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Opinion by Lanetwins posted 1年以上前
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'Hollywood to Dollywood' DVD NOW ONSALE! at Featuring 15 Dolly Parton Songs! Winner of 20 Best Documentary Awards! Worldwide! 10% of Every DVD Sale Goes Directly to Dolly's Imagination Library!
Each year, the long-running Nashville Film Festival (founded in 1969), includes a fair amount of music-themed entries among its 250-plus films. And the just-announced initial lineup for the 2012 fest, which will take place in 音楽 City April 19-26, promises to be no exception. In fact, one of the films, a documentary, goes in 検索 of one of Nashville's greatest treasures, Dolly Parton.

'Hollywood to Dollywood' is a feature-length documentary chronicling the journey of identical twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane who have written a script for a film called 'Full Circle,' with a role in mind specifically for their idol, Dolly. Having struck out in their efforts to get the screenplay to the singer-actress, the pair take off on a cross-country journey to personally deliver it to her in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., ホーム of the global icon's Dollywood theme park, which was celebrating its 25th anniversary at the time the film was made.
Article by KidsWishNetwork posted 1年以上前
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Amanda is all smiles with Dolly Parton
WESTLAND, Mich. – When Brenda asked her daughter Amanda what she wanted if she could have any wish, Brenda already knew that Amanda would say she’d want to meet country 星, つ星 Dolly Parton.

“Amanda just thinks the woman is amazing. She always has. She loves her music, her literacy program and all she does,” Brenda said.

And when national charity Kids Wish Network gave Amanda the opportunity to meet Parton, it didn’t even matter to Amanda that her mom couldn’t get off work to go. The family was told they could wait to meet Parton in the spring when Brenda could get time off, but Amanda didn’t want to wait.

“She said, ‘no. Dad and I are going now,’” Brenda 発言しました with a smile.

The once in a lifetime wish experience came true after Brenda, searching for information on Amanda’s medical condition came across an 記事 about a little boy with the same condition who had a wish granted によって Kids Wish Network. Amanda suffers from Chiari malformation and syringomyelia. This is an illness in which the brain intrudes on the spinal column, putting extreme pressure on it. Amanda has developed fluid-filled cavities in her...