [A SSA Dr Spencer Reid Fanfiction/Story]
Title: Through the Gates
Show: Criminal Minds (obviously)
Genre: Err... SKIP!
Rated: T because I'm paranoid
Characters: S. Reid/OC
Summary: There is none! I'm just gonna frickin wing it! <3 For the 愛 of Reid!

Different colored lights flew steadily through the sky. The bright moon reflected itself onto the rippling bank just below, the trees gently dancing with a soft breeze. Silence had filled the open air, only a scurry of bushes and twigs cracking sounded every so often; followed によって the small tweets of baby birds.

It was like...
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Summary: What if Reid had gotten shot in Derailed.
When Bryar turned his back, Reid took his opportunity to get gun. He grabbed for gun and struggled to get it from the disturbed man's hands.

When the gun was finally solely in Reid's hands, a gunshot rang out.

For a moment everyone on the train was confused, from where the shot came from since the supposed 'technician' had it in his hands and didn't have his finger on the trigger.

Reid was confused as well, but when he went to pocket the gun, he felt a strong sting of pain in his...
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posted by Anna-Wee
Okay so I wrote a ファン fiction and before i really 投稿されました it I wanted feedback because i don't want to end up having a bad story.
Well here it goes!

Chapter 1
Spencer Reid's Point of View :

It was 1:05 in the morning and Spencer had woken up with a cold sweat, apparently the case the team and him just had was pretty bad. It was about nine 年 old girls that were being raped and murdered in Anna, Texas with roughly a population of 1,225 people everyone is connected. Turns out a local forth grade teacher was targeting girls while in school, he then looked up the girls addresses in the school's...
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I think the reason that girls are attracted to him is bcause, he doesn't seem perfect like other characters from other shows do. I find his facial imperfections humanizing in some ways. Like his slightly crooked chin and his thin nose make him seem もっと見る normal. Then we have his social graces. He can barely talk to people, and any girls he talks to just thinks he is a creeper. Those social flaws seem endearing and silly. And finally,we have his scientific mind. The main reason why men don't seem to like him as much is because they think he is a nerd. But women think that smart men are wonderful. Some women wish their husbands were jsut as smart as Dr. Reid. So, There is my theroy on why girls are so attracted to Dr. Reid.
posted by Reliforp
This is one 質問 that i can't ラップ my head around.

When us females see any normal smart, in your face male our first instinct is eww. How is this any different for Dr. Spencer Reid. The attraction to a usual person like this is zip but many of us average females are attracted to him. Face matters I do agree he is gorgeous, but facial aspects are not the whole package. He is also a fictional テレビ character which helps but I really do not understand why we 愛 him so much. When I see him I feel great every aspect about him is perfect. But I know that if I met a person smart like him there wouldn't be the attraction. I am asking this 質問 mainly because I am attracted too. I know how it feels.

What is your opinion? I know あなた like him too so what makes him soo cute and amazing to you?

*sorry if this 記事 is not your cup of tea. please no rude comments. read it and answer.

posted by SoftxDxBall
Okay so I wrote a fanfic and i was wondering if anyone wanted to read it... here's the first chapter and here's the link

Chapter One

Fallon Sawyer stood in line at the スターバックス every morning before heading off on a ランダム adventure; she never deviated from her routine as she was a very precise woman. She ordered her usual, and today for a treat bought a double chunk チョコレート chip cookie, for later of course. She waited patiently in line to receive her morning pick-me-up. She gazed aimlessly around the establishment. The walls...
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Reid's POV room 4E
it wasn't easy for me and morgan,the doctors were calm which made it hard for us to tell if they were capable of murder,but two of them made me suspicious,i whispered to morgan"we need to keep them in here" as i eyed them,morgan nodded "we need to keep Dr.Robert and Dr.Damion" the rest left and Dr.Damion seemed on edge which made me think he could be one of the unsubs then i got a call "excuse me" then i went in the hall which was quiet and empty "hey did あなた get anything" SAM answered "room 4C might be the unsubs 次 target in about 2 to 3 days" i backed away from the door...
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posted by reid4infinity
Jordan sat, staring at spencer through the window, hardly knowing that garcia was talking to her. without disturbing jordan's daydream, garcia focused her vision on what jordan was fixated on. realizing it was reid, she wanted to do a little snooping. when the team left for chicago for a case, she speed walked to jordan's office and picked up a little blue notebook on her 机, デスク and took it to her lair. What she saw was baffling. on EVERY page was 'mrs. spencer reid', または 'i 愛 reid'...and even a few drawings of reid. Garcia smiled with sinister delight, then put jordan's book back. Jordan liked...
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posted by coole440
>> I can tell あなた know, this is my 6:30 AM too much Criminal Minds idea.... It starts out as a kinda everyone story but it goes into a もっと見る of a Reid superhero, good guy, savior, person thing... I don't know. Well thanks for at least 読書 this and I hope あなた like the actual story. (* hoping あなた didn't kinda leave after 読書 this alone*)

JJ looked over the current unsolved crimes going on around the world, when one especially caught her eye. "Everyone into the briefing room," she spoke into her walkie-talkie. She walked straight into the briefing room, going to the front, JJ noticed...
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Your POV at the hospital check in desk
Me and prentiss tripped over ourselves as we finally came out of the door "8 flights of stairs" prentiss looked at me out of breath "you mean 8 flights of horror" i straightened myself "it was stairs not an abyss"she took the cobwebs out of her hair "well it's almost like an abyss" モーガン, モルガン held his hands up "guys we need to get out without making it look like we found out something,we need backup"reid opened his phone then it went dead,he looked at モーガン, モルガン "that's weird it was fully charged" he looked over where the woman was,she was gone "crap!she knows...
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Your POV at the BAU
The case we got seemed difficult this time to me,since i was the last member to 登録する the BAU over 2 years 前 i felt the urge that i needed to prove myself because this time i get scared によって the place we were about to go,but i wanted to be here for a while so i tried to keep myself calm.Our case was local murders at the nearby hospital,sunshine memorial.The way it sounded sent chills down my spine,and left me shaking,truth was ive always had a fear of hospitals,felt like the people who are suppose to take care of あなた will soon turn on あなた and i was right,but my mind told me...
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posted by CriminalMinds16
Reid's POV back at the bau
i never answered sam's question,but no matter what i tell her she wont stop until she catches those people even if she risks her life to do it,i carefully sat at my 机, デスク waiting for the call to head over to the hospital for the night,then hotch came up behind me but since i had my 音楽 in i couldnt hear "reid"he called but i couldnt hear him,he pulled my headphones out and i turned around "sam?" hotch looked at me "no" i got up"sorry im just worried about her,she actually wants to go to the hospital" hotch nodded at my コメント "i know she's relentless but she wants...
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Your POV arriving at the hospital
as soon as i parked into the hospital's parking lot i got out of the car and モーガン, モルガン just got out "you look mad"said morgan,i just stared at him,he put his hands up "what did i do?" but i didnt yell at him "why did あなた slam on the breaks like that あなた could of hurt us"then reid made an excuse for him "we didnt relize the light turned red"i had to believe reid,morgan just stood there smiling "we good here"i patted his arm "yeah just keep your eyes pealed when we get inside" prentiss noticed the locks on the doors "do they lock the hospital down at night" reid...
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posted by lovespencereid
Chapter three - The エンジェル

I felt suddenly.. whole. Like Reid was my other half. He made me feel better about fainting. So as I sat here listening to him, laughing , smiling and talking with Reid.
"So あなた feel okay?" Reid asked me
"I have had better days and some even worse then this. So I guess so." I replyed
"Lily , Remember this. I will ALWAYS have your back. ALWAYS." He 発言しました to me .
"And I will always have yours. So I guess we are partners.." I laughed.
"Guess so." He started to laugh with me.
We stared into eachothers eyes.

When we got back I went into the folder and read the case. then everyone...
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Your POV In the SUV
On the way to the hospital(the first crime scene)i wish the ride would go によって as slow as possible even though it will only be a 1 時 ride but luckily i had reid to talk to the way there but trying to ignore what we were about to investigate so as the woman i was i talked about a もっと見る serious matter "hey spencer" he looked out the corner of his eye immediately "what is it" i tried to think of something to say quickly before i got embarassed "hotch told us we might get to acually go ホーム and sleep tonight" he smirked "sounds good but it really depends on what we get done"...
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